Return To Me

Jane, a young heart broken woman, struggles to get over her lover who passed away tragically. She's completely torn and doesn't believe in loving anyone else and that no one could ever possibly love her. Follow Jane on her journey of forgetting everything and moving on, you never know what might be infront of your eyes the whole time.


1. UN

Dear Pete,  Things aren't going great at the moment. The main reason for that is: I miss you. A lot. I dream about us meeting again and I almost don't want to wake up everyday to reality until the turning point in my dream: When you're blown to smithereens and I'm left here, all alone. I long to be with you Pete. I love you and I always will 'til the day I die. Return to me! Please!  You're forever in my heart and i still have kisses that i would have loved to have shared with you.  Yours always, Iris xxx



I seal the envelope, which now had tear stains all over the yellow glossy paper, and place it down on the marble grave stone. It reads "Peter Franklin. 1989-2009. Beloved friend and son, served for our country." I placed the irises next to the note. His favourite flower. I stared at his name for a while, picturing his kind, warm face in my mind. How I missed those honey hazel eyes and his light brown flowing hair. I sighed deeply. The clouds began to turn darker as I glanced at my watch. I'm going to be late. Brilliant. I ran out of the cemetery and found my light blue Bentley and jumped inside. My phone buzzed and I picked it up. "I'm almost there! Yeah okay See you in five." I pressed the end call button on my scratched phone and tossed it on to the passenger seat. Losing my concentration for a split second, I quickly slammed my foot on the break making the bentley swerve around a ditch. I'm going to be so late...



The rain was now pattering against the wind shield as I pulled up on to grey gravelled drive. What a great day for a wedding and to make it worse I just wasn't in the mood for something like this at the moment. I sighed deeply.  Coming in view was a red bricked manor with huge glazed windows and yellow roses climbing up the drain pipes. I parked the car next to all the others and ran to the door holding up my blue navy dress to avoid the puddles that had formed in literally seconds. Twisting the door knob I snuck in and stepped backwards looking out for anyone I knew, to basically avoid them. I hated social interaction. 



"Jane!" My sisters happy voice shouted. I turned around slowly sighing, great my cover was blown.

"Hey Jaz!" I greeted back, walking towards her and putting on my best fake smile.  Suddenly, she grabbed my wrist and pulled me into a near by room with tons of people I would soon have to socialise with in.  The room was painted in a dark burgundy with oak wooden floorboards and golden rimmed door frames. A crystal chandelier hung gracefully from the ceiling and below was the dinner table covered in a cream cloth with all of the plates and cutlery set out with precision.

  "You're extremely late!" She scowled as we came to a stop. 

"I'm sorry, you know me..." I said apologetically.

"Well, I don't think I do that much anymore to be honest." She frowned, "Where's the happy Jane I used to know? Why don't you visit anymore? Jane, we all miss you." She said, taking a strand of my auburn hair and twiddling with it. Here we go. Not wanting to start an argument I just shrugged at her. To be honest, I wasn't sure either. I hadn't been the same for a while.

"I'll make a deal, act like a normal human being for me and Tee and I'll buy you ice cream." She knew my one weakness. Damn her. I nodded, my eyes widening at the thought of ice cream. I left my sister and made my way to the nearest chair that was least surrounded by huddles of babbling people.



"Darling, Jane!" A familiar voice boomed from the other side of the room. Great just what I needed. 

"Hello!" I tried to say enthusiastically as Marie, my old best friend, kissed both of my cheeks. 

"So how are you? I haven't heard from you in... What is it now? 3 years?"  Haha yeah that was kind of intended. 

"Yeah we should meet up for coffee or something?" I suggested. Cussing under my breath and regretting what had just flown out of my mouth. Me just trying to be a 'normal human being' for my sister.

"That would be lovely."  Obviously I wasn't going to do enjoy a steaming hot cup of coffee with Marie and chat about her rich, eventful,fulfilling life whilst I bored her about how the rest of the population lived. To add to that I really hated the woman. 

 We were interrupted when everyone started clapping and I turned around to see Tee, my sisters best friend, in her beautiful ivory wedding dress and her newly wed husband at her side. They looked quite the match. She had long curly chocolate brown hair and his had the same curls except his was  blonde and obviously shorter.

"Congrats!" I smiled and hugged Tee, "You look stunning! Sorry I missed the ceremony..." 

"Don't worry about it, honestly." She replied giving me a warm smile, "This is my husband, Daniel." I shook the mans hand.

 "Nice to meet you!" I told him politely, letting go of his hand and smiling.

"You've met him before Jane!" Tee laughed. 

"Hav-" I was interrupted as Jaz pulled me away to another part of the room. Yeah she does this quite a lot. "What the-" I started. 

"I want you to meet someone!" She squealed. We came to an abrupt stop, I turned to face a boy that looked the same age as me. His blonde hair falling over his blue orb like eyes as he gazed right into mine. I knew him from somewhere, a dream maybe? 

"Hello Jane." He greeted with a smirk.

"Wha-.... Umm Hi?" I hesitated, realisation spread across my face. Oh god.

"Long time eh Jane?" He smiled, that familiar cold smile that was once warm and comforting. 

"Yeah, that was kind of intended." I snapped, actually saying it out loud this time. He didn't take it seriously. 

"Ouch, my feelings!" He joked, nudging me in the side playfully.

He obviously wanted start one of our silly games like the old days. The days that are now nothing but dead to me. The past. Something I don't want to relive again. 

"I've grown up Joel." I hissed and glared right into his eyes. His gorgeous blue eyes that I used to get lost in, now they're nothing but frozen ice. Cold and lifeless. 

"Seems so." He agreed, returning the glare. He looked over to Jaz who was just standing there, she looked rather entertained by the reunion. 

"Let's go somewhere more... Private. I need to talk to you." He said, taking my hand. I immediately pulled away from him.

"No." I shouted, "I don't want to talk. I hate you!" My face now right up against his trying to look intimidating. He sniggered. Typical.

"You don't scare me Iris!" He took one step closer. What did he just call me? 

"Don't... don't call me that!" I shouted into his ear leaving a few droplets of my spit on his neck. 

"Ok... JANE, but don't you think we should go somewhere more private? People are staring. After all, I don't want to spoil my brothers wedding." He whispered, taking my hand and guiding me out of the now silent room. It finally clicked in my brain, That's why I had already met Daniel. Memories of having dinner with their family flashed in my mind, how their mother always bought the best ice cream. I snapped out of it when I realised Joel lead me into another room opposite the one we had just been in. It looked similar except there were sofas instead of the dining table and it was decorated in an aqua blue. I sat down on one of the sofa arms as he closed the door behind us. 

"Now we're alone..." He began, 

"Make it quick, I have things to do." I snapped, folding my arms and looking away from him to admire the paintings on the walls. 

"Ok, anyway... I just wanted to say, I'm getting married." He said, my eyes immediately shot away from the painting i was studying to look at him. 

"Good for you, Who's the umm...lucky girl?" I asked, making air quotes with my fingers on the words 'Lucky girl.'

"Marie." He smiled. Wow, I was not expecting that. 

"I'm sure you'll be very happy together, but if you would excuse me, I need to go." I stood up, making my way for the door. Immediately he pushed his back against it and put his hand over the handle.

"No. I still have more to discuss with you." We were close enough now so much that I could feel his breath on my neck and the smell of expensive cologne filled my nostrils. 

"Spit it out then." I got that little bit closer, again trying to make myself look intimidating.  "I'd forgotten how beautiful you are, Iris." He whispered into my right ear. Before, this would send shivers down my spine but I felt nothing. Absolutely nothing. 

"I'd forgotten how much of a prick you are." I spat into his eye, making my stare more intense. 

"Haha, you were always so stubborn, nothing's changed I see." He smirked. 

"Just get on with it, I have a freaking life you know!" I shouted, making him tense a little. Good. At least I was being a little more overpowering.

  "As soon as I saw you today, I remembered everything. About how great we were. I still love you Jane." He said, staring right into my eyes. Dumbfounded, I took a step back.

"You. Make. Me. Sick," I shouted, "You never loved me in the first place. I'm not falling for that again, hell no!" and with that I tried to shove him aside but he wouldn't budge. 

"No. Jane, I do. I truly love you and you know I always have. You just can't accept that someone else loves you, I know you well enough to know that you've only ever loved one person. And that person isn't me. How could I not have ended it when we both knew there was no point? No one can ever compete with him can they? No one. He's dead Jane. Dead. Let him go."

Anger filled my veins like venom from a snake bite. 

"You have NO right to speak of him. I did love you Joel. I did. But I'm over you, you're getting married soon and you love Marie now. Not me!" I gave him an either harder shove, he still didn't budge.

"GET THE HELL OUT OF MY WAY!" I shrieked, his eyes widened and for once he looked scared and he moved out of the way. I reached for the door handle and pushed it open. Storming out of the room, I made my way to the front door. I could hear the forever ongoing patter of the rain against the window panes, but I didn't care. I rushed outside the house and ran to my car, flinging the car door open I got inside and turned on the engine. The front door of the house had opened again and there stood Joel, he waved frantically at me but I just ignored him and made my way out of the driveway. 



I decided the best place for me now was probably home, so I could drown myself in misery alone and drink myself to sleep. This was the only way I could sleep these days without lying awake the whole night thinking. Thinking. About what though? Just anything to keep me away from the nightmares that haunted my dreams. 



I unlocked my white chipped front door and flung my car keys onto the kitchen table. Rummaging through the cupboards I found a nice bottle of scotch. This method, took the edge of the pain away from the constant hole I felt. That's what my father said too, I could remember the front door being flung open at 2 in the morning whilst I was tucked away in my warm bed. He came shouting into the house with a bottle of liquor in his hand. I always crept downstairs to see what was happening and I would end up making him a cup of tea whilst he told me about how my mother never treated him right. I would say "No Daddy, Mummy was a nice lady!" but he would retaliate and tell me stories about horrific things she had done. I never really knew if I believed them or not, but I came to realise those were the only things I ever knew about my mother so I just blanked her from my memory and convinced myself that I was born from a nice, caring woman.



There was one thing that kept coming back into my thoughts even though I had consumed rather a lot of alcohol. It was what Joel had said to me, how dare he? After all of these years, does he expect me to just come crawling back to him? I've moved on. I've gotten over it.



  Suddenly, the front door clicked open, "You home Jane?" My Flat mate, Samuel, called from the hallway. 

"Yeah..." I replied even though it came out gargled due to my alcohol consumption.

"Drinking your troubles away again I see?" He gave me a concerned look. 

"Nah, I just like the taste!" I laughed, unfortunately he knew me too well so I gathered by the look on his face that he didn't believe me. Unexpectedly, he swiped the bottle out of my hands and took a swig of it himself.

"Ah always hated Whiskey!" He scrunched up his face in disgust and poured the remains down the sink.

He was wasting a perfectly good drink so I flicked him in the ear yelling, "I was drinking that!" 

"You'll thank me in the long run, I'm saving you from an early grave." He smiled, rubbing his ear. Grave. Hmm. A wash of pain came over me as I sank down onto the tiles, the checkered pattern swallowed me up and whirled around in front of my eyes. I sat there staring at the floor, tears trickling down the side of my cheeks.  "Iris! Iris!" I could hear his sweet low chuckle booming from tree to tree.

"Where are you?" He cried but with a hint of humour in his voice. 

"Over here! I told you to keep up slow coach!" I laughed, making myself visible for him to see. He was running and I sat there watching him struggle to climb up the tree I was perched on. When he finally made it to me he squished himself right up against me.

"So what did u want to show me?" He breathed heavily, wiping the sweat on his forehead with the back of his hand. I nodded towards the beautiful view of the green lush meadow covered in over grown wild flowers. A willow tree grew inside the ruins of a stone building and a large pond was to the right of the fresh green grass with life sprouting all around it.

  "It's beautiful," he whispered, "just like you." His hand found mine and we intwined our fingers, he brushed a hair away from my face and our bodies slowly came towards one another. I looked down at his lips, they were thin but a dark red and I could feel the softness without evening touching them. We both leant in and his lips gently brushed the top of mine.

"Jane! Jane! Wake up!" I opened my eyes to find Samuel slapping my cheeks. I replied with a moan. He slung me over his left shoulder and carried me into my bedroom. Carefully, he settled me down into my springy bed and pulled the covers over me. My eye lids fluttered shut as he whispered into my ear, "Goodnight Iris." 

"Goodnight Pete." I whispered back. 




Well Hello there. Yeah this first chapter may be a tad boring but i can promise you it will most definitely probably kind of get better so hang on in there!!This is my first story on here and i am very grateful if you have spared your precious moments to read the first part of my story! THANK YOU!!!!! I am really grateful :) If you would like to make me even more happy because i know that you're a lovely caring person if you have read this XD then maybe you could leave me a comment or recommend this to a friend! I'd love to read your opinions on this, maybe it's absolute rubbish and you want to save my time from writing anymore :D Thanks a lot!

Keep on reading! pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeease <3<3

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