In Reality

Stephanie and her bestfriend Danielle thought nothing interesting would ever happen to them. Until they met One Direction.


3. Gas Station

*******Danielle's POV.*******

When we got to the mall we went to the craft store to buy some masks then went to buy some dresses. We picked out Stephs first and she tried on 3 until we found the right one, she looked amazing in it. Then we went and found me a light pink mermaid styled one that I absolutely fell in love with. We went to pay for our dresses when all of the sudden Stephanie dragged me to the back of the store like I was a rag doll. "What is going on?!?!?" I asked, she pulled me into a dressing room and said "My mother is here!" I gasped. "What are we going to do?!?!" "We wait" she replied. We sat in there for about 30 minutes and Stephanie finally decided to peek out, she cracked open the door and saw that her mother just walked into a dressing room. "Nows our chance!" she said we ran out of the store as fast as we could, grabbing our dresses along the way. 

*******Stephanie's POV*******

I dragged Danielle to the back of the store and into a dressing room. My heart was racing. What if she sees us? I thought...I would be grounded for life! After about 30 minutes of waiting I peeked out and saw her go into a dressing room, "Nows our chance! I said we ran out as quick as possible grabbed our dresses and headed to the car. As soon as we where in I sighed. "We did it" I said. "Hey what time is it?" Danielle asked "It's 4:20" "When does the party start?" she asked "6:30!" I replied "We need to hurry!" she said. We raced back to the house, along the way I stopped to get some gas in the car, I walked into the service station and behind me was a very attractive boy. He Dark hair and lovely brown eyes and his hair was fashioned into a sort of stoop he was wearing a white T-shirt and some jeans. "Excuse me?" the cashier said. I snapped out of it, it was my turn in line. "Oh umm yes" I couldn't help but blush, as I turned around to go back outside I ran right into him. "Oh my gosh I'm so sorry!" I said "Watch where you're going there!" he said smiling with a deep British accent. I just stood there mesmerized without realizin
g i had a death grip on his arms "Umm....Can I have my arms back now?" he said "OH! Yes yes I'm so sorry!" I walked away sheepishly and was about to walk out when he said "Hey you! I dont think I got your name?" "Oh it's um Stephanie." I said "Zayn" he replied and smiled. I walked out back to the car and told Danielle everything that happened "Somebodys got a crushie wushie!" She said in a little baby voice. "Shut up!" I said he was cute but I didn't know anything about him other then his name! And I'll probably never see him again I thought. We drove home, parked the car and tip toed inside. We went downstairs and started getting ready for the party. I curled Danielle's hair and pulled half of it up on the sides and pinned it together in the back. She wore silver heels with her dress and some silver earings with tiny pink sparkles in them. She curled my hair and put it up in a princess like style and I wore tiny silver hoop earings. By now the sun was going down and the guests started to arrive. "You ready?" I asked Danielle. She sighed. "As I'll ever be" she replied. We put on our masks and joined the party. There where a ton of people there, all of the sudden someone said "Ladies and Gentleman may I present to you, One Direction!" I don't know why but they wherent wearing masks like everyone else. One of them had very brown curly hair and green eyes, another had blonde floppy hair and blue eyes, the next had brown hair that was kinda all over the place but styled and green eyes, the fourth one had brown hair that was kinda spiked a little and brown eyes and finally the fifth one I couldnt believe my eyes.. It was Zayn. He was a member of One Direction?? How? As I stared up at them he looked at me and walked over, "Umm...are you Stephanie? From the gas station?" I couldn't believe it. "How did you know it was me?" he laughed. "Well I uhh... Your eyes are kinda unforgettable and your hair was the same color so i thought um.." I blushed. We stood there in silence until the other band members came over. 

"Stephanie I'd like you to meet Niall, Liam, Louis, and Harry." Danielle was standing right next to me but I could tell she took a fancy to Liam. "Uhhmm" Liam stuttered, "Would you like to dance uhh?" "Danielle" she said. "Danielle." he repeated "What a beautiful name" he said. She took his hand and they started to dance. Zayn looked at the boys. "Well I guess we'll leave you two alone" Niall said in his adorable Irish accent. "Nice meeting you?" "Stephanie" I said with a stutter. "Well nice to meet you Stephanie" Harry said. Zayn and I where standing there alone, "Would you like to dance?" he asked "I'd love to" I replied. He took me by the waist and led me to the dance floor,  "So" he said "Tell me about yourself" I told him about my situation with my mother and sneaking in here and before I knew it the songs where over. We walked over to a table where the boys sat with some girls, and Liam and Danielle. I sat down next to Zayn. Oh my god he makes me so nervous...I thought to myself. His kind eyes and adorable smile. His deep sexy British accent. I was surprised I hadn't fainted already. Just then the strap to my mask broke, everyone was talking and didn't seem to notice so I quietly slipped away and went down stairs to the basement.

*******Zayns POV*******

I walked into the gas station to get a drink and some gum, there was a very pretty girl in front of me in line and as soon as she was done she turned around and ran right into me. I stared into her beautiful eyes. How could I ever forget them they where gorgeous, she was gorgeous. She apologized multiple times and then walked away. "Hey!" I called "Dont believe you told me your name?" "Stephanie" she said. "Zayn" I replied. Stephanie, I thought to myself, that is beautiful. I went and got back in the car, mesmerized. "You okay mate?" Louis said. "Ohh Zayns got a crush, Zayns gotta crush." Niall chanted. I didn't say anything, I just started driving the car back to the hotel so we could get ready for a party tonight. "Do you think I'll ever see her again?" I asked Harry

. "Well I guess we will find out!" he said. 

*******Stephanie's POV*******

I walked down to my room, unaware that someone was following me, as I got to my room I shut the door and went into the bathroom for a minute. When I came out somebody threw me down on the bed. It was some man, he was broad shouldered with Blonde hair and a very evil look in his eyes. Suddenly I knew what he wanted and why he was doing this. As the realization hit me I scrambled off the bed and reached for the door but he grabbed me and pushed me against the wall and started kissing me, I told him to stop but he wouldnt. He threw me on the bed and stripped my dress off of me, he took of his tuxedo and leaped onto me, not before I could let out a blood curdling scream. I could hear footsteps down the hall, and then he threw me against the wall and I blacked out.

********Zayns POV.*******

When we arrived at the party we where introduced, we where not told that it was a masquerade so we felt kinda stupid without masks. I looked around at the crowd staring at us and then I saw a girl in a blue dress, she had the same dark hair as the girl at the gas station and then I saw her eyes. Unforgettable just like before. I stated into them and walked towards her, I introduced myself and the boys. Then Liam asked her friend Danielle to dance and they where off. Then the boys decided to leave us alone and went on there way to find someone to dance with. We stood there awkwardly. Uhh she makes me so nervous!! Maybe it's her amazing eyes her cherry red lips her beautiful smile. Zayn! Just ask her to dance already! I tell myself. Well when I finally hiked up the courage to ask her to my relief she agreed. I led her to the dance floor and told her to tell me about herself. She told me how her mother is evil, how she is basically a maid, how she lives here. I felt sorry for her. Before I knew it the songs where over and we went over to the boys and some other girls and sat down. We talked and laughed and all that. Then I noticed Stephanie was gone. "Hey has anyone seen Stephanie?" they 

all shook their heads. Then all of the sudden I heard a blood curdling scream. I knew it was her. No sooner had I heard the scream I was up on m feet and running downstairs as fast as possible
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