Sick Little Games


18. Make Or Break


I managed to get through the next week of school without anyone making a big deal out of my bruises. The whole school thought it was because I got in a fight with some random girl and also because I made it look like I thought it was funny, everyone was laughing along with me. If only they knew how much it was killing me inside. Maybe I should have told everyone the truth but in the end, it would just be worse I guess. JJ would probably get even more mad that I told everyone and the last thing I wanted to do is to provoke him. Also, I was so terribly ashamed that I just honestly didn’t want anyone to feel bad or pity me. I didn’t want to become the poor girl who got beat up by a guy… I just didn’t want to. Anyways, everyone I knew pretty much got over the whole story and everything was almost back to normal now. Well, I said almost because the only one who knew something was up is Harry… Everytime I would hangout with the boys, he would just stare at me, his eyes still asking the same question ‘Who did this to you?’ He wasn’t even saying it but I just knew he still wanted to know. It was extremely annoying of him to be so obsessed with knowing what really happened but at the same time… I can’t deny that it made my heart flutter a little bit. He cared enough to worry about me and what happened. Even though, I hated to admit it… I had feelings for him. More feelings than I could ever imagine to be completely honest.

It was friday night and since my mom was going to spend the weekend at her friend’s cottage in Sheffield… I was going to be alone all weekend. It was usually not a big problem but ever since what happened with JJ… Being alone was kind of an issue for me now.

I was nervously chewing on my green apple when my mom suddenly appeared infront of the television.

“Mom, please! Blair and Chuck are fighting! I can’t miss it! Move, please! ” I screamed dramatically since Gossip Girl was my favorite tv show and I didn’t want to miss one second of it.

“Well, sorry my dear but I need you to go out and go get something for me. ” My mom said, clearly not impressed.

“Where do you want me to go then? ” I sighed, obviously not pleased with the fact that I’ll probably miss the entire episode.

“My friends and I are preparing this diner at the cottage tonight and I had a cake prepared for the occasion so therefore, I need you to go get it at the bakery for me- ” My mom wasn’t quite finished but her last few words just made me go crazy instantly.

“Why don’t you go get it yourself? I’ll have to walk! ” I whined. I didn’t feel like going out and most of all, I was afraid Harry might be the one working at the bakery tonight…

“I have to finish some things for work and I’m not even done packing for the weekend, Skye! It would really help me if you could be a nice daughter for once and go get the cake for me. ” I rolled my eyes at her comment. I wasn’t too happy about it but looks like I didn’t have a choice after all. I dragged myself out of the couch and ran upstairs to go get dressed.

I was now infront of the bakery and I was mentally cursing my mother. I sighed heavily as I saw Harry behind the counter talking to a customer. Of course! Out of everyone who works in this damn place, it had to be him who’s working tonight. I let out an annoyed grunt and flung the door wide open. I locked eyes with Harry for a second or two… I hated how he always managed to take my breath away with the littlest things… I also hated the fact that he had absolutely no idea of how much power he had over me.

I slowly made my way behind the man who was talking to Harry before I even walked in. Harry scribbled down on a small piece of paper the man’s order and when he was done, he nicely told him to come back tomorrow around 5PM to get his cake. Harry flashed him his beautiful smile and the man left quickly. I walked a few steps closer to the counter and smiled awkwardly at Harry who was just staring at me, not saying a word.

“Hi… So erm, my mom ordered a cake and… ” I didn’t know why but in that very moment, I couldn’t even find my words. His eyes were burning into mine and for some really weird reasons, I felt embarassed and shy to talk to him.

“ I’m not giving it to you until you tell me what really happened that night. ” Harry mumbled, his face completely blank of any possible emotions. Wow. He wasn’t kidding. He was actually serious about this!

“Oh my god, Harry! Are you serious? Are we like 12 now or..!? ” I said loudly, getting annoyed with his childish behaviours.

“Why is it so hard for you to just tell me the truth?! ” Harry said, his voice filled with anger.

“You already know the truth! I told everyone what happened… ” I said, looking down at my hands, too ashamed to even look him in the eyes.

“Well, everyone may believe it but I don’t. I know you lied. ” Harry said firmly. I looked up to meet his eyes and regretted it almost immediately. I almost wanted to give in and tell him everything. It was getting harder and harder everyday to resist those beautiful eyes… Oh dear god, Skye. Get your shit together and stop daydreaming about him.

“Look, I just don’t want anyone to get involved and it’s my business! Okay!? ” I sighed in annoyance but the second the look on Harry’s face changed… I knew I shouldn’t have said that.

“And what did you get yourself into exactly..? ” He said with a worried expression on his face. I chewed on my bottom lip as I looked down again. I took the money my mother gave me out of my purse and let it fall on the counter just infront of him.

“Can you just give me the damn cake, Harry! Please? ” I said on a desperate tone. I was basically begging him.

He finally gave in and walked off into some kind of huge fridge. He came back 2 minutes later with a rather big white box. He took the money as I took the box, turned around and walked away as fast as I could. It’s not that I didn’t want to be around him but it was just getting really hard to lie to him.

“Look, I know you hate me but you should just know that you can talk to me… I’ll always be there for you. ” His voice echoed through the entire shop. I was about to push the door open when he said that, which made me stop immediately.

I couldn’t believe him… How was it possible that after everything I’ve done to him, he still cared that much about me? I turned around to face him.

“If you think I honestly hate you… You’re clearly an idiot. ” I said quickly just before pushing the door and walking away from this damn bakery.

I probably looked like a fucking mess walking on the street like that… I was holding the box with both of my hands and I was crying like a baby. After 10 minutes, I finally stopped crying and found a way to hold the box with one arm so I managed to wipe my eyes with my free hand. I probably still looked like an idot but oh well… I was almost home when suddenly, I heard footsteps behind me. I hated to be paranoid like that but I couldn’t help it… It’s like the steps were getting closer and closer. I almost dropped the cake when a large hand grabbed my shoulder.

I violently pushed that stranger’s hand away and turned around immediately. I was now face to face with a boy that seemed familiar but… I almost screamed when I finally recognized him. I couldn’t remember his name but I know I went to school with him until he graduated last year… He was also JJ’s friend. He was at the club with him that night. I wanted to run away and scream bloody murder but I couldn’t even move my legs. I was completely paralyzed with fear.

“If you touch me, I’ll scream so loud that the entire town will hear me. ” I said, holding on to the box like my life was depending on it.

“Look, I’m not here to hurt you… I’m here to warn you, actually. ” I stepped back a little, not really sure if I should believe him or not.

“What are you talking about? ” I said quickly, trying to hide my evident fear but it was probably all over my face anyways.

“Are you going to this rave in East London tonight? ” He asked me nervously, looking around like he was afraid someone could see us. What the hell was going on!?

“I heard about it but I’m not going… ” He sighed heavily, I swear he almost looked relieved.

“Great because… JJ is still looking for you. Look, he said that if you show up tonight that he’ll finish you and… He’s serious about it. ” He said, looking at me right in the eyes. He wasn’t lying. It’s like I knew I could trust him even though I barely knew him. But why should I? If he was friends with JJ… Why would he even help me?

“Why are you telling me all of this? ” I said, my voice shaking a little. Well, knowing that JJ was still looking for me wasn’t exactly the kind of news I was looking forward to hear, so yes, I was now more scared than ever.

“Because JJ is fucking mental. He’s crazy and… He wants to hurt you and you don’t deserve that. Even if you’re a bitch like he says, no girl- No one deserves that. ” I was kind of relieved to hear that. I was happy to see that JJ’s friends were not all like him.

“Don’t worry… I’ll just stay home. I won’t go. Thanks for telling me. ” I smiled a little and when I tried to walk away, he grabbed my arm and pulled me back. Oh great, I was now scared of him again.

“The thing is, I think he knows where you live so… Be careful. Don’t stay alone. ” His phone went off and he quickly nodded just before walking away.

I don’t know what was his deal and why he felt the need to come warn me about JJ but… I was terribly thankful for this guy that I can’t even remember the name. After all of this warm gratitude towards that nice stranger, everthing he said just came crashing down on me. JJ was still really mad and wanted to finish me and… He apparently knows where I live. And also, my mother was leaving really soon tonight to go spend the weekend away with her friends so, basically, I’ll spend the whole weekend alone in my big house while a psycho-rapist-drug dealer wants to rape and or kill me. This is just absolutely wonderful.

I ran back to my house. Thankfully, I was almost there when that guy stopped me so it didn’t even take me fives minutes and I was finally home. I closed the door behind me and I just stand there. I didn’t know what to do or what to think. JJ wanted to finish me and… I was going to be all alone. I really didn’t want to tell my mom about it so I just had to let her go. I didn’t have a choice.

“What took you so long!? ” My mother screeched. I jumped back and almost hit my head on the front door. I faked a smile and shoved the box in her arms. Maybe I should have been more careful since there’s a cake in there but right now, that cake wasn’t really my concern. I ran upstairs and locked myself up in my bedroom.

After awhile, I heard my mother scream from downstairs that she was leaving and she was also wishing me a great weekend. She didn’t even wait for me to say anything that I heard the slamming of the front door. This is when my paranoia finally sank in. It’s like I could hear someone walking downstairs but still, I was now the only person in the house. Everytime a car would slow down in the street, I would jump to the window to see who it was. I was going absolutely crazy. I finally decided to go take a long hot bath to calm down my nerves. Everything was going very well. I was relaxing in the hot water and a nice vanilla scent was gracing my nostrils. I closed my eyes slowly and let my head fall under the water for a second or two. Suddenly, JJ appeared over me and I didn’t even had the time to move that his hands were already around my neck, choking me. I jumped up in a sitting position, splashing water everywhere, gasping for air. My mind was now playing tricks on me. It was just me being way too paranoid. My bathroom was empty, no one was here. I was just simply seeing things now I guess. I quickly made my way out of the tub and wrapped a towel around my naked body. While I was blow drying my hair, I realized that I would never be able to get any sleep tonight. I’ve just been alone for an hour and I was already imagining that JJ was in my house. I was about to put on my pajamas when a crazy idea appeared in the back of my mind. Harry. He was the only one I could go to. He was the only one who actually knew that I lied and that something was actually going on even though he didn’t know what it was exactly. I put on some jeans, a band t-shirt and ran downstairs. I quickly put on my sneakers and my black coat. I made sure to lock the front door behind me and after that, I ran like hell.

I was waiting outstide on the sidewalk, just on the side of the bakery. I didn’t want Harry to see me yet. I know he was closing up the shop around 9PM so, I just waited. I didn’t know if it was a mistake doing this but I had to try. I couldn’t go to Louis or any of the boys… They would know something is up and I don’t want them to know a thing. I checked my phone one more time and smiled as I saw 9:00 flashing on the little screen. A couple of minutes later, Harry pushed the door open and came out in all of his glory. I didn’t know if it was because of my growing feelings for him but it was like everytime I would see him, I would find more things to like about him. As he was locking the big front door of the bakery, I slowly made my way behind him and cleared my throat. He turned around and by the look on his face, it was clear he was surprised to see me here. I could tell he also noticed the worried and scared expression on my face.

“What’s going on!? ” He said quickly, stepping closer to me. I didn’t know what to respond. I couldn’t tell him about JJ. I just couldn’t. I looked around us, scared of seeing that damn psycopath. He was probably lurking in the dark somewhere around here, waiting for me.

“My mom left for the weekend and I can’t stay on my own because… I’m really scared. ” My voice cracked at the end and now, my eyes were filled with tears.

“Do you want me to come over tonight? ” He whispered, visibly shocked by all of these emotions I was suddenly showing.

“I know it’s alot to ask but… Can I sleep at your house instead? ”

“Of course, anything for you. ” Harry quickly said, just as he slipped his hands in mine, his fingers entwined with mine. I sighed, relieved that he said yes. It felt so good to have him with me. I also appreciated how he didn’t ask questions like before, he just said yes right away. He knew I was scared and he just wanted to protect me. As we were walking to Harry’s house, I looked up to gaze at him. I was so lucky to have him… I was beginning to think that maybe I should give him a chance after all.

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