A Birthday Wish

All Natalia wanted on her 18th birthday was a nice dinner with her best friends at her favorite pizza place and maybe a little bit of clubbing. She never would have expected all 5 members of her favorite band to show up at the restaurant and much less for them all to go watch a movie. Read to find out happens when Natalia makes a huge mistake that could put her in the public eye... in a bad way, and leaves one member of the band heartbroken.


3. Chapter 3


“Make out…” Allie whispers so low that I’m the only one who hears her. I burst out laughing and everyone has no idea what was going on.  


“Wait, what?” Kat asks me with a tiny laugh.  


“Nothing, nothing…” I say and then Allie and I exchange a glance.  


“That sounds great!” Ray tells Liam.   


“We can even get a cake for Nat!” Niall smiles at me.  


“Jeez Niall, is food all you think about mate?” Louis says playfully and we all laugh.  


“Aw, that’d be great Niall! Thank you for thinking of me.” I smile thoughtfully at him. Kat eyes me carefully, she’s in love with Niall and if there’s even a hint of me being friendly with him she won’t talk to me for a few hours… which is silly considering the fact that we’re best friends and we shouldn’t let a boy cause a fight between us.   


"How come you guys have a bodyguard here with you....? You're all grown men!" Amy asks with a laugh.   


"For safety reasons, since we're in central London we don't wanna get mobbed or anything, just a precaution!" Louis explains with a smile. She nods and we continue eating and talking.  


“Ok, let’s get the check then!” Ray says after we eat the last bite of our pizza. Jamie walks by a little while later,   


“Jamie!” Ray calls out to her, “Could we have the check please?” she asks with a smile.


“Uh… sure!” she looks around at the boys who we’re sitting with and when she realizes who they are she looks at us girls and gives us a thumbs-up. She knows how much we love them. Jamie comes back with the check a while later and Ray, Allie, Amy and Kat take out their wallets to pay for my birthday dinner.  


“Don’t worry girls, I got it!” Harry takes out his wallet and places his credit card on the check.


“Well… I’m broke so I’m not gonna say no…” Kat says with a laugh.  


“Aw, thank you Harry!” I say and put my arms around him, embracing him in a hug.  


“It’s no problem babe.” he says as he smiles at me. Jamie comes back, takes the card, makes the transaction, and gives Harry the receipt.   


“Thank you Harry!” my friends say to him. All of us get up out of the booth and the boys take the chairs back to where they got them from. Their joins us as we walk to leave the restaurant.   


“Bye Jamie!” I yell to her, “Thanks for the ‘Happy Birthday’!” We all make our way outside, Kat and Ray climb into Kat’s car, Amy and Allie come with me in my car.   


“Ok so, we’ll just follow you to Amy’s house?” Zayn asks.   


“Yep! Don’t worry, we wont lead them to an alley and kidnap them.” I tell their bodyguard with a smile. Niall bursts out laughing and puts his arm around my shoulders as he laughs, I’m glad that Kat was already in her car because if she had seen this she would’ve been mentally killing me right now. Allie eyes me carefully as if to tell me: Be careful with Niall, we don’t want Kat to see. Amy didn’t notice anything because she was too busy laughing with Louis somewhere else.   


“C’mon Lou, lets go!” Liam calls over to Louis as they all make their way to their car. Amy, Allie and I go to my car and Amy climbs in the back, Allie sits shotgun.   


“Can one of you please explain what just happened?” I ask them as I shut the car door and sit in my seat looking straight forward without turning on the car.   


“I’m still trying to process the fact that Louis called me gorgeous. So, no.” Amy replies.  


“I’M still trying to process that Harry looked at me and smiled at me.” I say with a laugh. Kat and Ray have already left and I’m pretty they’re having the same conversation as us right now.  


“Well, let’s get going then! The boys cant follow us to Amy’s if we’re just sitting in the parking lot!” Allie urges. I turn on the car and pull out of the parking lot, One Direction’s van follows close behind. I turn back on their CD and start playing Stand Up, we all burst out singing and dancing. It’s weird because we’re all just a bunch of normal Directioners, yet we’re on our way to Amy’s house to hang out with the boys.   

Amy’s house is fairly close to Mario’s and we get there in less than 15 minutes. We have time to listen to Stand Up, Stole My Heart, One Thing, and What Makes You Beautiful again. The black van behind us always stays behind us, at one point in the car ride I’m afraid that the boys would just re-think the whole situation and just ditch us to go back to their hotel. But no, they miraculously keep following us. When we get to Amy’s I quickly get out of the car to wave the boys over to the right house. I immediately realize that it’s freezing outside, way colder than I’ve anticipated and I just stand there with my arms wrapped around myself as I wait for the boys to get out of the van. Harry gets out first and this time he’s wearing a jacket that I’m guessing he found in the van. As soon as he sees me shivering with my arms around myself he takes of his jacket and says,  


“Are you cold? Oh, here you go. I bet you’re freezing out here!” He wraps the jean-jacket around me and pulls me into his arms then runs his hands up and down my back as I shiver violently, I giggle a bit.  


“T-thank you.” I say and start to walk to the entrance of Amy’s house. Amy is waiting by her gate with Allie and everyone else, they’re all watching Harry and I, I blush yet again when I see them pointing at us cuddling. Amy opens up the gate and we all make ourselves inside.  


“Bye Paul!” Niall waves at him as he turns the van back on and starts to pull out of the driveway. Niall comes up to Harry and I as we all walk to the front door, put his hand on my back and asks:  


“You ok?” with a warm smile.  


“Yeah it’s just so cold out here! You must be freezing your balls off in that tank top!” I giggle. He laughs and says,  


“No I’m fine, I’d rather look out for you.” he runs his hand up and down my back to warm me before he walks away. When he said he’d rather look out for me my heart skipped a beat… but then I remember, Kat. Then I also remember, Harry.  Amy takes out her key and unlocks the door, Harry and I walk side by side, his arms are still wrapped around me. Everyone is having their own little conversations, Allie, Louis, Amy and Zayn are on one side and Liam, Ray, Niall and Kat on the other. As soon as Amy opens the door, her little Maltese comes racing to the door and she jumps on all of us. I get loose of Harry’s grasp to bend down and pick her up in my arms.   


“Her name is Daisy.” I tell Harry with a smile.   


“How cute.” he smiles as he pets the puppy.  


“Let’s watch a movie!” Zayn suggests.  


“A scary movie?” Liam asks.  


“Yeah, yeah! A scary one.” Niall says with a devilish grin.  


“Well-” I begin to say.  


“Nat hates scary movies.” Kat cuts me off to explain.  


“Today is Nat’s day, we do whatever Nat wants!” Harry says.  


“No, its fine. We can watch a scary movie.” I smile at Niall.  


“Paranormal Activity it is then!” says Allie. I make a weird face, and Harry laughs a bit. Note to self: Stop making those faces because you look super ugly! 

All of us situate ourselves on Amy’s huge couch as Amy and puts the Paranormal Activity DVD in the DVD player. Allie is sat next to Zayn, they’re right next to Kat and Niall who are on my left, Ray and Liam are sat together, and Harry sits beside me on my right. Louis sat on Harry’s right, Liam and Ray are on his right. Louis sits with an empty space in between him and Harry on his left, for Amy. I’m nervous sitting in-between Niall and Harry because I’ve always had feelings for Niall even though they’ve always been pushed aside because I don’t want any problems with Kat… The sound system blasts as the movie intro starts and Amy sits down on the couch, in her reserved spot next to Louis. Harry leans into me a bit and says;


“Squeeze my hand if you get scared.”  


“Well,” I say, “I don’t want you to loose circulation in your hand because of me squeezing too hard.”  


“I’ll just put my arm around you then.” he says and then puts his arm around my shoulders.   

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