A Birthday Wish

All Natalia wanted on her 18th birthday was a nice dinner with her best friends at her favorite pizza place and maybe a little bit of clubbing. She never would have expected all 5 members of her favorite band to show up at the restaurant and much less for them all to go watch a movie. Read to find out happens when Natalia makes a huge mistake that could put her in the public eye... in a bad way, and leaves one member of the band heartbroken.


8. Chapter 8

“Well I gotta go now,” the girl says, frowning, “Thank you for taking a picture with me Niall!” and then she walks away. Almost as if on cue, my phone starts ringing. I spare no time in getting up and walking away quickly to answer it, I don’t even check who’s calling.   


“Hello?” I manage to choke out, while I stand there engulfed with feelings.   

“Nat?” asks a deep voice on the other end.   

“That’s me,” I say a bit more cheerfully, “and who is this?” I ask the person.  

“Oh,” the person says with a small laugh, “It’s Harry.”    

“Hi Harry…” I say, extremely nervous.   

“Where are you? Are you with Niall?” he asks me.   

“Why would I be with Niall what’s that supposed to mean?” I say, getting annoyed.    

“It’s not supposed to mean anything… I assumed you two left somewhere together because neither of you are here… are you ok?” he says in a worried tone and I mentally face-palm myself for seeming so worked up when he asked if I was with Niall.   

“Um yeah I’m fine,” I awkwardly giggle and I hope he’ll buy it, “And yes I’m with Niall we just went to get breakfast.”   

“Oh.” he simply says.    

“I’m sure we’ll be back very soon though I’m actually not very hungry…” I tell him.   

“Alrighty then, when you get back can we talk please?” he asks me nervously.    

“We’re talking right now!” I say playfully.    

“No I mean really talk, in person.” his tone is serious. I begin to get nervous all over again.   

“Um, yeah ok… I’ll see you soon.”    

“See you soon Nat.” Harry says and then we both hang up. I stand there for a minute longer and then go back to the table. Niall is looking down at his phone and when he hears me pull out my chair to take a seat his head automatically snaps up. He looks at me and waits for me to sit down, I keep my eyes down to avoid making eye contact.   


“I’m so-” he begins to say, but I cut him off.   

“Don’t. It’s ok.”    

“Nat.” he says.   

"What?” I say coldly, without trying to.  

“Look at me.” he says.   

“For what?”    

“You don’t know what it’s like to be constantly tormented by paparazzi and get gossip spread about you and have haters. I’m just trying to keep you safe. You already know how I feel about you.”  

“I don’t think I do.” I say, keeping my ground.   

“What do you mean?!”  

“Just drop it Niall.” I say, starting to get pissed.   

“Why should I?” he challenges. I let out a deep sigh and refuse to answer him. After a while of sitting in silence he says,   


“I just want to protect you. You don’t know what the hate is like, what the attention from paps is like, people will hurt you and try to bring you down. You just don’t get it.”  

“You’re right I don’t get it… but I don’t care that I don’t get it. If you actually do feel the way you say you feel about me then you should be proud to tell people about it too… I don’t want anyone to try and take you from me...” The words spill out of my mouth without me thinking about it.   

“I’m yours, I promise.” he tells me so quietly and timidly I can barely hear him, he keeps his eyes down. Suddenly the waitress shows up again with our food.  


“Here you go!” she says as she puts our plates in front of us, still only paying attention to Niall.

“Thanks.” he says. She walks away and we start eating. I don’t say anything regarding what Niall just told me.  

“Now its your turn to say something.” Niall says, breaking the silence.   

“Let’s eat first, please.” I say with a mouthful of scrambled eggs in my mouth. He smiles a bit and nods. Soft music plays in the background of the bakery and I focus on that instead of Niall. Of course, he forgave me for kissing Harry but it’s not like Niall and I were actually dating at that time! It’s not like we’re actually dating now either come to think of it…    The rest of the breakfast is finished in silence. Occasionally I can feel Niall’s eyes on me, contemplating my thoughts. I feel bad for just sitting there in silence when he’s clearly trying to apologize and move on, but why is he embarrassed to show me off? Why does he care about the hate I’ll get? It’s the hate I’LL get, I should decide whether I can deal with it or not! But he’s probably right, I just don’t understand what it’s like to be famous. Of course I don’t understand, I’m a nobody.   

This time around instead of Niall pay for everything we split the bill because I would feel bad if he kept paying everything for me. We finally finish up breakfast and head to the car. Without saying anything still, I walk over to the driver’s side and get in.   

“Now can you say something?” he says the second he’s settled in his seat.   

“You’re right.” I admit.  

“About what?” he says, confused.   

“About the attention and hate and everything. You’re right about that. But I don’t agree on the fact that you have to ‘hide me’. I’m a big girl, Niall. I can handle a few haters…” I defend myself.   

“I know you can.” he says, taking my right hand in his. I smile down at our entwined hands.   

“Also though, I think we should take it slow. We’ve only known each other for 2 or so days we still have loads of things to talk about!” he explains.  

“I agree completely!” I say, taking my hand out of his to start the car and pull out of the parking lot. He frowns when I take my hand out of his. I turn on the radio and their song, What Makes You Beautiful, is on. He chuckles a bit.   

“Sing it!” I command him.  

“I don’t wanna, I hear this song like 30 times a day!” he says and we both laugh.   

“Aw well then I’ll sing it.” I say and begin to sing along to the chorus. When the song is over we sit there quietly for a minute while I cruise down the road.   

“You still haven’t told me your weird childhood memory.” I remember quietly.   

“Oh, right! Once when I was a toddler I sat in my Uncle’s wedding cake.” he says and we both laugh.   

“Don’t worry it happens to everyone.” I say with another laugh.   

“Yeah just like the evil goat thing.” he says.  

“Exactly!” I reply sarcastically. We both laugh a bit but then just stop talking. It only takes a few minutes for us to make it back to Amy’s house. We get out of the car and walk up the driveway, the door flies open before we can ring the doorbell. It’s Zayn. I quietly sigh in relief that it’s not Harry. Niall motions for me to walk inside and I walk in past Zayn. I walk into the living room to find everyone scattered across the couch and see some others the kitchen. After all, we are a pretty big bunch. Kat, Harry, Amy and Louis are in the living room and Liam, Ray, Zayn and Allie are in the kitchen. 


“Hey cute shirt!” Amy says to me with a laugh.

“Yes, thank you for letting me borrow it!” I reply innocently. I hear a cough on my left side and turn to face Harry. 

“Shall we?” he asks, pointing upstairs. I sigh and say,

“We shall.” Harry and I walk upstairs, no one asks any questions. We make our way up the stairs and down the hall to Amy’s room, we both walk in and he closes the door behind us. I sit on the edge of Amy’s bed and pat the spot next to me for him to sit down. 


“What’s up?” I ask as if I’m completely unaware of what happened last night. 

You know what’s up Nat.” he says with a very serious face. The carefree vibe tenses up and I can feel my heart picking up. Shut up you stupid heart. 

“But I really don’t know how to start this conversation…” I say awkwardly, looking down. He grips my chin with the tip of his fingers and tilts it up gently, I shiver at his touch and my heart picks up even more, he lets his fingers drop with a small chuckle when he feels me shiver.

“Then I’ll start… Last night, you looked so scared of me when you ran up those stairs you look so traumatized what did I do wrong?!” his face goes from cheeky to guilty.

“You think you did something wrong? Oh Harry…” I say letting out a sigh.

“Then why did you leave me…” he says, softly taking one of my hands in his. I look down at our gently entwined hands and smile a bit. What am I doing. I like Niall, I chose Niall not Harry. 

“I don’t know.” I say, sounding like a complete idiot while my mind goes blank for a moment. All I can think about is Harry’s lips on mine last night. “Um, I mean. I left because I had feelings for Niall also and I didn’t want to make it unfair.” I stutter as I blurt out the words. 

“Oh.” he says simply. 

“I’m sorry Harry. I just don’t know.” I say, trying to make eye contact with him but he refuses to meet my gaze. “Look at me.” I say, slightly whispering. 

“I don’t want to be tempted to kiss you…” he says quietly and then laughs a bit.

“Harry, we both know you don’t like me. Why would you ever like me I’m surprised Niall even likes me.” I say truthfully. 

“Nat.” he says, finally meeting my eyes with a serious face, “Don’t ever say that. Why can’t I like you?! I think you’re amazing, I have every right to like you.”

“I’m just a normal old girl it’s fine you can admit that you just wanted to kiss me and be done with me I get it.” I say, completely convinced of it. But Harry isn’t. He looks absolutely appalled at what I’m saying and after a second begins to laugh.

“What’s funny?!” I snap at him.

“You!” he says, “Natalia you’re amazing what don’t you get?! I’m not lying when I say this… I- I um…” he stutters, obviously nervous.

“What are you nervous about just spit it out.” I say and squeeze his hand a bit.

“I’ve liked you since day one. I really, truthfully have liked you.” he spills out.


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