A Birthday Wish

All Natalia wanted on her 18th birthday was a nice dinner with her best friends at her favorite pizza place and maybe a little bit of clubbing. She never would have expected all 5 members of her favorite band to show up at the restaurant and much less for them all to go watch a movie. Read to find out happens when Natalia makes a huge mistake that could put her in the public eye... in a bad way, and leaves one member of the band heartbroken.


5. Chapter 5


A while after I doze off I feel a light tap on my shoulder, I immediately snap awake. Harry’s beautiful smile points right at me,


“Good morning sleepy head!” he greets me. 


“You mean good night?” I say groggily with a smile as I wipe my eyes and look around. I hear some chatter coming from upstairs.


“Where is everyone?” I ask.


“Upstairs talking,” he replies. I get up and head to the kitchen looking for something that’ll fix my morning breath. I pour myself a glass of iced tea and then just decide to go to the bathroom and brush my teeth. 


“Would you like some tea?” I ask Harry.


“Yeah sure, I got it.” he says as he reaches for a glass. 


“I’ll be right back,” I say with a smile and then head for the bathroom upstairs in Amy’s room. I walk up the staircase and then make a right to walk down the long corridor where her room is located, I guess everyone is in there because that’s where the noise is coming from. The door’s closed but light is coming from the sides, I crack the door open a bit to make sure I can walk through and then open it all the way. I find all 8 of my friends and the boys scattered all over Amy’s medium-sized room. Amy, Louis, and Niall are sat on Amy’s bed, and the rest in different spots on the floor, all in pairs except for Kat at Niall. Niall looks up at me and instantly smiles but then his face darkens and he looks down. 


“Niall,” I say. He looks up instantly. “So… when are you gonna hold me up on that offer for a birthday cake?” I smile shyly, he smiles back.


“Uh… right now,” he says as he picks himself off of the floor, “Let’s go?” 


“Sure, just give me a second.” I say then go to the bathroom to quickly brush my teeth. I come out and Niall is waiting for me at the door, Kat gives me a smile and a thumbs up then mouths the words “Go for it.” I can’t believe she’s letting me “go for” Niall, I don’t even know what I’m going to do about the Harry/Niall situation!


“See ya soon guys!” Niall says and smiles at everyone. We walk out of the room and down the corridor. 


“Ok so.. What kind of cake would you like?” he smiles at me with his big blue eyes.


“Well I don’t necessarily like cake,” I say and he gasps, I giggle a little and then continue, “But I love ice-cream cake. So we can get one of those!” 


“Yeh, I prefer ice-cream cake to regular cake too,” he says. 


“We can get vanilla and have them write ‘Happy birthday Nat!‘ on it.” I tell him. 


“Sounds good… you don’t like chocolate either?!” he says with another gasp.


“Um… I don’t like chocolate cake or ice-cream but I like other chocolate things.” I say with a laugh. 


“Oh ok, that’s acceptable!” he says and chuckles a bit. We reach the end of the stairs and find Harry in the kitchen sipping on some iced-tea, it seems like he’s listening in on us.                                                                             


“Harry, Niall and I are gonna go get the cake. Everyone else is upstairs,” I tell him with a smile. He smiles back at me and says,


“Ok babe, don’t take too long I’ll miss you too much.” I giggle and blush violently.


“We’ll be back as fast as we possibly can.” I walk up to him and lace my arms around his neck for a quick hug, he grips my waist for a few seconds and then we let go. 


“See ya soon mate,” Harry says to Niall, Niall nods in response. Harry climbs up the stairs to join everyone else. 


“Let’s go! I’ll drive,” I say to Niall. We unlock the door and walk to my car, as soon as we get in and I turn on the car, the chorus of What Makes You Beautiful BLASTS from the speakers causing me to jump in my seat and let out a small scream, Niall reacts in pretty much the same way. I quickly smack different buttons until the CD turns off and start breathing in and out, then Niall bursts out laughing and I quickly follow.


“Dear god, that was loud!” I exclaim. 


“Tell me about it! So… you’re a fan?” he asks. I settle down a bit and start pulling out of the driveway, when we pass the gate I stop the car and say:


“Did you not see the shirt?” And shift a bit so that I can point to the 1D logo sprawled across my chest. 


“Oops, did not catch that.” he says. I drive down the rode and make my way to the supermarket. 


“But yeah, I’m a fan. It’s ok though I’m not gonna find out your deepest secrets and spread them all over the internet.” 


“Good,” he smiles at me. I turn on the radio and Payphone by Maroon 5 comes on, and he automatically says,


“I love this song!” with a huge smile and then starts singing along. I’m surprised he knows the rap and starts singing along to it trying to be gangster, “Man f**k that s**t, I be out spending…” he raps. I sit there and giggle at him while he makes hand motions and pretends to be an actual rapper. When the chorus comes back on I belt it out, 





I let him sing the final verse, “Now I’m at a payphone…” As soon as he sings the last word, making a sad face to bring out some emotion, I burst out laughing. It’s not even funny, but I’m just the type of person to laugh at anything. So is he, apparently, because he joins in with me. I immediately regret laughing so loud because I do this thing where I laugh too loud without even noticing it and it’s the most unattractive and annoying thing ever. After a couple seconds I cover my mouth with my right hand, keeping my left on the wheel. Niall notices and his faced slumps,


“What’s wrong…? It’s Harry isn’t it…?” he asks. I uncover my mouth and lift my eyebrow.


“Huh? What do you mean, Harry?” I ask him.


“Oh. Well, uh… I don’t know I guess Harry likes you and you like Harry and we’re here having a laugh and maybe you feel like it’s not right since you and Harry are sort of ‘together’… I don’t know I was just guessing.” he says and looks down, I laugh a bit and he looks up at me, confused. 


“No, of course it’s not that. Me and Harry aren’t ‘together’, we’re just flirting a bit… I covered my mouth because sometimes when I start to laugh I laugh too loud and it’s absolutely petrifying.”  


“Don’t worry about it, that happens to me all the time!” 


“No it’s different, your laugh is the most adorable thing ever.” I tell him with a smile but then quickly look forward and focus on the road. I can tell he’s smiling at me and then he says, 


“That’s impossible… you’ve already claimed that title!”  I quickly turn bright red and smile hugely, I look at him from the corner of my eye and see that he’s staring at me and smiling too.


“We’ll just call it a tie,” I say. He starts to laugh and for a brief second he puts his arm halfway across my shoulders. 


“Anyways, you’ve got a great voice do you like to sing?” he asks. “Oh. Erm… yeah I love singing. Just not in front of actual people…”


“You should, you’re truly talented.” he tells me with a smile. I smile back at him and my cheeks turn red. Finally we make it to the supermarket and I park the car close to the entrance, I can tell that it’s still open but it’s a bit late so there’s not many people there, which is a good thing because we won’t have to worry about being mobbed by fans. I turn off the car and we both get out, I wait for Niall on my side of the car and we walk into the supermarket together, side by side. I just wish he would put his arm around me or hold my hand… We go straight to the bakery and then to the coolers by the bakery to look for an ice-cream cake. There’s about 25 or more ice-cream cakes in the cooler and I scope the whole thing out for a simple vanilla cake, I finally find one all white with a bit of colorful sprinkles. 

“This one.” I tell Niall with a smile.  

“Do you think they’ll write something on it at this late hour?” he asks. 

“It’s worth a try… I’ll ask,” I walk up to the counter and see an old woman sitting in the back of the bakery, “Excuse me ma’am!” I say. She looks up and walks over to the counter. 


“Yes darling?” she asks me.  

“I was wondering if it’s too late for me to get some writing on this cake or something?” I hold up the box for her to see the cake. 

“No of course not pass it here,” she says and reaches for the cake. 

“What would you like it to say dear?”  

“’Happy birthday Nat!’ please.” I tell her with a smile. Niall just stands next to me patiently, observing everything I do. The lady nods and walks to the back of the bakery with the cake. Niall and I stand there for a while and I lean my elbow on the glass of the counter.


“So…” I drag out the word and then I giggle. 

“So…” he does the same. “You and Harry aren’t together?” he asks. 

“No I’m pretty sure we aren’t…”

“Oh… that’s interesting…” he says and then looks down. 

“Why do you ask?” I ask him.

“Well, because-” right before he can finish his sentence the woman working at the bakery comes back with the cake, now with writing on it. 


“Here ya go,” she says, “and may I add what a beautiful couple you two are!” 

“Thank you!” I say and then walk away with the cake. Niall follows behind me and I can tell his mouth is open wide and he’s wondering why I didn’t tell the lady we’re not a couple. He quickly catches up to me and puts his arm around my waist, 


“So, we’re a couple now apparently?” he asks with a smile. I laugh nervously and step away from him so that his arm isn’t around my waist anymore, the smile on his face drops. 

“No… it’s just that I liked the sound of it… so why would I object?” I say looking down. 

“Oh…” he says, discouraged because I moved away from his grip. We make our way to the self-checkout counter and make the transaction. I try to pay for the cake but he says he’ll pay for it as my birthday present, I try to object but he doesn’t let me pay.

“Thanks.” I say with a tiny smile. We walk to the car in silence, the whole thing is completely awkward. When we get to the car he walks over to his door but I quickly run over and when he’s about to open the door I lean on it in font of him so he can’t open it. 


“What’s wrong?” I ask. 

“What kind of a question is that?” he replies. 

“Listen." I breathe out, "I think you can tell that I like you,” I say and he smiles a bit, “but I like Harry and I still don’t know what to do…” 

“I like you too…” he says with a sigh. 

“Niall just please don’t be angry with me that I moved away from you… I wanted more than anything to just lean my head on your shoulder or kiss you on the cheek but I simply can’t.”  

“Why not?!” he asks and throws his hands up in the air.  “Because! Because I like Harry too and it wouldn’t be fair…” 

“Nat you need to decide now because if you keep playing these little flirting games both of us are going to get tired of it.” he says, his face full of sadness. I just stare into his deep blue eyes and fall for him more every second. He leans forward a bit and looks at my lips, then goes back to staring into my eyes. I lean forward a bit too but then put my head down and say,

“Give me until tomorrow.” then I walk back to my side of the car and get in. I turn on the car and wait for him to get in. I watch him as he sighs and looks down for a bit, finally he opens the door and sits down. 


“At least let me hold your hand.” he says. 

“Of course,” I say with a slight smile and he takes my right hand. “But if we crash it’s your fault!” I say and we both laugh.   

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