Dark Side

Everybody has a dark side, but some people’s sides are a bit darker than others.

The question is how you deal with it. Some try to hide it and some try to forget all about it, if they can.

But for her is her dark side her job and how do you hide that?


1. I don't want this...

I've never stayed at one place for more than a year. It's a part of my job, my life mission. I've trained to be like this my whole life. I'm a protector; people hire me when they feel the need to be protected. I'm also a trained killer but when I was twelve I chose to be a protector. But that doesn't mean that I haven't killed anyone, I've killed four people. I was seven when I killed someone for the first time, but I only kill bad guys, well at least I've been told they're bad.  


But I didn't like killing those people, even though they were bad, that's why I chose to protect people instead. I mostly protect celebrities but now and then I protect regular people too, if they can afford it. You see I'm expensive. I'm not a hooker or anything, I don't do that. I'm just there to protect them and make sure they're safe. I'd take a bullet for my customers. Of course I don't want to die, but I've was close to die a year ago. I still get these creepy nightmares.  


I don't want this anymore; I want to have a real life. Because when I was newborn my parents died in a car crash so my uncle raised me. And my uncle is like me too, but he's a killer, so let's just say I didn't have a regular childhood.  


I've never got the chance to go in a real school, I've been home-schooled by my uncle and then he added some subjects that suited for a killer or a protector. So I learned how to kill someone the right way and I learned how to turn of my emotions when I wanted to. The only time I was allowed to be with other people was when I took some acting classes. Cause as a protector you are suppose to bland in with the person you protect. When I'm in acting class I feel free and normal for two hours a week.  


If I could escape from everything I would. But I can't leave my uncle, he's the only family I've got left. All I want is to be normal, marry someone, get children and grow old with your loved ones. Be able to avoid moving every year and have the chance to get real friends. Cause when you leave your customer you can't ever contact them again.  


I'm going to end this; I'm going to be a normal person. But I can't leave yet, I have to wait, I have to be patient. My time will come, hopefully. Right now I have to focus and be ready for my next mission.  






"When you come to them you'll pretend to be this boy's cousin." my uncle showed me a picture of a young boy's face. He has blonde hair, but you could tell that it's dyed. He has a really friendly smile on the photo which makes his blue eyes sparkle. "And you'll use your real name this time." he informed me.  


I often use fake names, but now and then I'm allowed to use my real name. That's good cause then it feels more real to me, it's easier to pretend.  


"So, I'm protecting him?" I asked pointing at the blonde ones picture. I have to say that he's really good looking.  


"No, this is the one you're going to protect!" he said and brings up another picture from his bag. On the photo is another boy, but this one has chocolate brown curls and also he is smiling on the photo. But the smile fake, like he's forcing himself to smile. In that way his eyes aren’t sparkling like the blonde's eyes did.  


"When they applied for a protector, they also left a letter." my uncle continued and handed me a letter. "You have to read it before you meet them, that way you'll understand your mission."




Authors note:

This is my first story and I don't know if it's any good at all. Please let me know! :)


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