Christmas Miricle

It's Christmas, a time of celebration and happiness! But for the poor, unfortunate, set of people, it's a time like any other. But just a few words or an act of kindness, can make all the difference to the special day.
(story is all one chapter!)


1. Christmas Miracle

Me and my brother, Ben and Tom, were in the dark alleyway, starved and tired. Tom shuffled 
"hope," Tom called to me, "someone's coming" right after he said it I heard fast footsteps, running, approaching. There were sounds of plastic bag straining and hitting each other.
"Tom, get up, he sounds like he's got food!"Ben  exclaimed, We all stood and saw the person approaching, "get ready to take the bag!" I stared at him in disbelief.
"were, we're stealing?"I asked my older brothers.
"hope, how do you think were still alive?" Tom said rhetorically. That's how we get the food? We steal...we steal? The man saw us and slowly turned back around, before bolting. Did I mention how long this alleyway was? He was already out of breath so my brothers had no problem catching up with him. Tom snatched two bags filled with food, mouth open with awe.
"take it, take it, I'll just be even later for the look like you need it."he said, he looked around at the dirty floors and roofless den we lived in,"I have a spare room or two in my house, I'm sure I could spare them for Christmas... Do you want them?" 
My thoughts:
1) A real room, with a bed?
2) Its Christmas!
3) Whats the catch?
Before I could ask any questions, Tom opened his mouth to speak.
"what do you want in return? We can do anythin..."he said, before being cut off by ben, who slapped Tom.
"no, we can not do anythin'', sorry sir. We can help you round the house and stuff if that's what you like. Thank you sir, your our Christmas miracle!"Ben ranted on. The man listened carefully to every word said.
"you don't have to anything except clean up your own mess and stay out of the way."he stated,"come on now, you lot look cold." he continued down the alleyway, indicating we should follow.

(this is a really short story, but I wanted to show how much of a difference these small thing can make. If anyone who reads this thinks I should make it a proper story then post a comment telling me to! Merry Christmas!)
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