Sick Little Games


3. Temptation


Four months. It has been four long months of fucking behind our bestfriends backs between Harry and I… and it was amazing. The thrill of being possibly caught and the amazing sex was just perfect. Yes, Harry was still annoying at times but… It was different between us. I was actually enjoying his company. Which was something I never thought I would… Obviously, Harry and I ended up having sex that night and he even fell asleep in my bed. Which was something I was usually against but the more time I was spending with him, the more rules I was forgetting. Oh please, it has nothing to do with the fact that I was possibly starting to fall in love with him. It was definitely not the case but… It’s just, it was nice having him around… sometimes. Yeah, sometimes.

On Tuesday morning, I decided to skip my first classes and only go to school after lunch. I was tired and not feeling very well and with my mom being out of the country (for her work, as usual), I wouldn’t get in any trouble. Of course, I have to blame the tiredness on my dear friend Harry who insisted on sleeping over and having sex with me all night long… Not that I didn’t enjoy it, yes, I did. Very much so if you want me to be honest but, we had school the day after… It just sucks to go to school all day long when you slept for 2 or 3 hours the night before. Anyways, being the idiot who’s always late that I am, when I got to school that afternoon, the classes already begun and I was all alone in the corridors. Well, I thought I was until somebody suddenly snuck up behind me while I was searching for my spanish book in my locker. Wow. He was quick.

“Hey beautiful, I missed you this morning… ” Harry whispered in my ear, sneaking his hands around my waist and pulling my body against his. Oh, that horny little bastard. I slowly turned around and couldn’t help but smile at the sight of the look he had on his face. He genuinely looked happy to see me.

“What do you want, Harry? ” I said, smiling a little but trying my best to sound annoyed.

He smirked and took a step closer to me. I could feel his hot breath on my lips, which was making my heart go absolutely crazy.

“Don’t play stupid with me, Skye… You know what I want. ” he said, his eyes burning into mine.

I didn’t even had the time to say anything that Harry’s mouth was pressed to mine, his tongue begging for entrance, which I obviously didn’t refuse, of course. Don’t get me wrong, I’m the kind of girl that likes to boss around in a relationship but I simply couldn’t resist him sometimes. Especially when he was turning me on like that… The kiss was becoming very heated, perhaps a little too much considering that we were in the school corridor. Even if I didn’t want to, I broke the kiss, looked around us carefully and turned to him with a smile on my face.

“Harry, we’re at school… We can’t do this here. Someone could see us! ” I said, laughing.

“Let’s go find an empy classroom or something… ” He whispered, immediately kissing me again. He slowly made his down my neck, sucking and bitting in just the right places. I couldn’t help but moan a little when he reached my sensible spot. I could feel him smiling against my skin. The bastard felt probably really proud of himself for knowing my body too well like that. That’s when I decided that he would have to wait a little longer for the fun. I suddenly pushed him away, took my books and closed my locker.

“I changed my mind. I don’t feel like it. See you later, Styles. ” I said, with an exaggerated innocent voice. I didn’t want to wait for him to say anything so I immediately started to make my way to my spanish class.

“Are you fucking serious!? But… I have a boner, Skye! ” He whispered, following me closely. The poor boy sounded desperate. I stopped walking and turned around slowly. He was looking at me with pleading eyes. Oh my god, he was unbelievable. I looked down and smiled at the very noticeable bulge in his pants.

“You know what, Harry? ” I said, firmly grabbing his crotch with my right hand. Harry’s eyes were now wide open, he was breathing heavily, desperately waiting for my next move. I moved closer to him and left a quick kiss on his lips, smiling sweetly at him. I started to massage his bulge a little just to make him suffer. He leaned closer to kiss me but just before he could do that, I turned my head so I could whisper in his ear,

“That’s really not my problem. ” I said, offering him a big sarcastic smile. The look on his face was just priceless. I immediately turned around and started to walk towards my spanish class again.

“Skye Isaacs, you fucking whore! ” He screamed at me. I burst out laughing, finding the whole situation just hilarious. I loved having that much power over him. I know it sounds like I’m some crazy bitch but… Well, I’m kind of a crazy bitch so… I have nothing to say for myself. I finally got to my spanish class, earning a very unpleasant look from my teacher but I honestly didn’t care. I went in the back of the class and took my seat next to Zayn. His face lit up like a little boy the second I sat down next to him.

“Vas happenin’ Skye! For a second or two I was afraid I might have to go through the whole hour without your lovely company! ” He said, pouting in a complete adorable way. I laughed along with him, thinking how lucky I was to have such good friends.

“Hey, you look tired. Are ya alright, love? ” He said, concerned. I suddenly went from all happy to very uncomfortable. I hated lying to the guys like that but… I didn’t want anyone to know about Harry and me. I didn’t want everyone to tell us that it wasn’t a good idea and that we would end up falling in love with each other. Which I think is completely stupid because it’s never going to happen but anyways… I faked a really good convincing smile and playfully slapped his arm.

“Oh, I just didn’t sleep well last night… You know, insomnia and.. stuff. ” I said, trying my best to sound convincing.

“Alright. So yeah, anyways, can you help me out with this assignment? I can’t understand a fucking word! ” He said, with desperation in his voice. I laughed a little and moved closer to him so I could read his worksheet. Zayn completely sucked at spanish and I wasn’t that great, but better than him anyways. I always ended up doing his assignments because I didn’t want him to flunk the class. Don’t act so surprised… I can be nice when I want to… It’s just that I rarely want to.

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