In Reality

Stephanie and her bestfriend Danielle thought nothing interesting would ever happen to them. Until they met One Direction.


4. Hospital

*******Zayns POV.*******

I rush downstairs as quickly as possible, not knowing what awaits me below. As I get to the bottom of the stairs I try and open the door, but it's locked. I look around the shelves filled with junk for something to break the door open, and then I see it, a baseball bat. I grip it in my hands and hit the door multiple times until there is a hole big enough for me to climb through. When I get into her room what I see shocks me, her dress is on the floor, Stephanies laying on the bed bruised and beat. She has a lump on her head, her arms are bruised and she had a black eye. Who did this to her?!?! I think to myself. I carefully walk around in the room, and then all of the sudden im hit in the head with something..hard. I fell to the floor and blacked out a couple seconds and sat up my head was spinning I saw a man run out the door and up the stairs, I tried to get up and follow him but I was too weak. I looked over at Stephanie lying motionless on the bed. Panic set in and I used the little strength I had to get up onto the bed. I carefully wiped a strand of hair from face and then cradled her into my arms. All I could think about was keeping her safe and never letting her go.

*******Stephanies POV*******

When I awoke I was in a hospital bed, there was a bandage wrapped around my forehead, I lightly touched my head and it ached in pain. All I remember is blacking out, and waking up for a few seconds while Zayn carried me up the stairs. Everything that had happened, it was so fast. My stomach ached in pain, there was a small tube underneath my nose. I hadn't been awake long enough to realize what was in the room. There was a ton of balloons from Danielle I was guessing. A tiny couch and a window above it. Next to me there was a side table with flowers on it and such, and next to the flowers was an piece of paper with my name carefully hand written onto it. I picked it up  and slowly read it

Dear Stephanie,
 Call for me when you wake up? I need to talk to you. 
Hmm... I wonder what he would need to talk to me about? I thought. So I looked around and found the phone and picked it up and called the office " Umm yes could you send a Zayn up please?" "I'm sorry ma'am he is not here" she said "oh ok. Thank you". I wonder where he could be? Just as I was about to call Danielle there was a knock on the door, "Come in!" I said. I was shocked by what I saw. Zayn walked in, his hair was lightly splattered with dry blood, he had a bandage on his arm and his tux he had worn the night before had blood all over it. "Zayn?!?! What happened?!??" I asked "Well I uhhm..I heard you scream downstairs and so I ran down there and when I walked in there was some guy, he hit me over the head and he got away. I picked you up and carried you upstairs to an ambulance that was waiting." he said "Well why would you do that? Ive only known you for a day." I asked. His face turned pink and he started to say something then stopped. "Well you see..I umm... Well since the first day I saw you I just well-" "STEPHANIE!" Louis bursted into the room along with the others and Danielle. She came over and gave me a soft, but loving hug. "I've been so worried about you!" she said. I was glad to see her but was kinda upset that they had interrupted Zayn, I was really curious as to what he was about to say. Just then Liam walked in the room with a giant teddy bear. "Hello Love! How are you doing?" he said and gave me the bear, then went over to Danielle and to my surprise kissed her. I have her a curious look and mouthed that she'd tell me later. Even though I've only know the boys for a day I feel like I've known them forever. Zayn was standing in the corner all quiet while everyone was talking about the past events. "So Steph the doctor said you should be out of here by the next couple of days!" Niall said "How about all of us going to see a movie?" Haz suggested. "That would be lovely!" I said. I looked over at Zayn again, 

he was staring at me, his eyes soft and inviting. His lips where perched into a half smile that didn't quite touch his eyes. All the talking seemed to stop, even though it hadnt. And it felt like he and I where the only ones in the room, then it hit me. I was falling terribly and hopelessly in love with him.

*******Zayns POV*******

I sat there, watching her sleep, wondering if she would ever wake up. I had been in her hospital room ever since we got here, I didn't let anyone touch me. I shouldn't have let her go alone...I thought. This is all my fault. Should I tell her how I feel about her? But I've only known her for a day..she will probably think Im crazy! Then that will ruin everything. I'll just think about it. I shut my eyes and drifted away to sleep. When I woke up she was still asleep and I started to get hungry, I left her a note and went to the cafeteria. I grabbed a banana and sat down. Then I heard a squeal. Oh great, fans. Just what I needed. I took some pictures with them, signed some autographs and then headed back upstairs to Stephanie. I knocked on the door. "Come in!" She said. As soon as I walked in she looked worried. "Zayn?!?! What happened?!?!" she asked. I explained all the previous events and reassured her I was fine. Then she asked the question I was hoping she wouldn't ask. "Well why would you do that?" I blushed..I looked into her eyes and true to explain how felt about her but to my relief the boys bursted in. They talked to her and asked her how she was, then Liam came in and kissed Danielle. A look of surprise fell over Stephanie's face, Liam had asked Danielle out the night before and after the party they went back to the hotel, who knows what the did there. And have been well in love ever since. I wish I had enough courage as Liam...but I don't. Stephanie looked into my eyes and held her stare for awhile. My heart was beating a mile a minute, now I knew that I had definitely found the girl of my dreams. 
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