The best is yet to come

This is about a girl named destiny, who meets a boy named Harry who happens to be in a very popular boy band known as One Direction. He helps her get through family troubles, and also finds out her secret. He eventually falls in love with her, but will his mistake make her not fall for him back?


2. The first day

Destiny's POV; they all sat down at a table and removed there shirts, they took off there sandals and the two boys with brown spikey hair jumped in together. The blonde and black haired boy just walked in and the curly haired boy waited a couple minutes then screamed, "it's gotta be lou!!!" he made the biggest splash. It was huge. I looked at him and blew my whistle, "no screaming." i said . "hey, i was just having fun." he said while swimming towards the other boys. I watched him. The way he swam and the way he laughed. I watched the way he acted and the way he smiled. His smile.. It was perfect. Straight white teeth, so amazing. He probrally had braces for a long time.. I thought. I looked at my watch, 15 more minutes until my lunch break. I looked back over at the boys, i heard the blonde one say, "Harry, don't do it. It's not funny." "relax bro." 'harry' said. He got out of the pool and walked about 5 feet away from it. He ran and jumped. I remember what they told me in training, if they don't come up in seven seconds.. They're drowning. My heart was pounding. It had been seven seconds and i had never done this before. I blew my whistle and jumped in while the other life guards cleared the pool. I dived in as fast as i could, passing through the water. I found him, i grabbed his hand and brought him to the surface. I put his arm around my shoulder and swam towards the entrance of the pool. I layed him down on the concrete and put my fingers on his neck to check his pulse, he wasn't breathing. I had to do CPR.. I opened his mouth and put mine against his. He grabbed my face and pulled me close, we were sitting up now. He kissed me with passion and i pulled away.. I slapped him."what the heck! Why did you just do that! We thought you were really hurt! You need to leave. You are never allowed at this pool, EVER again." i screamed. "i'm sorry, i'll be on my way then, love." he winked at me and then turned away with the other boys. He opened the gate and left. I had fifteen more minutes of my lunch break. I got my paper bag and pulled out my turkey sandwhich. I was interrupted by my boss. "you handled that well, i hope it would be fine if i took a seat?" he asked . "go ahead." i said. But inside i was thinking, ' im going to get fired..'
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