My peculiar love

I'm in love with an alien. Probably thinking weirdo right? Well here is the story of how we came to be.


1. The alien

The darkness of the moment made me shiver. Mum's dead... An alien killed her... It was the whole thought of aliens existing and killing my mum. My only mum. The woman who birthed me. Just gone... And by a creature I didn't even believe to exist...

'Lara! Get out of the house now!' Dad called, panicked. I wondered why until I saw a green eye appear through the door. My head felt weird, I felt strange...

'Lara!' Dad called. No response. I didn't have any breath left. I just looked at the features as the alien slowly entered. It had big green eyes, green skin, cute massive ears and a tail that seemed to wave all the time. It was very small, like a toddler.

It came forward, one step, two step... Then it touched me.

Then the scream came as everything in my world turned black.

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