The Boys who Stole My Heart

It`s about this normal teenage girl Sarah that plans to go to London for Summer Vacation so she packs up to go to London and in the morning she gets on her flight and she just thinks in 13 hours she will be in London so once she lands she is staying with her aunt and uncle and her cousinb Erica so once she settles they go site seeing around London they dcide to go on the London Eye that`s when the Famous boy band One Direction comes into their life`s!


2. Site Seeing in London

Slowly as I opened my eyes I saw a beautiful sunrise and it was absolutely stunning it took my breath away! During the plane ride I was on my laptop writing my trip diary and as of that the captain was on the intercom he said we will be landing so stay in your seats please and have a nice day and as soon as the plane stopped I was getting my luggage I walked off the plane I saw my Aunt and Uncle greeting me their I have them both hugs as my uncle packs my stuff in the car they asked me how my schooling was going I said to them that it was going good I wanted to take Spanish for a language and they said, Oh that will be interesting to learn we have wanted to take Spanish Dance classes together but never got the chance to so I started giggling as we were driving I saw Big Ben and I was just amazed and took a picture with my IPhone soon after we pulled up to the driveway and the house was huge last time I visited them their house was so..small It was a creamy colour so as we walked in with my luggage my cousin Erica greeted me and I have her a big hug and she showed me to my room and as soon as I walked in I was speechless I got my own bedroom! It was hug with a walk in closet and a queen sized bed and a TV It was like I was in heaven I flopped down on the bed I was so excited for summer as soon as I was unpacking my cousin offered I help me but I said "no thank" do right after I unpacked my cousin Erica showed around the the backyard had a garden auntie did a lot of gardening in her spare time growing fruit and vegetables and then their was a large pool with a hot tub attached to it It was like I was in heaven all ready! and so she showed me around the house and I was getting use to my surroundings

Erica asked me if I wanted to go site seeing and I said sure so I changed into a pair of skinny jeans with a nice red sparkling shirt then I grabbed my purse out of the closet and got ready to go I got my boots on and we went out the door.

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