Up the court and back with One Direction

Ana is just a small town girl going to London for a basketball tournament when she meets One Direction and everything changes. But what happens when she falls for a guy and someone gets jealous?


1. Hi

Hi, so I'm analisa, but my friends just call me ana or anabanana. Well this is the story of my summer when I met one direction and my life changed COMPLETELY. 

Well I guess I'll start from the beginning. I play basketball, such a girly sport huh? Well anyways I'm pretty good...well not pretty good, very good. I'm 5'6 so a pretty decent size to play.  Anyways, summer just started and I was already full into summer basketball and going hard. I was on a travel team and this summer we were traveling not only out of state, but out of country! 
I got the news near the end of the school year that we were going to London. I heard that the time we were going to be there that One Direction would be there too. I tried not to get my hopes up but deep down I had butterflies to just be in the same area as them! 

It was June 28 and we were boarding the plane to go to London. I had my entire basketball travel team with me as we go to play in the international tournament that London was hosting. The entire plane ride I was giddy and had butterflies, not because of the tournament, no, I was excited because One Direction is in London. I'm not the kind of girl to admit to liking them, but nialls voice makes my heart melt. Well anyways, finally at 5:30 pm...the plane landed. We were officially in London
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