Picking Out the Thorns

Cassandra goes through a recent and tragic death of her parents. When a 32 year old man adopts her, Cassandra thinks she can finally move on. But she wasn't correct. On the 5th day of when he adopted her, he locked her up, and made her a slave for him. If Cassandra didnt do what he said, he would brutally hit her, until she bled, or was bruised. Cassandra couldn't take it anymore. With all the hitting, and inappropriate things, she took all the courage she had to stand up to him. He didnt like it, and started hitting her. Cassandra finally ran away, and meet someone she never knew would be so important to her. But there was one flaw. He was a huge celebrity. She would always come 2nd. But things get better. The thorns dont stay on forever.


5. Hope

Me and Danielle talked about this for a while. I got her phone number, and I promised her I'd help put La-dean to prison. We went back to the table. "Hey, me and Danielle will head off now. We'll leave you too alone" Liam said.

"Bye. Cassandra, call me later." She said. I smiled and nodded. I was alone. With Niall. This will be fun. He stood up and grabbed my hand. "Come on." he said. I stood. "Where are we going?" I asked. He smiled. "Anywhere you want." I bit the bottom of lip, and added a smile. I swear, he is the sweetest guy I've met. I didn't even care that he was a huge celebrity. He was a person. A friend. Friend. We took a little walk and we went by a boutique that had one of the cutest dresses I've ever saw. It was light pink, and had some ruffle's along it. It was a strapless dress. It was nice. "What? Do you want that?" Niall asked. "No. I just thought it was nice." 

"Wait out here." he said. He went in the boutique and bought the dress. Oh god. I wonder how much money he's spending just for me. I gotta get him a present. A nice one. Something He'll love. "Niall, you are the sweetest guy ever." I said.

"Well I try."

Nialls P.O.V

I tried my best and gave her my cheeky but charming look. I had a feeling I looked stupid. I was extremely curious about her story. "Cassandra, the man, whats up with him?" I asked. I saw the look on her face. She really didn't like that guy.

"Where's your mom, and dad?"

"They... they're dead..." She said. Oh god. I wasn't expecting that. I can see she was ready to cry. I moved in a little closer to her. "What happened?" I asked. She looked at me then looked away.

"Car crash. A horrible one. I was coming home from my college one time, and I saw them in their car, and then a white van came and BOOM! There car must have flipped over about 8 times. I remember seeing that.. I cried and fell on my knee's. They took my parents away, and then, yeah. They were gone." She started to cry. I could tell she couldn't hold the tears anymore. I put my arm around her and whispered in her ear its okay.

"What about the guy?"

"He adopted me..."

"But, your old enough to take care of yourself.. and you go to college.."

"Yeah, I know. I wish I did stay at the college. But, I was so depressed I couldn't do any of my school work. One of the workers in my college said I needed someone I could tell everything to. Someone I can call my second parents. So thats how it all happened. It was the worst decision ever."

"No it wasn't. You met me." I said. She laughed. I got to see her smile. It was..nice. I never knew how terrible and sad. We both stood and I gave her a hug. I hugged her tight to let her know I'll be there when she needs it. 

"Lets go home."

Cassandra's P.O.V

So, I guess it was official. I was living in the boys house. After Niall told them my story, they said it's fine for me to chill here until I can get a place. But all my stuff was at the house. La-deans house. Important stuff was there. My mom's old doll was there. My dads tie was there. My gifts that they gave me, and everything. I really wanted those stuff back. It was nearly midnight. I tried sneaky out of the house to get them, but I got caught by Niall.

"What are you doing?" He asked. His eyes were tired and weary. 

"Oh. Nothing..." I said.

"Come on. I think I would know a little bit of you by now. Where you going?" 

"Fine.. Im going back to La-deans house to get my stuff." I said. Niall's eyes were suddenly not tired. His eyes opened wide. "No! Are you crazy?! That man, that man can hurt you!" He yelled.

"But Niall, my things are there. The stuff my parents gave me are there. I need to go back and get it." 

He walked back and forth, thinking, scratching the back of his head. 

"Im coming with you then." He said. 

"No! Niall, like you said he can hurt me. He can hurt you too." 

"I dont care. Im going for you." 

Alright. I guess that settles it. Off to La-deans house we go. 


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