It Can't Be...

Annabell is an 18 year old girl, who lives in California, but is also the star athlete of her high schools soccer team. But aside from athletics, she also loves to model for fun, read, and may i not forget that she is a major One Direction fan! As the boys concert is coming up at the Gibson Amphitheater down in Los Angeles, Annabell is up for a big surprise at her Foothill League championship game when she comes eye-to-eye with the person she least expects...


2. School Parking Lot


                       Nialls P.O.V.~

" Boys, get up! I want to do something fun today before rehearsals and stuff!" 

I looked around but no one seemed to get up but Liam and Louis. Ah! Idea!!

" Hey you two- wake up song??" I whispered as I got up to go grab my guitar. 

The three of us started singing as I played the guitar around Harry and Zayn, but yet they STILL wouldn't get up! We needed to pick up the volume in here-pronto.

" CAUSE ITS TIME TO GET UP!!!! IT'S TIME TO GET UP!!" we all screamed.

Finally we were able to get them up and going. We all decided that IHOP would be the hot spot for breakfast today. As we all piled in the I couldn't help myself as my stomach started to growl.

"Sorry lads. But my stomach is telling me that its time to put the pedal to the medal and hurry on over cause I need me some blueberry waffles to satisfy myself!"

All the boys looked over in unison and started busting out laughing. I couldn't help but join them in their fun. We were driving down  the road through a friendly looking neighborhood, and past a high school when something caught my eye.

GIRLS SOCCER CHAMPIONSHIP GAME TODAY! is what the massive banner read as it was hanging above the school entrance. I told the car to stop so that Harry ( who also noticed the banner) and I could walk out and ask when and where it would be. After all, that did seem pretty fun to watch and I was a major fan of the game.


              Harrys P.O.V.~

 None of us could stop laughing at Niall, for his cheeks and become a deeper shade of red than my converse! Pulling my eyes away from the lads, I looked around our surroundings and at once, a banner that read: GIRLS SOCCER CHAMPIONSHIP GAME TODAY! I heard Niall tell the driver to pull over so that he could find out more information about it. As I hoped out of the van with him, I noticed a cute little black Prius pull up in to the parking spot closest to us. I figured we could ask who ever was inside the car for more information since they had a Wildcats Girls Soccer sticker on it.

" Hey Niall, why don't we just go ask that car right there for information" I suggested. It would be quick because along with Niall I was also starving for some breakfast.

" Sounds good Haz.." he said as we both started walking over...

            Annabells P.O.V.~ 

I quickly hoped into my car hoping to hurry over to school so that I could get a good parking spot. I turned up the volume on my speakers as "I Wish" came on. You started freaking out cause tomorrow you were going to go to their concert at the Gibson Amphitheater!!! You started squealing with delight and you couldn't help but to sing along to the catchy tune while bouncing up and down.

" BUT I SEE YOOUUUU WITH HIM. SLOWWW DANCING. TEARING ME APART CAUSE YOU DON'T SEEEE. WHENEVER YOUUU KISS HIM, I'M BREAKINGG. OH HOW I WISH THAT WAS ME!" you belted out. You couldn't help but to day dream as you thought of the day you and Harry could be together forever. In each others arms...holding each other...kissing....cuddling....Ah! Reality check Annabell!!- NOT GONNA HAPPEN:/

As I turned into the lot searching for a place to park, I finally found a spot, but it was awful. I thought about moving but I figured I might as well stay. I reached my arm to the back seat of my Prius with the music still blasting. I was about to turn it down when out of the corner of your eye you couldn't help but notice to extremely handsome boys walking their way over towards your car. You quickly checked and double checked in your rearview mirror, and combed your long hair with your fingers. As you stepped out of the car with both bags your heart melted at the sound of one of their voices.

" Excuse me love, but by any chance do you know when and where this championship game will be taking place?" the husky english accent sent shiver down your back. You only knew one guy who could do that to you, but it was impossible if that guy talking was really him.

You turned around trying to act as cool and sweet as possible. Wham! It felt like someone knocked the air out of my chest. I couldn't breathe. You were looking straight into the gorgeous, green, emerald like eyes of Harry Styles. And wonders of all wonders, the one and only Niall Horan was standing right next to him with a smile spread across his face. As you turned your attention back to Harry, you noticed that he never laid his eyes off you, giving you butterflies in your stomach.

" Yah-h, its at um, uh-" think Annabell think!!" sorry, its at 3:15 at our highschool field." you said smiling while pointing behind you.


       Harrys P.O.V.~

As we walked over to the girl I couldn't help but to be mesmerized by her gorgeous hair and her adorable little petite, yet toned frame. I already wanted to just run up to her and wrap my arms around her and keep her safe from any type of harm. Now it was time to get my charm on:)

"Excuse me love, but by any chance do you know when and where this championship game will be taking place?" I said smiling.

Oh. My. Gosh. I've never seen a more beautiful girl in my life! Her eyes felt like they could see right through me and break down every wall that I have built up. She gave my the most gorgeous smile that made my heart soar and  then looked over at Niall and gave him the sweetest smile too. But the whole time I never once laid my eyes off of her. As she looked back over to me, I could tell she was a little starstruck and nervous.

" Yah-h, its at um, uh-" she paused to re-group herself," sorry, its at 3:15 at our highschool field." she said while pointing behind her and once again giving a prize winning smile. 

" Alrighty, thanks love!:)" Thank the Lord Niall was here to save me from looking like a dork in front of her.


       Nialls P.O.V.~

Man she was gorgeous, but one look from Harry and I could tell I had no chance with her:( I started laughing a little at Harry cause i could literally see hearts in his eyes. But being the good pal I was I stepped in for him to save his sorry little butt.

" Alrighty, thanks love!:)" I said as sweetly as possible. 

I knew we had to go both we both had the urge to keep on talking to this girl whom we both have feelings for...


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