A Birthday Wish

All Natalia wanted on her 18th birthday was a nice dinner with her best friends at her favorite pizza place and maybe a little bit of clubbing. She never would have expected all 5 members of her favorite band to show up at the restaurant and much less for them all to go watch a movie. Read to find out happens when Natalia makes a huge mistake that could put her in the public eye... in a bad way, and leaves one member of the band heartbroken.


1. Chapter 1


“Ok so, what do I wear?!” I ask Amy. She stands in front of the mirror I have in my room, applying eyeliner around her bright green eyes. Today her wavy blonde/brown hair is loose and her skinny frame adorns a pair of high waisted shorts, some white vans, and a purple oversized t-shirt tucked into her shorts. In about 25 minutes we’ll be on our way to Mario’s, our usual pizza place with our best friends Ray, Kat, and Allie. My name’s Nat.   


“Wear whatever you want! It’s just Mario’s, chill! We’ll get some dessert too if you stop worrying.” she smiles at me. I pull off the crop top I’m wearing and slip on a black t-shirt with the One Direction logo sprawled across it. I keep on the high waisted purple shorts I’m wearing and I fasten my navy blue vans on my feet.  


“Ok I’m ready.” I say happily. This weekend is going to be the best weekend ever. Today we’re going to Mario’s for dinner, and then have the best sleepover ever at Amy’s. Tomorrow night there’s gonna be a crazy party at Club Psych, we’ll stay there almost all night. It’ll be the best time ever, hopefully.   


“Let’s head out!” Amy says. I grab my car keys off of my desk and pick up my purse, I put my wallet, my phone, and my makeup in the purse. I’m super excited to be driving for the first time since I got my drivers license, yesterday. Today is my birthday, and I’m usually the type of girl who goes all-out, but this year I’m too lazy to plan a party so my best friends and I are just going to have an all-girls-weekend, and go to another party instead of having my own. I turn 18 today.


Amy and I run down the stairs, we walk outside and I lock the door. My parents are on vacation because their wedding anniversary so happens to be the day before my birthday so they went on a 10-day cruise. They really didn't want to leave me home alone on my birthday but I told them I'd be ok, I have my best friends with me and I said we could all celebrate my birthday when they get back. My older brother is at a hockey game with his friends. The 6 o’clock air is chilly, something I didn't expect. And of course, I  didn’t bring a jacket.  Oh great!, I think to myself. We step out and I scuffle over to my new car, a bright yellow Volkswagen Buggy, just what I had wanted almost all my life. I climb in the drivers seat and start the car, I pull out of my driveway carefully and we drive off down the street, on our way to Mario’s Pizza to meet the girls. Amy turns on the CD that’s in my car, I had put in One Direction’s CD the second I bought my car, I always had it handy with me. Amy cranks up the volume, and we sing along to all the songs along the way.  


Baby you light up my world like nobody else! They way that you flip your hair gets me overwhelmed!” she sings, loud enough for the person in the car to our right look at us with a weird face.  


But when you smile at the ground, it ain’t hard to tell!” I continue. Then we sing together,  


You don’t know- oh, oh! You don’t know you’re beautiful- oh, oh! THAT’S WHAT MAKES YOU BEAUTIFUL!”  we laugh like maniacs as we pull into the Mario’s Pizza parking lot.  Ray is waiting for us outside the door, tapping her foot on the floor with impatience. She has her arms wrapped around her waist, all she’s wearing is a body-con skirt and a crop-top, she’s obviously freezing her butt off. I turn the car off and quickly jump out. Amy’s already running towards the entrance, I hold the keys up behind my head as I walk and lock the car. Then I jog over to Ray and Amy, we all go inside. Mario's is warm, I can tell they’ve planned for the cold weather and turned up the heating system. We make our way around the restaurant, greeting a few people that we know. We walk until we reach the back of the place, where all the "abandoned" booths are. No one ever sits there anymore, except for us. We had marked our territory there years ago, no one comes close to sitting next to us. We’re not being mean, it’s just our thing, we’ve been coming to Mario's since we were 13.   

"Hey!" exclaims Kat as she slides out of the booth to give me a hug. Allie squeezes out too.


  "You two look great!" Allie tells Amy and I. We smile and say thank you. All of us situate ourselves back into "our" booth, and our usual server, Jamie, comes up to our table with a notepad and a pen in hand. Her light brown hair is tied up in a ponytail and she smiles brightly, as always.  


"Hello beautiful ladies! The usual?" she asks us.   


"Yep!" says Kat.  


"Got it! Oh and Nat, happy birthday! What are you doing to celebrate?" her wide eyes wonder.  


"Just having a birthday dinner with my best friends. Which I'm assuming they're paying for...." I look around nonchalantly and giggle. “And tomorrow we’re hitting up the best club in town.” I pump my fist.   


“Aw well you guys have fun! I’ll be back with your drinks in a second.” she smiles and walks off back into the kitchen.  


“Agh! I cannot believe you’re 18... this is crazy! Now you can drive us around!” laughs Kat.


“Umm, no. You guys can drive too, what are you even talking about?!” I laugh at her.   


“Oh whatever, as you know I am super lazy so now I can just expect you to drive me around. Love ya babe.” she says with a laugh and an innocent smile. Jamie comes back with our drinks a few minutes later and then leaves, our pizza is almost ready. I sip my cola and I can feel the butterflies in my stomach, I’m finally 18 and I can finally drive by myself! We sit around and talk for a bit as we wait for our pizza, then Jamie appears again with our usual order: an x-large half sausage, half cheese pizza (for Ray, who doesn’t eat meat), except this time it’s different because she stuck 18 candles in the pizza, representing my age. As soon as she sets the pizza on the table, cooks and other employees emerge from the kitchen and sing:  

“Happy birthday to you! Happy birthday to you! Happy birthday dear Natalia! Happy birthday to you!” A few of the customers also get out of their seats to sing for me. After singing, everyone shouts: “HAPPY BIRTHDAY NAT!”


I sit in my chair and clap with them, a huge smile spread across my face. I’m so grateful for everyone at the pizza place, I’ve grown up here with my 4 best friends and everyone is so nice to me.   


“Thank you so much everyone!” I tell them, glowing. All of the employees go back to work and Jamie says she’ll be back with our drink refills soon.  


“Dig in girls!” I say.  


We all grab a slice of pizza, but take the candles out first. Suddenly, out of the corner of my eye I spot a group of about six guys. One of them is much older than the other 5 teenage boys, probably in his 30s. They had been sitting at the front of the restaurant, but were now being moved to the excluded area in the back, where me and my friends always sit. I can tell they had been sitting in the front before because their waiter is holding a trey with their ½ eaten pizza on it. I barely even notice Jamie come back and fill up our cups because I’m too busy watching as they settle down in a table across from our booth, but behind the girls in front of me.  


And then it hits me.        


All 5 members of my favorite boy band are sitting across from me with a bodyguard, One Direction. 

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