My peculiar love

I'm in love with an alien. Probably thinking weirdo right? Well here is the story of how we came to be.


2. It

'Heh...?' A voice seemed confused. I blinked and looked up. Then I screamed.

'Get away from me... you... thing!' I yelled. 


'I said... GET. AWAY. FROM. ME. OK?' I yelled angrily, pushing it away. It looked to the ground and I backed off. I wasn't home. Where was I?

'Where am I?' I asked the alien, angrily. It shrugged its shoulders. 'You kidnapped me!' It immediately shook its head then it started drawing pictures into the dust on the ground. I curiously leaned in.

A monster was drawn with big teeth and scary eyes.

'You.' I pointed. It shook its head. 'Other alien?' I only suggested as I was eager to see what it was drawing. The alien nodded its head. Then it drew a smaller monster.

'That's you.' It nodded its head. Then drew a stick person. 'Me.' It looked like the smaller monster was saving me from the bigger monster. 'Don't be serious. You would never... You're an alien!' The alien looked down sadly then walked over to the other side of the room.

'Nil.' Its voice mumbled. 

'I just want my dad.' I sobbed. It shrugged its shoulders and walked over to the bolted door. Then it opened it.

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