Sick Little Games


20. Waking Nightmare


It was possibly the first time ever in my life that I felt uncomfortable in a club. Everyone around me was drunk, happy and basically having the time of their lives but me… I couldn’t bring myself to be like that. I was just sitting on a white leather couch with Niall, slowly drinking our beers and talking. Louis and Zayn were on the dancefloor grinding with some girls, Liam was chaperoning Harry while this one was doing several shots not very far from where Niall and I were sitting. It wasn’t boring but it was definitely not what I expected. Okay, yes, I can’t exactly blame Harry for being mad at me ever since I told him our kisses didn’t mean a thing but c’mon, he was completely ignoring me. It was hurting to see him ignoring me like this but deep down, I knew it was the right thing to do. I’m not the right girl for him. I’ll never be the right girl for anyone really. I’m just fucked up. That’s all I am.

“I heard you and Harry had a sleepover last night. Did you two start shagging again? ” Niall laughed. I dramatically gasped and playfully punched his arm.

“ No, we are not! I just didn’t want to be alone… ” I looked down at my beer, pretending to be completely fascinated with it. I just really wanted to avoid Niall’s eyes. These boys knew me too well and sometimes, lying to them was terribly unsuccessful. Niall suddenly got alot closer to me and nudged me with his elbow.

“ You actually love him, don’t you? ” Niall whispered in my ear with a huge grin on his face. My head snapped in his direction, I opened my mouth to say something but nothing came out. Maybe that was my body trying to stop me from lying for once. Niall just smiled even more and nodded. I didn’t even had to say anything that he just understood perfectly that he was right. I gulped harshly and looked up to meet his eyes again.

“ Please don’t tell him. ” I breathed, just loud enough for him to hear. Thank god there was loud music because I would have been scared that someone else could hear us. The last thing I wanted was Harry to ever find out about my feelings for him.

“ Your secret is safe with me, you little hoe. ” Niall hugged me quickly. That stupid smirk on his face just made me want to punch him. I rolled my eyes and got up quickly.

“ I’m gonna go get us new drinks. ” I made my way to the bar and when I got there, I found Harry staring at me, he looked more mad than ever… He looked…jealous? What? Oh dear god. Niall. He saw us talking really close and hugging. Considering the fact that Niall and I have ‘history’, he was probably imagining all kinds of stupid stuff at the moment. Wow. This is just great. After I got our beers, as I was making my way back to the couch where Niall was waiting for me, I saw someone that I really didn’t want to see. I just froze. My sudden stop made a girl bump into me but I didn’t even care to even respond to her. I was literally shaking.

He was back in the VIP section with a couple of guys and some slutty girls clearly not dressed enough for this time of the year. I was already fighting back my tears and well like it was not enough, my head was now spinning. I literally ran to Niall and just gave him the two beers I had in my hands. He gave me a ‘what the fuck?’ look but I just ignored it. I walked as quickly as I could to reach Liam and Harry. I wish Harry could just disappear but I had to talk to Liam. He was the only who could save me from all of this since he was the one with a car that could help me to get far far away from this place.

“ Liam! We need to leave. Now. ” I half screamed as I reached him. Harry and Liam both looked at me like I was crazy or something.

“ What are you saying? It’s only 1AM! ” Liam said cheerfully but still looking at me with that questioning look on his face. Harry was still staring at me like I just murdered a small child infront of him.

“ Please, Liam! I just really need to get out of here, please… ” My eyes were now obviously full of tears and my hands were shaking more than ever. Harry’s angry face disappeared and he was now looking more worried than ever. I can say the exact same thing for Liam.

“ What is going, Skye? ” Liam said, visibly worried but also a bit nervous at the same time. They were both staring at me now, waiting for me to talk but I couldn’t. I was so scared. I covered my face with my hands, wishing that somehow I could just vanish.

“ Skye, tell us what the fuck is going on!? ” Harry screamed, grabbing my arm which brought me back to reality. I looked up to find his eyes. I expected them to be full of annoyance and anger but no… Harry just looked helplessly scared and worried. I took a deep breath and cursed myself for ever thinking that going out tonight would be a great idea.

“ The night of Zayn’s party, I went clubbing here and… I never got in a fight with a girl. ” I was so preoccupied in looking down at my hands, too scared to face them both that I just kept my head down.

“ A guy tried to flirt with me but I turned him down and… He followed me outside and he beat me up… And he’s here tonight. I just saw him. ” I sobbed very loudly. I finally took all of my courage and looked up to see Liam more shocked and sad than ever and then… There was Harry, who looked like he was about to explode.

“ Where is he? ” Harry said through gritted teeth, clenching his fists.

“ He’s back there in the VIP section… Blue shirt, chinos… ” I said quickly, looking at JJ from the corner of my eyes.

“ That guy? The drug-dealer from school? ” Liam said, visibly trying to get a better look at him. I was about to open my mouth to say something but a very angry Harry cut me off immediately.

“ What else did he do to you? ” Harry said, his eyes burning into mine. I should have probably kept the rest for myself but the way he looked at me… I couldn’t. Trying to lie was completely useless. It’s like he was looking straight into my soul.

“ When I blacked out… He tried to rape me. ” I heard Liam sigh heavily and for Harry, his eyes turned into something I have never seen before. He looked almost scary.

“ That’s it. I’m gonna fucking kill him. ” Harry screamed just before walking off towards the VIP section. No. This isn’t happening. No.

“ Liam, do something! Stop him! ” I screamed, crying more than ever. Liam nodded quickly and ran after Harry. I fucking hope he was going to stop him and not jump into the fight with that idiot. I looked around and met Niall’s eyes, his smile fell when he saw I was crying. I screeched his name and he immediately got up and ran towards me. I grabbed his hand and walked as fast as I could in the hopes to reach the VIP section before something terrible would happen. As we were getting closer, I gasped as I saw Harry pushing JJ. Oh my god, no. Please, Liam. Please, stop him.

I was now a couple of steps behind Harry and JJ. Liam was nowhere to be found, where the fuck was he? I could hear Harry scream even over the music. I couldn’t stop crying and I was squeezing Niall’s hand way more than I should. I was probably about to break his poor little hand.

“ It’s never fucking alright to hit a girl! Don’t you fucking know that!? ” Harry screamed and seconds later, he threw his first punch that landed on JJ’s jaw. He hit him so hard that he almost fell backwards. It’s like everything was going too fast and it wasn’t helping that I was seeing all blurry because of my tears.

“ Why the fuck does it matter so much to you anyway!? ” JJ screamed, violently pushing Harry. And then suddenly, JJ locked eyes with me. I never felt more sick in my entire life. The way he looked at me in that moment. He looked completely crazy.

“ Don’t tell me you actually care about that whore? ” JJ laughed, still looking at me like I was the biggest piece of shit to have ever existed.

Everyone was now gathered around Harry and JJ. His own friends didn’t even dare to get in the middle of it. Everyone was just waiting for the fight. No one was even trying to stop it. The next thing I know, Harry jumped on JJ and this is where it got out of control. Harry punched JJ in the face many times while he kept repeating: ‘She’s my girl. She’s mine and you hurt her. She’s my girl.’ I couldn’t stop crying, I could barely even breathe. JJ rolled Harry over and punched him right in the face. I gasped and ran towards them. JJ was now choking Harry and he wasn’t kidding, he wouldn’t let him go. I literally knew what JJ was capable of but… It’s Harry. I couldn’t just stand there and do nothing. I tried to push JJ off of Harry but he was too strong.

“ JJ! Stop! You’re killing him!!! ” I screamed, tears running down my cheeks as I saw Harry’s face getting more and more red and his eyes twitching. Someone suddenly grabbed me and pulled me back. It took me a couple of seconds to realize that it was Liam. And out of nowhere, Zayn appeared and really quickly, he grabbed JJ’s hair and he smashed his knee right on the side of his head. Liam grabbed my hand and dragged me out of all of this madness. I kept looking back to see what was happening but I was out before I could even see if Harry was okay.

The fresh air slapped me right in the face but it felt good at the same time since I was about to pass out because I needed air more than ever. I could hear Liam talking to me but I couldn’t hear him right. My head was pounding and all I could hear was my own heart beating. All I wanted to know is that Harry was safe. It’s all I wanted to know.


- -

Liam grabbed me by the shoulders and shook me vigorously. It’s what he had to do to bring me back to reality so I could listen to him. My head was still pounding and I could hear my own heart beating so loudly, it was terribly distracting.

“ Where the fuck were you back there!? ” I mumbled, pushing his hands off me. I couldn’t stop shaking. I also couldn’t stop picturing the worst. What if Zayn was too late? What if Harry was dead?

“ I went to find Zayn and Louis! I’m sorry Skye… ” I covered my face with my hands. I needed to breathe or I would pass out very soon. My legs were so weak, I felt like I could literally broke down in tears on the floor at any second. The back door suddenly slammed open, revealing two familiar faces. Niall was the first to come out, then it was Zayn and then… A huge sigh of relief escaped from my mouth when I saw Louis helping Harry to walk behind them. He was there. He was standing on his feet. He was still here with me. I immediately ran to him, cupping his face with my hands. My tear stained face and my whole body shaking pretty much gave away how worried I was for him but apparently it wasn’t enough…

“ Are you alright? Are you hurt!? ” I sobbed very loudly. I wasn’t even able to hold back my tears. They just wouldn’t stop and to be honest, I didn’t even care anymore.

“ Yeah… Like you even give a fuck… ” Harry mumbled, looking down at his feet. I dropped my hands from his face and just stared at him. Was he serious? He backed away from me and bent down to spit out some blood. I opened my mouth to say something but I was rudely interrupted by a very upset Louis.

“ Why did you lie to us about JJ!? You should have told us about it! ” Louis screamed, his face filled with anger and sadness. I knew he was right. Maybe the right thing to do would have been to tell the truth to everyone about it but… At the time, I just couldn’t bring myself to.

“ I didn’t want you guys to get involved! It’s JJ we’re talking about! He’s friends with some serious dangerous people! At first it was just me but now we’re all fucked! ” I screeched, tears running down my cheeks.

“ What do you mean by ‘at first it was just me’!? ” Zayn said in a low voice, a couple of steps away from me. Harry turned his head in my direction, the look in his eyes was the same ‘worried and sad’ look from inside the club when I told him and Liam about what JJ did to me. He clearly wasn’t going to like what I was about to say…

“ That night… Before he ran away and left me right here in this alley… He kind of promised to find me and finish me as in… Killing me. ” I whispered just loud enough for the boys to hear. From the corner of my eyes, I saw Harry taking a deep breath while clenching his fists.

“ I’m going to bash his fucking face in! ” Harry said just before trying to walk back inside but Liam jumped infront of him just in time.

“ Stop it, mate! You’re just gonna get yourself in trouble… Let’s all just, let’s just go home. Alright? ” Liam’s soothing voice was calming even myself.

“ But this is Skye, Liam! He beat her up and he tried to rape her! I can’t just do nothing about it!!! ” Harry screamed, his eyes full of tears. Liam looked like he was searching for his words. The boys also all looked like they were agreeing with Harry. Which only made me feel worse.

“ You’ve done enough, Harry. Please, just let it go. For me, please? ” I said with pleading eyes. Harry stared at me for awhile but he eventually just gave up. Niall and Zayn left first and for me, Harry and Louis, we were all getting a ride from Liam. I would have preferred to ride with Zayn and Niall in this situation but oh well, I’ll just have to deal with it. Since Louis was still mad at me for lying, he pratically jumped in the passenger seat to avoid me so, there I was, stuck with Harry in the backseat. The tension was palpable and no one was talking. It was probably the most excruciating car ride I’ve ever experienced in my life. Liam eventually just turned the radio on to let music fill the car. It was alot less awkward than the previous heavy silence. After 10 minutes, I got tired of looking out the window so I slowly turned my head to see what Harry was doing. He was looking down at his hands. I immediately noticed his bruised knuckles. I got closer to him and slightly nudged his arm.

“ Does it hurt alot..? ” I whispered just loud enough for him to hear. He looked up to meet my gaze and scoffed. I was taken aback by his reaction. I was just trying to make conversation and well, I was trying be nice for once.

“ Can you please just stop that… ” He mumbled as he turned his head back to the window.

“ Stop what exactly? ” I said loudly, getting a little defensive. What the hell was his problem? I should be the one who’s mad here. He had no right to be upset with me.

“ Can you just stop pretending to care about me!? ” That look he had in his eyes. It was the same look he had when I told him I hated him that night infront of my house… The night I completely broke his heart.

“ Who says I’m pretending..? ” I whispered, wishing that somehow he wouldn’t hear me. I turned my attention back to the road infront of us, even if I could feel Harry’s eyes burning on me. I met Liam’s eyes in the rearview mirror. He gave me a ‘where the fuck are you going with this?’ look. Yeah, of course, He and Louis heard us. This was just getting better and better. I don’t know why but the next words that spilled from my mouth just suddenly came out like that. It’s like my brain wasn’t even consulted before I spoke.

“ For your information, I care about you alot more than you think. ” I said on a bitter tone and turned away from him. I could still feel his eyes on me but I didn’t want to turn around and face him. I just couldn’t. It was terrible enough that I had just said that.

After a long and awkward car ride, we finally got to my house and let me tell you, I was so happy to be home that I was on the verge of jumping out of the car while it was still moving. Liam slowly stopped the car infront of my house and the sight of my home just made me sigh in relief. It just felt so great to be home after a long night like this.

“ Thank you for the ride, Liam and Louis… ” Louis turned his head in the opposite direction the second I said his name. Wow, he was really mad, wasn’t he?

“ Look, I’m sorry I lied, alright? I was just trying to protect you all. ” I said quickly and opened the car door. I was about to close it behind me but I surprisingly faced with Harry, who came out of the car too.

“ What are you doing..? ” I shakily asked, nervous about what he was going to say or do next.

“ Do you really think I’m going to let you sleep on your own tonight? ” He mumbled as he walked past me. I gulped harshly and said my goodbyes to Liam and Louis just before closing the car door and watch them slowly drive away. I turned on my heels to find Harry just a couple of steps away from where I was standing, staring at me.

“ You should just go home. I’ll be fine. ” I said with a sad smile. The truth is, I really loved being him and sleeping in his arms but I knew he was mad at me so… What’s the point?

“ No way. I’m not leaving you. ” He said, matter-of-factly. I sighed nervously at the idea of what was going to happen tonight. The chances of something happening between us was small but still… It’s Harry and I we’re talking about here…

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