Picking Out the Thorns

Cassandra goes through a recent and tragic death of her parents. When a 32 year old man adopts her, Cassandra thinks she can finally move on. But she wasn't correct. On the 5th day of when he adopted her, he locked her up, and made her a slave for him. If Cassandra didnt do what he said, he would brutally hit her, until she bled, or was bruised. Cassandra couldn't take it anymore. With all the hitting, and inappropriate things, she took all the courage she had to stand up to him. He didnt like it, and started hitting her. Cassandra finally ran away, and meet someone she never knew would be so important to her. But there was one flaw. He was a huge celebrity. She would always come 2nd. But things get better. The thorns dont stay on forever.


6. Almost

We drove to La-deans house. I could feel my heart pounding as we went up to the door. Getting caught would mean trouble for both of us, so we had to be extra careful. The front door was locked. We sneaked to the back where I climbed out the window, and crawled in there. Niall saw the room I use to stay in. He looked completely shocked. "Cassandra, exactly what does this guy do to you?" He said. "I'll explain later, let's just get my stuff and leave. I grabbed my 2 suitcases and headed for the window. We heard footsteps and hid. It was Mr. La-dean. "Hey! Whose down here?!" He yelled. Oh no. 

"Niall, Im scared." I whispered. 

"Shh, I got you." I went close to Niall , and hugged him. I was really scared, but yet I enjoyed hugging him. I could feel some tears that were ready to come out. Mr La-dean headed for the stairs, and We headed for the window. He spotted us. "Hey! What are you doing here?!" He said. We climbed out fast, and drove away fast. Finally. No more La-dean forever. Right? 

When we got back I unpacked my stuff. I took out the picture of me, mom and dad. I held it high and smiled. We always got along well. I missed them terribly. "Knock knock. Can I come in?" Harry said. "Oh, hey Harry. Yeah come on in."

"Is that your mom and dad?" He asked. I smiled big. MY mom and dad. Proud to say that.


"Your mom, shes kinda good looking." He said. I laughed. Jen would always complain on how Harry likes older ladies. It was actually funny now that I think of it. 

"You know Harry, you should give older woman a break. My friend Jen. Shes gorgeous. Your her idol. I think you would like her."

"She's a fan huh? I'd like to meet her. Now, why aren't you a fan?"

"I like you guys, trust me. Your music is good. But Im not those insane fans. Like, why treat you guys any different than anyone else? Your normal people. You do normal things too."

"Ah, I see. I like you Cassandra. I think Niall has a bit of a crush on you." 

"What? Oh no. Not me."

"Shut up."

"Harry?!" I yelled

"Sorry, ha. But yeah, you should give him a chance to impress you."


Niall's P.O.V

I bought some flowers for Cassandra. I went up to her room to give them to her. But then I saw her and Harry together. They were laughing. Looking like they are enjoying themselves. Oh. Okay. I never thought of it this way. I threw the flowers in the garbage and walked away.

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