Up the court and back with One Direction

Ana is just a small town girl going to London for a basketball tournament when she meets One Direction and everything changes. But what happens when she falls for a guy and someone gets jealous?


3. Club

Once we got to a table Harry looked at me and asked if I wanted to dance. He pulled me onto the dance floor and started dancing on me. After a while he got me a drink, tasted like liquor, but I didn't care. All I cared about was Harry. Why had he picked someone like me? I stopped questioning when he started kissing me, first my neck, then my lips. He was succccchhh a good kisser. I guess that's why I just didn't care. I liked him, he liked me. What else was there? 

My other friends were dancing with sitting at a table probably texting their boyfriends. But oh well, I was dancing with Harry fucking Styles. This was gunna be a good trip.
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