Dark Side

Everybody has a dark side, but some people’s sides are a bit darker than others.

The question is how you deal with it. Some try to hide it and some try to forget all about it, if they can.

But for her is her dark side her job and how do you hide that?


7. Replaced

Niall told me to let it go and move on. But I couldn’t. She was different for the others, she was a challenge. And I couldn’t lose. I had to have her, but maybe not tonight.



Alexandra’s POV


“How did I do?”



“Fantastic. Harry’s furious.” Niall told me and chuckled.



We were stood in a corner of the club observing Harry. He just stood there looking like he had no clue on what he should be doing. Was this his first time being rejected? After a minute or two it was like his face changed completely, instead of looking so uncertain, he changed to his overconfident self again. Harry walked up to a girl with a way too short dress and whispered something in her ear, just like he’d done to me. Seconds later you could see the curly haired boy and the girl with the short dress walking towards the club’s exit, hand in hand. 



He had just replaced me, just like that. Niall saw my worried face. “Hey! The plan will work. Just give it a little time.”


I nodded to Niall. I had to stay focused and stick to the plan; I had to trust them on this. They had hired me to do their job, and not for me to say my own opinions or hesitate.



Harry’s facial expression showed no emotions, or was it frustration? Was he frustrated just because he couldn’t get everything he wanted? I guess he wasn’t used to that, Liam had told me that when he explained the plan for me. “You have to play hard to get. He can have any girl he wants at the moment, but if you play really hard to get he’ll see you as a challenge;” that’s what he’d said to me, I just hope he’s right.


The girl with the short dress had a dreaming look on her face; like she’d been approved; like it was a sign that she looked good. I hope she knows it wouldn’t mean anything to him; she’ll get dumped by Harry the next morning, like he always did to girls.



I went home with Niall that night; I should be sleeping at his place in his guestroom. It would be more trustworthy if I was staying in his apartment.



Niall’s apartment was pretty messy. “Sorry about the mess!” he apologised. “To defend myself; I wasn’t expecting you yet.”


“No, it’s fine!” I simply replied.



An awkward silence broke out and Niall was the one to break the silence. “I should show you to your room.” he said and took one of my two bags in his hand and started walking further in the light coloured apartment. I followed him; the apartment was really stylish and modern. Wonder if he had decorated it himself? Or maybe it was his mom who had decorated it for him?



“Here’s your room” he said while stepping to the side allowing me to step into the room. The room was light and simple. It had a big bed, a wardrobe and a writing desk. There was also a flat screen TV one the wall opposite the bed. The walls and all the furniture was in a white and light green colour. It was beautiful.



“There’s a small bathroom over there too.” He said pointing at a door I first hadn’t noticed.



“Thank you!” I said turning to Niall smiling. “It’s beautiful.”


“Glad you like it!” he smiled back at me. “The boys are coming over for brunch tomorrow; they’ll be here around twelve so we should probably go to bed now!”


“Yeah I guess you’re right!” I said.



“I’ll see you in the morning” Niall said walking out the room and before he closed the door the said good night to me. I smiled to him. So tomorrow I’d meet Harry again, if he’d show up that will say.




Sorry it has taken me forever to update but I've been having (and still have) a ton of things to do in school at the moment. I've been writing this between my lessons so I apologise if it's bad.

Sorry I haven't answered any of the comments, I'll start to answer them from now on!

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