In Reality

Stephanie and her bestfriend Danielle thought nothing interesting would ever happen to them. Until they met One Direction.


2. Shopping

I went back downstairs to my room after I had finished cleaning up breakfast. Took my cell phone and called my best friend, Danielle. Yes I know what you're thinking, why do I have a cell phone? Well even though my mother practically hates me, she lets me do some extra chores and work to have this phone. Its a very crappy phone at that just a simple flip phone. Danielle has been my best friend ever since I can remember. "Come to my house NOW" I texted her. Within ten minutes she was knocking on the tiny little window in the corner, she was very tiny for her age, straw-berry blonde hair and the purest blue eyes. The only way I have been able to see her the past couple of months is because she would come to my house and sneak through the window. I can get away with this because my mother never pays any attention to me accept when she needs something which is almost never because all she does is shop all the time so I'm left alone at the house. Danielle climbed through the window and jumped onto my bed "So what did you need to tell me SO bad" she says with a smile spreading across her face, "Well, I've decided that I don't need to be pushed around by my mom anymore, Im almost 19 and she doesn't have any say in what I do." I said "And she is throwing a party tonight and we are going to crash it" "We?" she says. "Umm... I'm not sure about that Steph...." "It's simple! All we do is go to the party, and since it's a masquerade all we need to do is avoid my mother. It will be so much fun!" "Well...." she says "I guess it could be fun" "YAY. It's settled then" "Wait.. It's a masquerade you say? Where are we going to get the costumes?" "I will be right back" I say. I ran up the stairs to the first floor, flew across the hall and peeked into my mothers room. She wasn't there. I went into her bathroom and opened a drawer and grabbed her credit card, then I ran back downstairs to my room. "With this!" I answered. A devious grin spread slowly across her face. "Lets go then shall we!" she said "We shall" I declared. We carefully tip-tied upstairs and went to the garage, well I told you Tomas was rich, which means of course that he has a ton of cars. "Take you're pick" I said to Danielle. She walked over to a striking red mustang convertible, "This one!" she said. I grabbed the keys and we where off.

*******Danielle's POV.*******

I got a text from Steph. "Come to my house NOW" I quickly pulled my long strawberry blonde colored hair into a pony tail, threw on a hollister T-shirt and some Abercrombie jean shorts, slid on my rainbow flip-flops and headed over there. She only lives a half a mile down the road from me so it's and easy walk. I snuck over to her window as usual and lightly tapped it. As I climbed through Steph told me her idea. "Well where will we get the costumes?" I said. She ran upstairs for about 3 minutes then came back down with a credit card. "Let's go then shall we!" we walked to the garage and she told me to pick a car. I walked past a lovely red mustang convertible and fell in love. "This one!" I said. We got in and headed to the mall.

*******Stephanie's POV.*******

When we got to the mall we went into the craft store first to find some things to make masks. I found a full-faced one with a feather on the side and some blue-crystal embellishments to add to it. Danielle found one that covered only her eyes and nose leaving her plump lips bare. She found some silver crystals to decorate it and some pink glitter to add. Once we purchased these things we went to the store where they sell prom dresses. I guess this party was more like a ball since it was fancier than others, but since they don't have a store at the mall with ball gowns we just settled for prom dresses instead. We went in and searched through the racks for the perfect dresses. I grabbed a few and went to model them for Danielle. The first one was a mermaid styled dress with some little embellishments on the front, it was a light pink color. Danielle shook her head, I didnt like it very much either. The second dress was ball gown styled and it was white  with tiny crystals on the front, I liked it and Danielle said I looked beautiful but it wasn't very much my style and I dont want to draw attention to myself while I'm at the party. The 3rd was strapless and it was a caribbean blue colored, it tied across in the back like a zig-zag and came down to my knees. I instantly fell in love with it, "Well what do you think?" I asked Danielle. "You look AMAZING" she replied. "I think this is the one!" I said "Now it's time to find one for you!" I said. Danielle isn't as picky as I am so it was easy to find one for her. She settled on a light pink strapless mermaid styled dress that made her look absolutely stunning. As we paid for our dresses a look of horror struck my face, my mother was walking into the store, I had to think quick I grabbed Danielle's arm and ran to the back of the store and to my horror, that is exactly where my mother headed
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