Dark Side

Everybody has a dark side, but some people’s sides are a bit darker than others.

The question is how you deal with it. Some try to hide it and some try to forget all about it, if they can.

But for her is her dark side her job and how do you hide that?


2. The letter

He left me alone and I started to read the letter.


“Dear Protector!

We’re contacting you because of our friend. He’s not safe, he’s in danger. He has recently been dumped by he’s girlfriend. She wasn’t a nice person, she was horrible and everyone noticed, but him.  


He’s not taking their breakup very well and we think that he’s hurting himself. He’s not the same person as he used to be, he spend a lot of time with different girls and is being a total jerk.


We want our friend back and we think that you could help us. We’re asking you to be his new girlfriend, I know it sounds strange but we think that’s exactly what he need. I know we’re asking a lot from you but we’ll be paying you really good. You really don’t have to but we think that’s the only way to get him back. We’ll pay you the double if you do it. Just tell us if you’re in when we meet! And one more thing, he doesn’t know we’ve hired you and we would like to keep it that way.


If you’re not interested in this then we still want you as a protector, but then you’ll just be playing Niall’s cousin.


Thank you for taking the time to read it!”


I finished the letter. This was not at all what I had expected.


But would I be able to do it?


Would I be able to play with his heart like that?


He’ll get hurt in the end, I’m sure he will. But they’re paying me and it’s his friends that are hiring me so I just have to trust them that they’re doing what’s right. I’m just their puppet in their plan on getting their friend back.


This was going to be an unusual mission.



Authors note:

Okay, the first chapter was kinda long! The upcoming chapters won't be as long! but I hope you enjoyed reading it! Please comment to let me know what you think, I would love getting some advice!



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