Dark Side

Everybody has a dark side, but some people’s sides are a bit darker than others.

The question is how you deal with it. Some try to hide it and some try to forget all about it, if they can.

But for her is her dark side her job and how do you hide that?


5. The Meeting


We had planned the meeting between me and Harry for almost a day now. But today was the day he would be meeting me.


Perrie had been helping me getting ready for tonight, it had to be perfect.


Harry’s POV


“I’m looking good!” I thought to myself as I looked at my refection though the mirror.


Another day for the famous Harry Styles and he would spend this day as he’d always spends his days:

Wake up at 1 pm next to random girl, tell her to leave and that you’d call her later – which you obviously won’t – eat lunch, and then get ready for another night out.


This is just an ordinary day in the life of Harry Styles.



The Management was furious, they thought he’d gone too far and that he needed to stop sleeping around with different girls, and that the bands reputation was fading if he continued like this. They thought the band would have to split up because he wasn't doing his job. Sure he was always late for rehearsals but he just needed to be hot, right? The Management did also think his health was a problem because all the alcohol would affect his voice at the end.


Harry knew he was trouble for the band, but he didn't really think of the consequences, why would he? He was Harry Styles, the hot one and as long as you’re hot you’d sell records. The girls don’t care about the music; the music was just an act, he didn't care about the songs at all.


Tonight I was out again; the adrenalin was pumping in my veins. It was hot in the club, the heat from all the dancing bodies and the smell of alcohol was in the air. I looked around, I was surrounded by girls but I was looking for my mates, they said they would be here tonight.


I walked towards the bar to get something to drink when I bumped into someone.


“Oh I’m so sorry!” a girl said. She was absolutely stunning. Her blonde hair was beautiful and those blue sparkling eyes. Not to mention, her body, she wore a tight black dress that showed of her body beautifully. Oh god she was sexy!


“No it’s fine love! By the way, I’m Harry!” I said. “But you probably knew that already.“ I added.


“No I didn't know that, but anyways, I’m Alexandra. Nice to meet you!” she said and left me by the bar. How could she not know who I am? 




Okay, so I decided to try again with this story, I know that there are some grammar faults and I'm sorry about that! I'll update as soon as I can!


And I want to thank all the people who has read and commented! Thank you so much! It really means a lot!  



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