Sick Little Games


8. Secret Almost Out


It was just another normal thursday night where I was at Louis’, eating pizza and watching episodes of Misfits. I was bestfriends with all of the boys but I always was closer to Louis. Even when we were kids, it was always like that between Louis and I. We were just always that close. Both of us were sitting on his bed, eating some delicious pizza and casually talking about everything. Now and then we would stop talking just to quote Misifts and laugh at ourselves for being so lame. As I got up to go get myself another slice of pizza, Louis started talking about his problems with the girl he’s in love with… again. He was always talking about her and I honestly didn’t mind. It’s just that I hated how she seemed to play with his feelings, it wasn’t fair to Louis.

“You know… It’s just really complicated because of his ex… I think we would probably be together if it wasn’t for him, ya know? ” He sighed, looking down. I hate seeing my bestfriend like that. He was such a good guy and he deserved a good girl in return. I didn’t like to see him sad like that.

I came back on the bed with my new slice of pizza and sat down next to him again.

“Lou, I love you and this is why I’m saying this alright… But you deserve better than her. She’s just playing you. ” I said, with a sad smile. I completely sucked at comforting people so I was honestly trying my best at the moment.

“Oh! That’s kind of funny coming from you… ” He scoffed, mildly laughing. Wait… what? I tensed up, now really nervous that Louis might know something about… Harry and me.

“What are you even talking about? ” I said, trying my best to sound relaxed. I took a bite of my pizza, mentally cursing Harry Styles. It was probably him, being the pussy that he is, he probably told Louis everything. Fucking hell.

“Since a couple of months… You’ve been weird and… secretive. I know, Skye. ” He said, turning to me. I could feel his eyes burning on me but I kept staring at the tv. I didn’t want to give in and look into his eyes. Louis knew me better than anyone else, he would probably know I’d be lying in a matter of seconds.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about… ” I quickly said, in a low voice. I was beginning to be really, really nervous.

“For fuck sakes, Skye! I know you’re back together with Ethan! ” He screamed, laughing at me. I dropped my slice of pizza on my plate and turned to him. Why the fuck did he think I was back with Ethan? This was probably one of the most ridiculous things I’ve heard in my life. I was about to tell him to fuck off because I was absolutely not back with my ex boyfriend when suddenly, it all hit me. I realized it was the perfect alibi. I silently screamed of joy and quickly thanked god for this and then, I smiled, trying my best to look all shy.

“Fine, I am! How did you find out? ” I giggled, trying my best to sound all ‘oh, you’ve got me!’

“I was very drunk at the club last week okay but… I know what I saw. You guys made out! ” He said, very proud of himself for discovering my dark ‘secret’. I laughed very loudly, I was just so happy that he believed I was seeing Ethan again and not… Harry. I didn’t want anyone to know about Harry and I. Especially the boys, they would never let it go and it would be extremely annoying.

“Yeah… Well, it’s not entirely official… We’re just kind of… enjoying each other’s company. ” I said, lying like a total boss.

“Oh, you big slut. I’m not surprised! ” He said, nudging me with his elbow. I was now feeling extremely bad about all of this. I lied to him, in his face and… The fact that he believed me just made me feel even worse. I was a terrible friend… but I didn’t want to tell everyone about me and Harry. Anyways, it made things way more exciting between Harry and I in that way. The constant fear of being caught and all the secrets. It sounds very disturbing… but it was terribly exciting. I took another bite of my pizza, Louis was still watching me. I started to feel all nervous again, scared that he might start to discover that I’ve been lying this whole time.

“You know… Even though, it’s some kind of secret between you and Ethan… It’s totally obvious. ” He laughed. I slowly turned around to face Louis, looking at him with questioning eyes.

“What do you mean? ” He smiled, nervously. I was afraid of what he was going to say next… Very afraid.

“I don’t know but… Since 4 months, you’ve been smiling alot and… You just changed. For the best, of course. ” He said, grinning.

“Okay so, following your groundbreaking logic, just because I’m smiling more, it means I’m with some guy? ” I said, mocking him.

“Yes, you’re always happier when you’re with a guy that you really like. ” He laughed. I tensed up, my thoughts drifting back to Harry.

“You’re usually way more bitchy but not when you’re seeing someone… You’re just happier and I gotta say, Ethan is really doing it right this time because I’ve never seen you this happy. ” I almost choked on my pizza. For him it was Ethan but I knew that… It was Harry. It was because of Harry that I was apparently acting like that. I hated it. I didn’t need anyone in my life to make me happier. I was completely happy on my own. Louis was just wrong. I was maybe happier but for only one reason, because of the sex. Not because I’m happy with him. Harry doesn’t make me happy… It was only about the sex. Yeah, just the sex. Only that.

“Hey, are you coming to Tatum’s party on friday? ” He casually asked. Tatum was a really nice girl that we were all friends with. She was also Liam’s girlfriend.

“Yep, I’m definitely going… A party is exactly what I need! ” I said quickly. Louis gave me a weird look but didn’t bother asking what was wrong. Thank god he did or I would have been required to lie again.

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