In Reality

Stephanie and her bestfriend Danielle thought nothing interesting would ever happen to them. Until they met One Direction.


1. Ideas.

Stephanies  POV.
I opened my eyes to the sound of my mother yelling at me. I guess you could say she is a mother, but doesn't act like it. She was 15 years old when she had me. My father disappeared after I was born. And my mom has been raising me ever since. We have been through some rough times since then. But she married a couple months ago just before her 34th birthday. The man she married was very nice, Tomas was his name. But he has been away on an extended business trip ever since the wedding. We loved into his gigantic mansion. But my mother stuck me in the basement with the dog, Sheela.  You see, Tomas is a music producer, what he saw in my mom I have yet to discover. And since she married him she is very wealthy, she throws lavish parties with celebrities and what not. And of coarse she locks me in the basement until they are over, and I have to clean up the mess. Anyways I heard her yelling through the intercom on my night stand. "STEPHANIE!!! GET UP AND COME MAKE ME SOME BREAKFAST!" I immediately jumpedg to my feet, looked in the mirror at my olive-colored skin and dark long hair. Threw on some clothes and tied my hair in a messy bun. Then ran upstairs into the kitchen. I quickly put on my apron and started to cook. Egg omlets, pancakes, strawberry smoothies and bacon. After I got it all together I took it to my mother who awaited in the dinning hall. "Good morning mother" I said "Yes yes hello Stephie" she said. "Did you sleep well?" I asked.  "Marvelous, now Stephie I want you to know I'm throwing a party tonight. There will be a hot new band attending the party, they are from the United Kingdom. And do you know what I'd like you to do?" she said "what?!" I asked enthusiastically  "STAY IN YOUR ROOM UNTIL THE PARTY IS OVER" she roared. The smile on my face quickly vanished. "Of coarse mother" I said. As I cleaned up the meal an idea struck me. Tonight I would sneak into that party, and have the time of my life. And nobody can stop me.
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