Picking Out the Thorns

Cassandra goes through a recent and tragic death of her parents. When a 32 year old man adopts her, Cassandra thinks she can finally move on. But she wasn't correct. On the 5th day of when he adopted her, he locked her up, and made her a slave for him. If Cassandra didnt do what he said, he would brutally hit her, until she bled, or was bruised. Cassandra couldn't take it anymore. With all the hitting, and inappropriate things, she took all the courage she had to stand up to him. He didnt like it, and started hitting her. Cassandra finally ran away, and meet someone she never knew would be so important to her. But there was one flaw. He was a huge celebrity. She would always come 2nd. But things get better. The thorns dont stay on forever.


2. Hazards

Its been atleast 5 days since I've lived with Mr. La-dean. Things have been going okay. He bought me a new wardrobe, shoes, and even a One Direction CD. Im not so obsessed with them, but there music makes me happy. I went out for a bit, and when I came home there was a not on the counter saying Come upstairs, its importan-La-dean  I've never been to Mr. La-deans room. I always find it weird. And I find him a bit weird too. I knocked and his door, and he said "enter." I walked in slowly. "You needed me Mr. La-dean?" He turned around and said, "Yes. Sit down Cassandra." I took a seat. I felt a little bit scared. He had the lights dimmed and candles lit. Whatever it was, I was sure it cant be as good as what I thought. Mr La-dean kneeled down in front of me. "So, how are you? Have you found everything here,... Good?" He asked. I nodded slowly. I didn't exactly know what he wanted. Mr La-dean put his hand on my face. He stroked my cheeks gently. What is going on ? I thought. I got up from the chair and moved to the corner of the room. I started panicking and I was getting scared. He walked up to me slowly. He put his hand on my lower back, and wrapped his foot around mine. I screamed, and he stopped. I walked out his room about to cry, and he followed me out. "Whats wrong Darling?" He said. A tear streamed down my cheek. "What were you trying to do?!" I shouted. He laughed. He forcefully grabbed my arm dragging me downstairs to the room I wasn't allowed to go in. "Mr. La-dean! What are you doing?!" He pushed me onto the floor. I finally got to see the mysterious room. It was..weird. There were a few weapons, there was a bed for 1, some cleaning supplies, and some....Oh no.. they were toys. But toys..for something else. I started to cry hard now. "This. This is your new room. If you do not listen to me for now on, prepare to be punished." He slammed the door hard. "Why?! What did I ever do?" I said. I laid on the floor crying. No one should experience this. No one! What went on? Nothing like this ever happened the past days. I needed some air. I decided to head out. When I opened the door, Mr. La-dean stopped me. "Where are you going?! I never gave you permission to leave!" He yelled. Before I could respond, He started hitting me. I fell to the floor, and he kicked me over and over. "Your cruel! You will go to jail! Dont think you cant get away from this! Heartless man." I said. He picked me up, and put me back in the room. I took a look at myself. I had bruises on my harms, and one big one by my neck. I've never been so scared in my life. I wonder how long he's been doing stuff like these. I wonder how many girls fear men know because of him. This is cruel. I gotta do something. But, I think I should help myself first. I need to get outta hear. I will wait. Tomorrow, when he leaves for work, I will go out. I will explore London, and look at the beautiful things, instead of the bad I have right now. I got to. I need to.

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