Up the court and back with One Direction

Ana is just a small town girl going to London for a basketball tournament when she meets One Direction and everything changes. But what happens when she falls for a guy and someone gets jealous?


2. First day

My coach Paul rounded us all up into a circle. Coach: ok ladies we are going to the hotel, you have no games tonight so feel free to go out and have fun! Room checks at 8am to make sure everyone came home. Don't have too much fun, there's a 12 o'clock game tomorrow  Everyone: whooooo clubbing tonight As we got to the hotel everyone changed into our party clothes and headed out. There were about 4 different groups of us leaving. I ended up staying with my 2 best friends Lauren and Megan. As we walked out I went to ask the front desk 'where is there a nightclub near here'  Him:'down the street is club inferno, everyone who's anyone goes there'  Excited we all headed out to have our first night in London. Walking up to the club it was packed! The bouncers weren't letting anyone in so we were outside for awhile. All of a sudden a black can pulled up and me and my 2 friends just stared in awe as none other than the one direction stepped out of the car. I'm not sure how we all kept our cool and I guess that attracted them to us.  Harry walked up to us and said 'well what are these beautiful ladies doing standing outside, let them in.' one second later we were inside the club. The place was beautiful but I wasn't paying attention to the place at all to be honest. As we walked in Harry had his arm around my waist leading me to a table. I couldn't believe it! Harry, THE Harry styles was holding me. I had to pull everything inside me to just not pass out. It was the greatest.moment.ever. 

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