Anywhere in the world- London 2012 Fiction

I've not found any stories on Movella about the 2012 Olympics. So I've written story about a gymnast going for the Olympics for Britain. Here's the plot:

14 year old Anglina Hampton, is one of the best Gymnasts in her club. When her Gymnastic show comes up, James Hound (an Olympic team creator){ lol for the name) askes her to perform for Britain's Olympic Gymnast Team. But, even your own team can turn to hate you.


1. The Offer

'BACK HANDSPRING ANGLINA, THEN A BACK ROLL! GREAT STUFF!' I heard my coach Taylor shout. I finished with the flourish, hands up, big smile. I'm Anglina Hampton, one of the top Gymnast at Sheffield Gymnatsic club. I'm fourteen and hoping that in a few years that I'll try for the Olympics. A dream I've had since I started Gymnastics. Although I've been told by a few people that it'll never happen. A few claps from the adiuence, which was the rest of the class, and from Taylor brung me back from the dream. Taylor turned and breathed out gently before annoucing,

'And that's how it's done, guys.' I wandered from the floor towards my friends before being steered towards another piece of equipment. I sighed. The bars, oh how I hate them. I don't like being upside-down and spinning around and around, then letting go and trying to land on my feet. I once tried it, but fell flat on my face, making the top Gymnasts laugh and giggle. I swore I would never do it again, but I'm made to try and try and I'm getting better as Taylor says. I closed my eyes and breathed out. A few giggles, I ignore them. Breath Anglina, you can do it. The mat was layed flat in front of me, as I stepped onto it. I jumped up and started to swing. I spun and spun before letting one of my hands go free, and twirling once to grab it. Repeating the pattern, Cast handstand-giant-baby giant-kip-roundy-hip pull over-jump to the lower bar with a pac salto-Pike on/Tuck on-back to the higher bar with a shoot half- cast handstand-gaint-baby giant-kip-roundy-hip pull over- then dismount with a in-tuck and straddle with turn and land. I wobbled a little but landed... perfect. Everyone clapped, some cheered. The other top gymnasts looked away, pretending that they could do that. Taylor was rushing around me asking where I learned that.

'To be honest, I made it up.' I said giggling.

'I forgot every thing that I already learned from the bars.' Taylor asked me what came first, second etc etc. After the talk on keeping it for the Gymnast Show, I ran back to the rest of my friends laughing. I had Damian, Chealse, Micheal and Gavin who had always admired me. When I asked to be friends they were hounered. Or Chealse was the others just were excited.

'How was that?' Damian asked, his American accent giving me chills.

'Yeah, what about it?' Chealse asked.

'Great, making up routines are easier than I thought.' They laughed along with me, before Taylor called us round.

'Now, class. Next month is the show for our Gymnastics class to raise money for this year's Olympic Gymnast Team. Everyone has their times up outside for coming here and practising for it. Some have had to be paired up together so I want Team Work. Now, I will dismiss everyone by Second names, five at a  time. Now Chealse Beccin, Ginny Black, Adam Cledic, Darren Coddel and Frankie Clexing. Off you go.'  We waved to Chealse, as she and the other four left the room to check their time. After ten minutes the next lot are called.

'Diana Eddison, Daina Galdison, Harvey Gladson, Anglina Hampton and Damain Hapshire. Now you lot leave.' I left with Damian, and walked out to be greeted with a hug from Chealse.

'What are you doing?'

'I'm paired with you. And Damain of course. We've been put into a three.' I wondered. I waited until the last group came out, before going in to talk with Taylor. I walked in and found her tiding up some of the mats that had been flung into a corner.

'Taylor?' She looked up, red in the face but smiled.

'Hey, there's one of my stars.' I threw my bag down and helped her move the matts to the side.

'Taylor. I was wondering why everyone's been put into twos...'

'But you guys been put into a three?' I blinked and nodded. She shook her head.

'It's because you guys are my best Gymnasts. Now better hurry home okay?' I nodded again, before saying bye and thanks and running home. I couldn't wait to train for the show.


It was the show. A lot of people had turned up, including a special guest who heard about the show. I tensed up at that. We were called out by a number. Sadly I was last. I don't like going last, because people would of got board of watching twenty-nine other Gymnasts. My named was called. The room silenced. I walked out confidently. I looked at the bars, and breathed. Then I jumped, and done the routine from the class. Once I landed, not wobbling this time, the room clapped and cheered. I bowed and walked off the stage, smiling. Taylor, stood at the side, waiting for me. She squeezed my shoulder and smiled, congratulating me. As she walked me to the changing rooms, Taylor stopped and turned. I turned too. A man smiled at me, I was sure I saw him before.

'Is this Anglina Hampton then, Miss Clayton?' He asked holding a hand out to me. Taylor nodded and told him all about me. I reached my hand forward and shook his firmly. He told me he enjoyed the show and that he really loved my performance.

'Thank you sir.' I said blushing. He smiled at me.

'I was talking with Miss Clayton before the show, well, she toldd me about you and I was interested in you. When I saw you I thought I needed someone like you in my team. So I was wondering if you wanted to join my Olympic Gymnast team?' Then my eyes widened with shock. He was James Hound! He made the Olympic Gymnast team for the past twelve years! I was silent, but a nudge from Taylor made me answer.

'Em, can you wait a couple of days for your answer?' I asked, still stunned. He nodded, and bid me bye walking off down the corridor. I made my way to the changing rooms where Chealse was waiting. I smiled and changed quickly, before running out the door.


Of course my Mum thought it was crazy, but she agreed to the deal that James had made. So I phoned him, after looking up his number online, and telling him that I would be apart of his team. He told me a car would be there to pick me up a few hours so I better pack stuff for staying in London. After 2 hours 57 mins of waiting, the car finally arrived. My family and friends said goodbye before I closed the car door and I was off to London. Olympics here I come, I thought smiling. My dream had finally come true.

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