A Birthday Wish

All Natalia wanted on her 18th birthday was a nice dinner with her best friends at her favorite pizza place and maybe a little bit of clubbing. She never would have expected all 5 members of her favorite band to show up at the restaurant and much less for them all to go watch a movie. Read to find out happens when Natalia makes a huge mistake that could put her in the public eye... in a bad way, and leaves one member of the band heartbroken.


2. Chapter 2

I let out a small shriek.   


“What happened?!” Allie asks.  


Nat, what’s up?!” All of the other girls ask me as I sit frozen in my seat.  


“I’m going to tell you something that will make you freak out but you CAN’T ok? We’ll get kicked out, ” I laugh.  


“Ok… I don’t get what the big deal is but it’s your birthday so whatever.” Kat says. I nod at them.    


“Ok. One Direction is sitting right behind you.” I slowly whisper.


First, all of their eyes widen in disbelief, but after a few seconds what I had said sinks into their brains. Allie shrieks a bit in disbelief. Kat peeks out of her seat to confirm what I am saying, the second she sees them she snaps her head back quickly. We all sit there for a while in silence .  


“Guys what are we gonna do?” I ask them.  


“I don’t know but, oh my god can you believe they’re sitting right there?!” Allie says.   


“Not at all oh my goodness…” Kat says. We just sit there and continue our dinner, none of us have the courage to go up to the boys and I’m saddened by the thought. I stare at the boys as I eat, struggling to concentrate as I admire them.

Suddenly, Harry turns around in his chair, looks me straight in the eye, and smiles. I blush violently and then immediately look away.  


“Harry just smiled at me guys….” I say with my eyes closed as I face the girls again. 


“What?!” Amy says and then smiles.  


“He was probably checking you out hun,” says Allie with a cheeky wink.  


“No, shut up!” I laugh at the unfathomable thought. Kat turns around in her seat again to look over at the boys to see what they’re doing.   


“Don’t look now babe, but, Harry Styles is out of his chair and on his way over here.” she tells me with a smug smile on her face.  


“See? He was checking you out!” laughs Ray. I don’t think any of us were very nervous any more. I look up again to where Harry was sitting to instead find him a few feet away from me as he reaches our table.  


“Hi!” he says in his sexy accent.   


“Uh…” I stutter. Allie hits me in the ribs with her elbow so that I’ll wake up. “Ow! Um, hi!” I reply with a smile.   “


I’m Harry,” he holds out his hand for me to shake and I oblige, my teensy fingers keep warm in his grip, “And a little birdie told me that it’s your birthday today!”  I laugh,


“Yeah, it is! Now, who could’ve told you that…?” I sarcastically wonder.  


“And a little birdie also told me that your name is Natalia?”   


“Yes, but I go by Nat.” I smile, again.   


“It’s a pleasure to meet you Nat!” he smiles widely, “Oh, nice shirt!” he flashes me a cheeky wink as he eyes my One Direction t-shirt.  


“Thanks! It’s this band, One Direction. I bet you’ve never heard of them though.” I giggle. He chuckles and replies,


“Wait a second… I’M in that band! What a weird coincidence!”   


“Very, very weird coincidence… anyways, stop standing there! Would you lads like to join us?” I invite them with a hopeful smile.  


“Aw well I don’t think I-- Sure!” he says. “I’ll go fetch them, be right back!” he walks away to go and get the rest of the boys.  


“Nat.” Allie says, “What the hell just happened.”   


“I think this girl just invited all the members of One Direction to continue having dinner with us.” Ray explains as she points at me.  


“I LOVE YOU.” Kat exclaims with a huge smile on her face.  


“I can’t believe this is happening…!” Amy says, overjoyed.  


“Well, we have to go home with them ok?” Allie says and then all of us burst out laughing.


“Sh! Here they come!” I tap her arm. The 5 members of One Direction approach our table all with smiles on their faces as they talk amongst each other. All of the boys except for Harry are carrying a chair in their hands, as there isn’t enough space in the booth.   


“Look who’s back!” Harry says as he looks at me with a smile. I laugh and scoot over a bit for him to be able to take a seat next to me, he’s the only one with out a chair so I figure that it’s what was bound to happen. I didn’t even notice how amazing he looks in a plain white shirt and some jeans.  


“Hello beautiful ladies!” Louis says, smiling as he sets his chair down and takes a seat. He’s wearing a grey t-shirt, a plum colored hoodie and some jeans.   


“Hello girls!” Niall smiles and speaks in his adorable Irish accent, he’s wearing a tank top and shorts.   


“Hey there!” Liam says smiling like a cutie in his Burberry t-shirt and jeans. I can’t help but notice Niall and Harry both looking at me as I try to be interested in sipping my Cola…  


“Hey girls.” Zayn says with a grin as he waves, looking like a bad boy in a leather jacket, white t-shirt and jeans.  


“I’m Allie!” Allie says to them with a sweet smile, when she looks at Zayn he flashes a full-on smile at her and she blushes.   


“Kat,” Kat introduces herself with a small wave and a brilliant smile, she can’t keep her eyes off of Niall and I feel bad because, not to be cocky but, he’s looking at me.  


“Amy!” Amy giggles a bit.   Louis looks at her, smiled, and says,


“You’re absolutely gorgeous! As well as the rest of you.” he quickly says, but I can tell he’s looking at Amy.


"Thank you! So are you.” she replies and we all laugh.  


“I’m Ray…” Ray says, shy as ever. Liam smiles timidly at her, I know he likes shy girls.   


“And I’m Nat!” I smile at all of them.  


“AND it’s Nat’s birthday tonight!” Harry smiles and put his arm around me.  


“HAPPY BIRTHDAY NAT!” All of the boys yell out. I sit there and giggle as I blush violently, something that always happens and I can’t help it.  


“Thank you, thank you!” I bow for them a bit. “Well, I’m still starving and I’m not letting this little reunion stop me from pigging out with my friends. So, you guys can stay but if you don’t mind, we’ll be eating.” Niall chuckles a bit.   


“No, no of course! Continue eating, we’ll just sit here and--” Zayn starts to say.  


“Be hot…” Kat whispers.  


“What’s that?” Louis asks.  


“What? Oh nothing!” she looks from side to side and then laughs. The rest of us girls continue eating as we all get to know each other. The boys ask about my birthday plans and I tell them that we’re planning to have a sleepover tonight at Amy’s house because no one will be there.  


“No one will be there?” asks Harry.  


“Nope! My parents are on a romantic holiday and my siblings are at our grandmother’s house for the weekend.” Amy explains to him.  


“Well, in that case…” Louis smiles devilishly.   


“Maybe we could all, hang out?” Liam asks. “Y’know, listen to some tunes, maybe watch some scary movies…?” 


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