Picking Out the Thorns

Cassandra goes through a recent and tragic death of her parents. When a 32 year old man adopts her, Cassandra thinks she can finally move on. But she wasn't correct. On the 5th day of when he adopted her, he locked her up, and made her a slave for him. If Cassandra didnt do what he said, he would brutally hit her, until she bled, or was bruised. Cassandra couldn't take it anymore. With all the hitting, and inappropriate things, she took all the courage she had to stand up to him. He didnt like it, and started hitting her. Cassandra finally ran away, and meet someone she never knew would be so important to her. But there was one flaw. He was a huge celebrity. She would always come 2nd. But things get better. The thorns dont stay on forever.


4. Becoming Closer

Stay at the guy's house wasn't so bad. It was actually really fun. We did a bond fire and sang a couple of their songs. I can't believe I didn't recognize Niall at first. He seems like a really nice guy. I woke up, and Niall was sitting on my bed with breakfast. "Oh,  did you get all this for me?" I asked. He smiled and nodded. "Yeah. I usually dont do this, but I felt like I should do it for you. But if you dont mind, we can share the bacon?" He said with a cheeky smile. 

"Haha, yeah of  course." When we finished eating breakfast, Niall got me a few clothes to change into. They were a little extreme. I dont usually wear stuff like these.  It was a cropped top, and a mini black skirt. "Um, Niall.  Do you have something else? I dont wear things like this." 

"No sorry thats all we have." he said. Alright then.

Nialls P.O.V I waited downstairs for Cassandra. The clothes I gave her should look really nice. "Hey man, why'd you give her that outfit?" Zayn  asked.

"Um, we didn't have anything else." I said a bit uneasy. All of them laughed. 

"What are you talking about? We have a regular pair of jeans and T-shirts and you gave her that?! You just want something to stare at." Harry said. My cheeks turned into a bright red. "No! Not true man." Cassandra came down. My eyes were ready to pop out of my head. "Never mind. Nice choice Niall." Harry said. I gave him a punch on the shoulder. 

"Is this too much? I felt like if I was going to wear this, I had to put on heels, and do my hair." She said.

"No, no. Its nice." I said. Louis came up to her, put her arm around her and said, "Yes,  yes well, Niall likes it alot my friend." Louis said. Oh my god. These guys are always trying to mess with me. "Niall, me and Danielle are going to go out ,  why dont you and Cassandra come with us?" Liam said.

"No, no , no. Its fine Liam." Cassandra said. Damn. I really wanted to go actually. And with her. "Well to bad. You guys are going." Liam said walking away. Alright. 

Liams P.O.V

I went up to change and called Danielle. "Hey babe."

"Hey Liam. Are you going to pick me up?" she asked.

"Yeah, and we're going to have company, is that okay? 

"Oh yeah yeah. Who are they?" She asked. I laughed. I think Niall really likes this girl. It will be good if he starts dating.

"Well, its actually Niall and a girl named Cassandra. Niall hasn't dated in a long time and I think he likes that girl. He even kind of rescued her." 

"Aw, thats nice! I will have to meet her. And rescued her? How so..?" She asked.

"Well, when Niall was out, he bumped into her. And he said there was this guy who lived with her.  He was kind of abusive to her. He gave her a good punch in the face. Poor thing was bruised but she's fine now."

Danielle's P.O.V

Wow, interesting I thought. That happened to my friend one time. I wonder if it's the same guy. 

"Thats terrible. Hey babe, did Niall mention anything else about this guy?" I asked him.

"Just that he said you cant do anything without asking him. Something like that." 

Nice. I might be a step closer to who did this to my friend.

Cassandra's P.O.V

Me and Niall, and Liam and Danielle had lunch. It seemed to be going really well. Niall made me laugh non-stop. He's a really funny guy. "Okay, Im going to the girls room I'll be back." 

"I'll join you." Danielle said. We went into the bathroom laughing. Danielle was also really nice. "Niall's funny isn't he?" I said. "He is. I think he likes you." She said. I laughed and blushed a little. No. He doesn't. No one like him would like me. "Cassandra, I have a few things to discuss to you about. So Liam told me the story, of how you and Niall meet. There was this guy..." 

"Oh my god. No, no no. That man is the worst human being I've met." I didn't even plan going back. I was staying here. No way will I go back. "Well, can you tell me what he does to you?"

"Um. Its pretty cruel to be honest. He's abusive, and.... inappropriate." I said uneasy. 

"Really? The same thing happened to my friend. The guy's name was, uhm.. I think it was La-dean?" She said. My heart stopped. His name is even trembling.

"Thats him!" I yelled. It turns out me and Danielle are closer than I thought.  

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