Sick Little Games


4. Spontaneous


The following week went past so quickly that I barely had any ‘alone time’ with Harry. On wednesday and thursday night, he was working very late (at our local bakery) and for me, I hung out with the boys during that time so, not alot of sexy times between Harry and I this week… Not that I’m complaining because a couple of days without sex is not the end of the world. I’m not some kind of sex addict even though Harry’s my fuck buddy. Anyways, it was now friday night and Harry had been texting me all night but I ignored him since I was shopping in London with my friend Alicia. After a long night of intense shopping in the city, my friend and I finally took the train home and went our separate ways after that. It was during these very moments that I regretted not having car since I had to walk home with my four huge shopping bags full of clothes and accessories. Luckily for me the walk to my house was very short, no more than five minutes and I was already home. I almost had a heart attack when I got into my garden and saw Harry sitting in the steps of my front porch. I sighed very loudly at the sight of him. I hated surprise visits like that.

“What are doing here!? ” I snapped. He got up immediately, looking kind of hurt that I wasn’t to happy to see him at the very moment.

“Well, you weren’t answering your phone and… I don’t know, I came here. ” He said slowly, looking at me shyly.

“I was in London with a friend… ” I said, coldly.

“Yeah, I can see that. I guess you went shopping…” He said, gesturing towards my many shopping bags. I rolled my eyes at his groundbreaking logic and walked past him. My main goal was to make it to the front door and be quick enough to enter my house and leave him alone outside. I was annoyed by his presence tonight, I didn’t feel like seeing him. But obviously, I wasn’t quick enough.

“Let me help you with that… ” He said, leaning towards my shopping bags. I immediately backed away while looking through my purse to find my keys.

“I can take care of it, thank you very much.” I snapped, visibly not in the mood. The moment I found my keys, I happily sighed and I entered my house in swift movement. Harry instantly started to bang on my door, begging me to listen to him. I groaned in frustration and ran upstairs with my bags. I let everything fall on my bed and no more than two seconds later, Harry was now bombarding me with texts.

“Oh my god… He’s unbelievable! ” I screamed, talking to myself. Even though, I was obviously talking about the curly haired boy waiting at my front door. I ran downstairs and flung the door wide open.

“Harry, I’m not in the fucking mood tonight! Alright!? ” I said, pissed off. He smiled a little and pulled out a huge bottle of vodka out of a brown paper bag. He had that damn cheeky smile on his face that just annoyed me even more but I had to admit, the alcohol was terribly inviting.

“Even if… I brought this? ” He said, smiling and visibly proud of himself. I hated myself for that but I couldn’t help it so I just smiled along with him. I firmly took his hand, dragged him inside and closed the door behind us.

“Fine. You can stay but- ” I wanted to say more but the bastard cut me off before I could even finish my sentence.

“Well, I thought we could go somewhere… Don’t worry, no one will see us. ” He said, smirking. He had an idea. A pretty good one just by seeing that look on his face and I’m pretty sure that even if I asked what it was, he wouldn’t tell me.

“Alright… Just give me five minutes, I’m gonna go change. ” I grinned, walking back to my bedroom upstairs. I didn’t know where we were going but I wanted to look good. I immediately thought about my new clothes that I bought earlier. It didn’t took me very long to choose so I ended up putting on my new floral dress. Which was very tight and short, my favorite kind of clothing to be honest. I also opted for my really nice pair of black ankle boots. They weren’t new at all but who cares, I loved them. I quickly put on my new gray cardigan and ran back downstairs.

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