A Birthday Wish

All Natalia wanted on her 18th birthday was a nice dinner with her best friends at her favorite pizza place and maybe a little bit of clubbing. She never would have expected all 5 members of her favorite band to show up at the restaurant and much less for them all to go watch a movie. Read to find out happens when Natalia makes a huge mistake that could put her in the public eye... in a bad way, and leaves one member of the band heartbroken.


9. Chapter 9

“Why do you have that look on your face?” I ask Harry, looking at his absolutely petrified features.

“Because I’m scared.” 

“Scared of what?” I ask confused.

“Of your answer.” he says truthfully.

“Harry to be honest, I don’t have an answer… We’ve all known each other for such little time we shouldn’t be liking each other already.” I try to explain to him.

“I know, you’re right…” he sighs.

“Let’s all become better friends, later on we’ll see.” I say with a smile and proceed to wrap my arms around him for a hug. My right arm is around his shoulder and he laces his arm around my waist.

“Have you told Niall this?” he asks cautiously.

“I will.” I say calmly.

“Nat is this a friendly rejection?” he asks.

“Not at all.” I say and kiss him softly on the cheek. He looks at me from the corner of his eye, smiling.


Suddenly, in the doorway appears my Irish sweetheart, Niall. 

You guys comfy?” he asks, his voice full of pain. I snap upright and make sure Harry’s hand is not wrapped around me. 

“I just thought I would check on you guys, ask if you wanted to order some lunch. I guess you’ve already had desert…” he says with a sarcastic smile. I stand up in a heartbeat and bolt past Niall, keeping my head down in embarrassment. I remember telling Niall that I would never hurt him again, I’m sure I just did even if I didn‘t mean anything by it! I hear quick footsteps behind me and look back to see Niall. I stop at the beginning of the stairs and wait a few seconds for him to catch up, I can feel the tears brimming my eyes at the thought of Niall being angry with me. To my surprise, I see sadness and compassion in his face.

“I- I don‘t know what just happened. I‘m sorry.” I stutter before I turn away from him and practically run down the stairs and out of the door to my car. I spare no time in starting the car and backing out of the driveway as fast as I can. I race down Amy’s street and into the busy traffic on my way to the comfort of my home, leaving all of my feelings and problems in that house behind me.        



When I fall down onto my bed it’s only about 1pm. Tears stream down my cheeks and I’m confused as to why. I’ve only known these boys for 2 days for god’s sake! C’mon Nat get yourself together! But I cant hold it in and I cry for what seems like forever. I feel like such a slut liking these two boys and actually showing it. This all seems so stupid why have I done everything wrong in these 2 days what’s wrong with me? I then remember that my parents are on a cruise and my brother must be with his friends for the day, at least no one is here to endlessly bother me and try to find out what’s wrong. I know my family only cares but right now if anyone asks me the dreaded question, “What’s wrong?” I fear I might explode. After I’m all cried out and my eyes are practically dry I go downstairs and sit on the couch in my living room. I shouldn’t be feeling this way, I shouldn’t like either one of them. Guess what though? I do. I should give it a few days, if they try to contact me they’re obviously not mad at me. If I hear nothing, I should just move on… even if I don’t want to. I turn on the T.V and watch it in calm silence. I get up and walk over to the kitchen to make myself some hot tea, when I’m done making it I go back to the couch and hold the warm mug in my hands. I focus on the T.V for a while until I finish my tea and set it down on the table, then I just drift off to sleep.    

“Hey Nat.” someone says from behind me on my left.

“Hello Harry.” I turn around and reply with a warm smile, as if I already knew he was standing there, not a care in the world. 

“Hi Nat.” says someone on my right.

“Niall.” I say calmly and turn to him. Suddenly they both begin to walk forward until they are both standing closely in front of me. 

“I don’t know,” I say, as if they asked me a question.

“It’s ok, you don’t have to know now beautiful.” Niall says, smiling at me.

“Alright, thank you.” I say, and embrace them both in a tight hug.  “But eventually you’ll have to.” says one of them.     


Before I can think about who said what, my eyes snap open and I sit up immediately. What a fucking weird dream. I shake my head and come to the realization that it’s very late, I check my phone and the clock reads 11pm. I also happen to see various missed calls, 3 from Kat, one from Allie, another from Amy, and one last one from a number not in my contacts. I assume its either Niall or Harry. The T.V is still on, but I don’t focus on what the people are saying, instead I call Kat back. She answers after only a few rings, 

“NATALIA!” she practically yells. 

“Oh my god Kat what’s wrong?!” 

“Nothing’s wrong with me what’s wrong with you?! Where did you go? Why did you even leave in the first place?!” she gets more and more worried.

“Ok one question at a time please! I’m at my house.” I ignore all the other questions.

“Wait where are you?!” I ask her.

“At Amy’s house.” 

“With who…?” I say trying to avoid asking, “Are you with the boys?”

“Don’t worry the boys left to their hotel about an hour ago.” 

“Oh…” I say. 

“Niall and Harry seemed very out of sorts.”

“Did they? Huh.” I try to sound nonchalant but I can tell it doesn’t work.

“Nat tell me what happened.” she says simply. I sigh and explain everything to her, last night, this morning, and this afternoon. When I’m done with the story she says,


“Wow? That’s it?!” I snap.

“Nat, two One Direction boys are fighting over you, DO YOU KNOW HOW LUCKY YOU ARE?!” she exclaims full of excitement.

“No! It’s not lucky! I’m developing feelings for both of them that’s certainly not lucky!” I explain to her. 

“You’re right… well what are you gonna do?” 

“I don’t know.” I say, practically whining. “I don’t think I’ll ever even see them again Kat, they’ve left to their hotel and I don’t have any way of ever talking to them again. I think it ends here, I don’t think I need to worry about this.” I say, even though the thought is killing me inside.

“I wouldn’t be so sure of that if I was you…” she says mischievously. 

“What do you mean?” I ask, confused. 

“Haha, nothing. Ok well do you wanna hang out tomorrow, yes ok the answer is yes I’ll be at your house to pick you up first thing in the morning! I love you bye see you tomorrow!”

“By-” I can’t finish the word because Kat has already hung up on me. I bring the phone away from my ear and tilt my head to the side in confusion. Kat is so crazy. But I just wave it off as that, nothing to dwell on. Just a simple day of hanging out with my friends. I get up from the sofa and walk into the kitchen, I wash my mug of tea and sluggishly make my way up the staircase of my house and into my room. I quickly change into some sweatpants and a tank top, go to the bathroom to wash my face, and settle into bed. Before I know it I’ve drifted off into a deep, deep sleep.               



I turn over in my bed and groan as the sunlight coming through my window hits me straight in the eye. I wait in my bed for a few minutes until I prop myself up and check my clock, 7:38 am. As I said before, early riser. I rub my eyes and yawn as I make my way over to my bathroom to take a shower. I decide to wash my hair but the shower turns out to be quicker than expected. I get out of the shower and dry myself quickly as I contemplate what to wear today. I settle on a simple loose grey crop tank top, some plain white denim shorts, and some sandals with very pretty straps. I towel-dry my long brown hair and it rests wavy on my shoulders. I put on a hint of foundation and mascara in front of my mirror, take my phone out of it’s charger, and hurry downstairs. I make myself a quick breakfast and eat it slowly as I wait for Kat. Suddenly I receive a text.   

Kat: 6 shirts, 1 or 2 pairs of pants/jeans, 3 shorts, trainers, sandals, flashlight, sunscreen, 2 bathing suits, towel, toiletries, and any other living necessities (I cant think of any right now lol). Pack all of these in a big bag, I will be at your house in 20 minutes so HURRY!!! Xxx    


I read the message and laugh to myself, what a weird girl. I don’t even question it and I go upstairs to pack my bag. I also add in some earbuds, a pair of pajamas, a jumper, some leggings, socks, underwear, bras, and some other small things that I see around my room. I grab my phone charger just in case. I walk back downstairs with the semi-heavy bag and set it down on my dining table as I wait a bit longer. I hear the doorbell ring and skip over to the door to answer it, I know it’s Kat. I open the door with a huge smile on my face but the smile drops when I see what’s parked in front of my house. Kat’s face is right in front of me but I don’t pay attention. On the street in front of my house is parked a huge vintage van, with windows all over it. I can see the familiar face of Louis Tomlinson in the drivers seat, and Amy sitting shotgun with a fairly big spot next to her. 6 other figures occupy the back of the van.

“Nat!” yells Kat.

“You didn’t tell me THEY were coming!” I say angrily.

“Well I did tell you not to be so sure about the fact that you wouldn’t see them so that was a clue!” she defends herself. 

“Kat where are you taking me?” Now I’m annoyed.

“Camping!” she says with a bright smile on her face.                   





“CAMPING?! I’M NOT GONNA GO FUCKING CAMPING WITH NIALL AND HARRY!” I try to yell but I find myself whispering at her. 

“Nat it’s fine we’re gonna have sooo much fun! It’s only for 5 days you’ll have a great time ok!” she reassures me, then walks into my house past me to retrieve my camping bag from my dining table. 

“Ugh, fine!“ I say from the door. I watch her and when she walks back out of my house, I take out my keys and lock the door behind us. I know there’s no point in protesting, because she’ll convince me to go anyways. We walk to the van and I keep my eyes down, I still don’t even know what to say to Niall since yesterday I practically sprinted to get away from him. The door of the van slides open and Kat walks around the other side of the van, I see that Ray, Allie, Zayn and Liam are all squished in the last row of seats, Harry, and Niall are in the row in front of them, with one empty spot on Niall’s left. I pray that Kat will be sitting there but instead she climbs in next to Amy. I face my fate and plop down next to Niall. A chorus of “Hey Nat!” echoes through the vehicle and I do my best to seem totally fine by smiling at everyone and saying, “Hey!” back. Louis turns on the car and says, 

“Here we go!!” before slowly driving off into the street. 

“How long are we gonna be squished like this Lou?” I ask him. He laughs and says, 

“5 hours love!” 

“I love camping!” I reply with a laugh. Unexpectedly, Niall turns to me and says,

“How are you?” No one else realizes because they’re all caught up in their own separate conversations and he’s basically whispering to me. I smile a bit and reply,

“I’m ok, and you?” I ask worriedly. 

“Yeah I guess I’m fine.” he says calmly. I sit there with wide eyes, looking down at the floor, unsure of what to say to Niall.

“Nat,” he begins, “It’s alright Harry told me what happened.” 

“He did?” I say genuinely confused, unsure of what Harry could’ve told him to make Niall so calm. 

“Yes, he explained to me that you were just giving him a hug to comfort him because you had told him that no one should be liking one another since it’s only been two days since we’ve all met! And he explained to me that I shouldn’t be mad at you because you and I aren’t dating.” he says.

“Oh… well yeah that’s basically it, and yeah we aren’t together anyways so it’s not a big deal. Nothing happened anyways…” I say and look down again. I can feel my already broken heart breaking more. Niall seems like he doesn’t even care. I look up at him for a bit and he’s looking down too, with the same broken facial expression I had on my face at that moment.

“Ready for the long ride Nat?” Harry leans forward and asks me, breaking the awkward silence. 

“Not really! No one told me about this!” I act infuriated. 

“Well don’t worry, you’ll be fine there’s 10 of us in here I’m sure you’ll find something to do!” he comforts me. Niall stays silent the whole time. Then, Harry turns back around to continue a conversation with Zayn. I look over at Niall from the corner of my eye to find that he has been watching me this whole time. I giggle when our eyes meet and he laughs too.

“Nothing happened, really.” I say when I’m done laughing. 

“I believe you.” he says with a smile. I feel a sense of relief and then I let out a huge, long yawn and begin to feel light-headed. I don’t understand why since I got PLENTY of sleep yesterday. 

“Not enough sleep yesterday?” he asks.

“No, I slept for basically half of the day but I’m feeling pretty tired.” 

“Lay your head on my shoulder for a bit until you feel all powered up.” he says innocently with a small smile.

“Ok, but only for a little while! 30 minutes max!” I say, proceeding to rest my head on the left side of his shoulder. I snuggle up into him to get comfy. He puts his left arm around me and entwines his right hand in mine. 

“Yes, yes I’ll wake you up soon.” he says, leaning his head on mine, getting comfortable himself. 

“Actually take all the time you need I like it like this.” I say without thinking. You see, I’m not usually a super-confident girl who isn’t afraid to tell a guy what she’s feeling, I’m the complete opposite. But for some reason I sometimes blurt things out without even thinking. Before Niall can react to what I just said, I let out another long yawn and a big sigh.

“30 minutes…” I whisper as I instantly drift off into a long slumber, kept warm his arms. 

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