Secrets Of The Circus

'The scrish-scrish scrishing trailed across the floor,but nothing was there?'

Lola and her little brother Josey take a one week trip to the grand re-opening of Carltons Circus.But it's not exactly fun.Josey keeps strangely disappearing and becoming completely obsessed with the Circus.As the ghostly visitor takes him by the dead of night to the unknown parts of the Circus (who is she?).Then Lola uncovers a diary right back from when the circus she reads on she realises how much danger Josey is in.She needs to stop him before it's to late or he might be the next member of the extremely evil Circus.What's really going on and what's to be uncovered at the grand CARLTON'S CIRCUS....


1. Welcome Ladies & Gentlemen...

"Welcome Ladies,and fellow gentlemen." The stale voice echoed through out the grounds every corner it was heard.

"Pleasure to present...the one and only Carlton's Circus (Huhuhahaha)" The voice boomed slithering out of the speakers laughing comicaly to entertain.

Scouring your eyes around the circus was uncomprehendable,the car park was numerously scattered with rides big and small, primary colours were dashed everywhere.Seeming so appealing.Dancing to the eye.Pathways flocked The fair ground the rides although this was just a lure to invite you in! Hooking you in right into the flesh.Smiling children; eager with exctitement,ready for the rush of adrenaline,for the thirst of the thrill.Everything about Carltons Circus was inviting.

Steaming food filled the air - sweet and savoury - nothing could change the fact that how matter appealing it seemed it was stale. Bright lights decored high and bright for the night when the circus the fair would really come alive.Screaming,crying,jeering,shouting plaguing my ears.

However beyond all the distractions the Circus stood high and mighty in the sky,this was what the majority of visitors came to see.Emerald and ruby stripes ran up the the tent and highlighting the sky ( the scale was enormously gigantic ) The entrance watching the mouth of a clown as an entrance, maybe that was the the whole point as you entered its mouth you were then simply bait,prey.

For a place as thriving and as profitable as this: how could it ever have been closed? something surely sinister must have prevented it to go further.If so why had it even re-opened then?....What with such force had caused everything to suddenly grind to a hault?...

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