People always say that when you're younger, you don't know what you're doing, and also. You're stupid. But, I know what I'm doing. I'm 15. And anyway, age is just a number. So let me make my own mistakes. If I do something wrong, then I'll learn. No-one likes to be told what to do, especially not me.


1. First Kiss

I'd never thought this would happen. Here I am. With a boy I've fancied for god only knows how long, on our own. Just me and him. Could life get better? I looked over to him, he was looking at his phone, probably checking email or something. "Here," he passed over his phone, with the screen facing towards me. I took it hesitantly and confused. "Now you can add my number to your contacts," he explained. Maybe sensing that I was a little confused, or just explained for no reason. I got out my phone, added his number and put it away. We've been talking to each other a lot lately on facebook. We did talk a bit a few months ago, but we both sort of just forgot. I was busy writing, and he was busy.... I don't know really. Playing on his PS3 I think, that's probably it. I do know he hates the X-Box. Which is sort of funny, since I do have an X-Box. But I have always said that I'd prefer a Playstation to be honest.


"So, truth or dare?" I asked him, trying to end the kind of awkward silence. I glanced around myself. We were in a forest, a while away from any buildings or anything. So we did have privacy, which is a good thing. He scratched his chin. Which had a soon coming beard growing. You don't see many 16-year-olds with beards around do you? "Dare," he said finally after a minute or two of weird noises and thinking. Now it was my turn to think. Great... I flipped my hair out of my face, and settled my head in my hand. I did know what I wanted to say, but I didn't really want to say, I was shy. "I don't know," I lied. I did know. Very much so too. I looked up into his blue eyes, he was watching me. I looked away from him quickly, I was probably blushing like crazy. "I remember the first dare you wanted me to do," he came closer to me. I smiled nervously, but turned to him. With his arm around my shoulder, he leant in, and we had our first kiss together.  

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