My peculiar love

I'm in love with an alien. Probably thinking weirdo right? Well here is the story of how we came to be.


3. Zarbox

The alien calmly walked through the door.

'You... Dad... Far away...' It mumbled. 'I help you find you dad.' It added, beaming at me. 

'You want to help me?' I asked, laughing slightly. The alien nodded its head and grinned. 'This is not a trick?' I asked. The alien shook its head. I just shook my head. But it might be able to help me...

'Fine.' I shrugged. 'Thank you.' 

'We in my home. A flying home. I see miles down from here.' The alien explained. 'Zarbox my name.' It grinned, giving me its hand. That's when I stopped referring Zarbox as "it". I smiled.

'I'm Lara.'

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