Sick Little Games


15. The Little Things


It’s been 2 weeks now. Louis and I were best friends again. I was hanging out with the boys again. Everything was almost back to normal. Except for the… Harry situation, of course. He would always be ‘busy’ when I was with the boys. He clearly didn’t want to be near me and I couldn’t blame him. I was mean and terrible to him… I’d see him at school sometimes and he would just literally turn around and change hallways. That’s what was hurting me the most. My heart was constantly aching at the sight of him ignoring me. I know it was too late now but… I regret everything I said to him that night. I wish I could go back and change it. I’m not saying I would go back to jump in his arms so we could run off together but… I wish I hadn’t said what I said. I went too far and I’ll probably never forgive myself for hurting him like that.

Before, we would all just hangout together and Harry and I would just have nice little arguments about everything because it was fun to annoy him but… atleast he was there. Now, he was refusing to see the boys if I was with them. I just hope it would pass. I mean, he’ll eventually have to move on with his life and stop ignoring me… right? But it was also very annoying to always think about him, you know? I’ve been in the library for 45 minutes now and all I’ve been doing is think about Harry and his stupid self. I had an essay to write for tomorrow and I couldn’t even begin to concentrate on it. My thoughts would always go straight back to Harry…

I sighed and lazily walked out of the library. Everyone was pretty much gone now. School was over but I decided to stay to go study in the library, which I completely failed to do. It was weird to walk all alone in the corridors. Not a sound, no one, nothing. It was peaceful but kind of creepy at the same time. I jokingly said to myself that now would be the perfect time for an axe murderer to come and slice me into tiny little pieces. I suddenly heard footsteps behind me. I froze. Shit. Please don’t let my nightmares become reality, I thought to myself.

“Oi! Skye! Wait up! ” A strong irish accent screamed. I sighed, obviously relieved that it was Niall. I smiled and turned around. He was jogging to catch up to me, a big smile on his face. I was now wondering what the hell Niall was still doing here at school? I didn’t see him in the library so my only guess was…

“Football practice? ” I said, gesturing towards his sports bag under his arm. He finally stopped walking and stopped right infront of me.

“ Yep! What else could keep me in school other than that?! But hey, what are you doing here then? ” Niall said, clearly amused by the fact that it’s not usually my type to stick around much longer around here when the day is finally over. I started walking towards the exit with Niall just by my side, following me.

“Oh, you know… I was just studying in the library. ” I said quickly, not daring to look at him. Niall suddenly bursted laughing so loud that after awhile, I thought he was about to collapse.

“Since when do you study?! ” Niall said, still in hysterics.

“Well, is it so bad that I actually want a good grade on my essay tomorrow!? ” I glared at him, a little bit annoyed that he found that me, studying, was so damn funny apparently.

“Don’t get all mad, love. I’m just kidding… It’s just that you don’t usually care about this stuff. ” Niall said, nudging me with his elbow. I looked up to meet his eyes and I smiled a little bit. He was right after all. I really don’t give a fuck about school and my grades. I was there tonight because I thought it would be great to focus on something else than… Oh, you know who.

“You’re here because of him, aren’t you? ” Niall suddenly said, snapping me out of my thoughts about that damn Harry Styles. I stopped walking and turned my body to face Niall. His eyes were now all scared. Scared that I might scream at him for mentionning Harry, I guess.

“Oh my god! What is it with you guys!? Louis keeps asking me if I’m okay all the time and he’s always like ‘Oh Skye, it’s alright to think about Harry, you know?’ Well no, I’m not thinking about him if that’s what you want to hear! ” I almost screamed. Niall took me by the shoulders and looked me in the eyes and slowly said:

“You don’t have to lie to me, Skye. You can be honest. I won’t tell the lads a thing about it… ” Niall said truthfully, with a sweet little smile on his face. I knew I could trust him but… I didn’t want to talk about it. I didn’t want to talk about him… Anyways, there was nothing to say at all, isn’t it..?

“That is really nice of you, Niall Horan but… I’m fine. ” I said, faking an irish accent to mock him a little bit. He playfully slapped my arm as we started walking again. We walked in silence for awhile… It wasn’t awkward. It was nice. I was comfortable enough with Niall to handle these kind of silences.

“He misses you lots… y’know. ” Niall whispered. I gulped and sighed very loudly. I didn’t want to start crying infront of Niall so I was just trying my best to relax and breathe.

“I said terrible things to him… I bet he hates me now… ” I managed to say, my voice shaking a little. I was praying the lord that Niall didn’t notice the sudden change in my emotions.

“He could never hate you… He’s crazy about you. ”

“How can you be so sure about that!? Me and Harry would be terrible together anyways! ” I said, getting a little bit angry for no reasons at all. I didn’t even know what was going on with my emotions. I opened the big door angrily and almost ran down the couple of stairs. The cold air slapping me in the face. I hated the cold. I hated winter. I hated everyhing right now to be quite honest.

“What would be so bad about dating Harry?! You guys shagged for like 4 months so there’s obviously some things that you actually like about him. ” Niall said, all proud of his comeback. That little bastard. I didn’t know what to say. I kept thinking about what would be the bad parts of being with Harry, as a proper couple, but I simply didn’t know what to respond to him now. I just always kept telling me that me and Harry would never work out but… I never actually really thought about it. Not that I was going to start thinking about it now… Of course not.

“Can we just stop talking about that… Please!? ” I said quickly, my tone visibly annoyed. Niall laughed a little and nodded. Good. I was tired of people trying to convince me that Harry Styles is my prince charming.

“Do you want a ride home? ” He said, gesturing me towards his car that was just infront of us. I hated how he was right just minutes ago… I’m stubborn, yes, but it was freaking cold so I just couldn’t refuse his offer.

“Yes but only if the name ‘Harry Styles’ cannot be mentionned during the entire ride, okay? ” I said, sighing.

“Alright, alright! ” Niall laughed. Opening the door for me, I made my way to the passenger seat and waited patiently for Niall to get in the car himself.

The car ride from school to my house was terribly short. That’s why the next events were the most unfair and unlucky things that ever happened to me. Curse you, master of time! A sudden very loud Chris Brown song made me jump. It took me a second or two to realize that it was actually Niall’s phone. Niall laughed at my jumpy reaction and gestured me to answer his phone for him. I took his iPhone and I was about to answer but instead I gasped and put it down.

“Answer it, Skye! I’m driving! ” Niall said, very confused by my actions.

“I can’t! It’s Harry… ” I said, looking down.

“For fuck sakes, he could be dying or something like that! Answer the damn phone, Skye! ” Niall laughed but he seemed dead serious about me picking up. I groaned and pressed the little green button. I brought the iPhone to my ear, shaking at what was going to be said next…

“Niall’s phone! ” I said with a nervous chuckle. There was a long and very tense silence on the line. It was so terribly awkward. I just wanted to pull my hair out.

“Skye… Is that you? ” Harry said. He sounded very unsure.

“Well, erm… Y-yeah. It’s me. ” I said, my voice shaking like an idiot.

“Why are you answering Niall’s phone!? ” Harry said, on a quite weird defensive tone. Okay, this was officially the most awkward phone conversation I’ve had in my entire sad life.

“Because he’s driving right now so- ”

“ Oh, I get it. You two are together now. Ok, well, fine. Just tell Niall I can’t hangout anymore tonight. ” Click.I just stared at the road infront of me. Oh no, this was really bad. Like I needed anymore drama in all of this!


It was now friday night and me, being the great student that I am, I decided that a longer weekend would be more suitable for my emotional state so I skipped school and stayed home all day. Luckily for me, my mom was still away so I had the house all to myself. I planned on spending the rest of the evening in the bath, reading magazines and after that, I’d watch many episodes of True Blood so I could lust over Alexander Skarsgard since I was very lonely these days. It was nearly 9PM when I finally decided to go take my fabulous long bath when my cellphone went off. I sighed heavily, remembering the existence of other humans other than myself. I lazily went to pick up my phone, only to be greeted by a background of loud music and alot of screaming.

“SKYE!? ARE YOU ALIVE!? ” Louis screamed in the phone, which made me groan in frustration. I guess he was at some party but obviously, he didn’t think of going into a quiet room to call me. Of course not.

“Yes but I’m about to become fucking deaf! Stop screaming, you twat! ” I said, really annoyed with him. He said something but I couldn’t even make out what it was. After a couple of weird noises on his side of the line, the music finally stopped.

“I’m outside now… Why did you skip school again today!? ” Louis said, with a worried tone. Oh god, I hated how he was so worried about me all the time now. I was completely fine! Yeah… completely.

“I was just tired. ” I replied quickly.

“ I have a feeling this has to do with what happened in Niall’s car 2 days ago! ” Louis scoffed. Of course.These damn idiots couldn’t keep a fucking secret for their lives. They told each other everything… Which could be highly unfortunate at times.

“Look, I don’t know what you know actually but there is nothing going on between Niall and I. Alright? ” My tone turned out sincere but kind of annoyed at the same time. I was so tired of all of this.

“Yeah, I know. It was just Harry being paranoid again, I guess! ” Louis laughed. Wow. For once, I thought he was actually believing me and not Harry. Thank god, he finally saw the light and the truth in my words.

“Alright so erm, when are you getting here actually? ” Louis said suddenly, he sounded all excited. Oh yeah, that’s right. He was at some party.

“What are you talking about? ” I asked, mildly confused.

“I am talking about Zayn’s party that is happening right now. When are you getting here? ” Louis said quickly. He gave me the impression that he was impatient to get back inside and have fun. I couldn’t blame him. I also slapped myself mentally for forgetting about Zayn’s party. It completely slipped my mind.

“I’m not going. I don’t feel like it really. ” I said with my famous ‘I don’t give a fuck’ tone. I heard Louis sigh very loudly.

“ Look, if you’re worried about Harry, don’t be! He brought a date so… ” I stopped moving… A date? He brought a fucking girl with him..? I don’t know what was going on but I felt like crying and screaming. That little voice inside my head was telling me that it was just me being jealous but I chose to ignore it. I wasn’t jealous. I was never jealous and Harry Styles would never be able to make me jealous. Never.

“Fine, then! I’ll be there in an hour. ” I lied, holding back my tears.

“Wicked! I’ll see you later. ” And then, he hung up.

I don’t know why this was affecting me so much. Harry moving on and being with another girl wasn’t supposed to affect me like that. It’s not like I had feelings for him or anything… Of course not. It just proved me how much he didn’t care about me that much really. Which, I don’t know why, was hurting me alot more than it should.

Even though, I told Louis I would go to Zayn’s party… I had absolutely no intentions on going. Just the thought of seeing Harry with another girl was killing me but, staying here on my own and being miserable was even worse so… I suddenly had a brilliant idea.

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