My peculiar love

I'm in love with an alien. Probably thinking weirdo right? Well here is the story of how we came to be.


4. Zarbox's friend

'Greeting Lara.' Zarbox passed his hand to me, smiling. 'We go?' He asked.

'Yeah. I just want to see my dad.' I explained. He nodded in comfort. 

'Zarrrrrrhhhhhh!' He yelled, in his own language of course.

'Zebrudia?' Another alien came forward. I ducked slightly, scared.

'Friend.' Zarbox told me. I laughed. 

'Cheers.' I grinned. Zarbox's friend bowed to me before going over to a load of buttons. He pressed the big red one- usually the one you shouldn't hit but in this case it was the right button. The spaceship began to fly faster than anything I'd ever been in before, so at first, I was rather dizzy.

'You okay?' Zarbox asked. He seemed very caring.

'Yes.' I smiled. He smiled back at me.


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