The best is yet to come

This is about a girl named destiny, who meets a boy named Harry who happens to be in a very popular boy band known as One Direction. He helps her get through family troubles, and also finds out her secret. He eventually falls in love with her, but will his mistake make her not fall for him back?


1. The curly haired boy...

Chapter 1 The curly haired boy;
Destiny's point of view: Another hot summer's day at the community pool. Sometimes i forget why i work here. All the screaming kids and couples. I don't know why couples bug me so much, i guess it's because i've never had someone like that. Someone that i could tell anything to and know they wouldn't tell a living soul. The only person i've ever been really close to was my brother. A felt a tear roll down my cheek but quickly wipe it away. I was glad i only had to wear a swim suit because it was hot outside in the summer over in florida, were i live. I don't know why they even have life guards here, i 've worked here for about 1 year and nothing has ever happened. I guess it's good for publicity, if the community pool has life guards. It makes people feel safe. I look over at the diving board, some girl's doing a flip. After the third bounce she jumps in the air and does a perfect back flip. I don't know how people do it, i can't even do a front flip off the side of the pool. By the time i'm done thinking, she forms a dive. She zooms into the water, the wind making her hair stick to her head. She hit's the water fast. There's a little splash. I look over to the other side of the pool, there she is. Climbing out to get in line for the diving board again. After looking at the diving board i turn my eyes over to the kiddy slide. There's a line with about ten kids. All under the age of seven. Seeing them laugh makes me smile. I like seeing people having a good time. A little boy with bleach blonde hair slides down the slide. His toes hit the water first, his head last. After about a second or two his head comes up and he doggy paddles to the edge of the pool and grabs onto the railing. I smell the pretzels and nacho cheese, i'm so hungry but i have another 30 minutes until my lunch break. I turn my head to see five boys, one with black spikey hair, two with brown spikey hair, one with blonde hair.. But the one that really caught my eye.. Was the curly haired boy..
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