Dark Side

Everybody has a dark side, but some people’s sides are a bit darker than others.

The question is how you deal with it. Some try to hide it and some try to forget all about it, if they can.

But for her is her dark side her job and how do you hide that?


6. Everybody wants me, right?


I had to get her, she would be mine. I searched for her in the club, where was she? She just disappeared and I really wanted to see her again, and her beautiful face. She wanted me; she’s just playing an act and pretending she didn’t know who I was. Because she knows, everybody knows who I am. I mean, I’m Harry Styles for crying out loud. Then I saw her, she was dancing with, what I assumed, her friends. Her body moved perfectly to the rhythm of the music. God she was hot! I needed her, now!!


I walked up behind her. “You wanna come with me?” I whispered in her ear with my deep voice.


She turned around and faced me and the disgust in her face expression was clearly. “No! I don’t know you, and you ask me to come with you?” she said while raising her eyebrows questioning.


“Well, yeah! I mean who wouldn’t wanna come with me?” I said confident. When I saw her expression, with one hand on her hip and lifted eyebrows, I started to doubt myself a bit. I’m every girls dream, right?


“You better get down on earth again. Good luck with that Harry!” she said, waved at me and walked away again. This time I didn’t follow her, was it true? Didn’t everyone want me?


I just stood there, in the middle of the dance floor and thought about was she’d just told me. “How’s it going mate?” a happy voice said behind me. It was strong Irish accent and it couldn’t be anyone else than Niall. I turned around and found out that I’d been right. “You don’t look too well, is everything alright?” Niall asked as he saw my facial expression.


“No not really! I got turned down by this amazing girl. You should have seen her mate, she was fit! Next time I see her, I have got to find you because you have got to see her. She’s so sexy!” I said. Niall started to cheer me up a bit, telling me things like: “She’s just playing hard to get!” and “She’s just one girl, there are plenty of girls who wants you!”


He was right. Why did I want her so much? What made her so special? Maybe it’s because she turned me down that makes her so special? It was almost like a challenge. A challenge on getting her, and I was going to get her, in one way or another. 




I'm sorry it's a bit short but I hope it'll do for now!

Please let me know what you think, I'd love to here your opinion.


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