It Can't Be...

Annabell is an 18 year old girl, who lives in California, but is also the star athlete of her high schools soccer team. But aside from athletics, she also loves to model for fun, read, and may i not forget that she is a major One Direction fan! As the boys concert is coming up at the Gibson Amphitheater down in Los Angeles, Annabell is up for a big surprise at her Foothill League championship game when she comes eye-to-eye with the person she least expects...


4. Pick up


     Liams P.O.V.~

While we were all waiting in the van, I looked over at the two boys and whoever they were talking too. My eyes immediately went to the girl, for she was absolutley stunning. Don't get me wrong I don't like her like that, I love Danielle. But you gotta appreciate a pretty girl when you see one.

" Im starving, can they please hurry this thing up!" I whined.

All the boys agreed that the talking needed to stop and the eating needed to began. But we were all put to rest once we saw them walking back over with massive smiles upon their faces. I think I know where this is heading...


      Nialls P.O.V.~ 

As we were riding in the car over to IHOP, I couldn't stop thinking about Anabell. Her sweet personality and her eyes. Oh her eyes! They looked like storm clouds, or like a closed diary that you so eagerly wanted to open and read. She defintley had a charm to her that I couldn't resist. My thoughts were interrupted as we walked in to the wonderful smell of pancakes and waffles. Once we were all seated and ordered, we started chit-chatting. Occasionally a fan would come up and we would all smile and be sweet. Once we were all done we were finally able to head out.

" Hey lads I know this might sound crazy but should we go pick up Anabell from school??" I offered already knowing it would get shot down.

" Ya sure!" All the boys chimed in.

YES!! I was so giddy to go pick her up, I felt like  a little kid waiting to open its Chrismas presents. This was going to be one of the best days ever! I wonder if shes coming to our concert? No probably not. I heard the van door open and realized that we were at the school! I hopped out eagerly making my way to the front desk when I heard foot steps following closely behind. I didn't even need to look back to know who it was.


       Harrys P.O.V.~ 

I was so glad Niall offered that idea!! Now I can spend all day with her. As we pulled up I started hopping out and I noticed Niall already walking over too. I started to rehearse what I was going to say once I saw her. Once me and Niall walked into to the office I walked over to the woman behind the desk.

' Hi I'm here to take out Anabell. It's her um- brother Harry and her cousin Niall." I said trying to put on my best pokerface as possible.

The lady gave us an odd look but finallly filled out a student summon form and told someone to go get her.


     Anabells P.O.V~

While sitting in my desk doodling all over my notebook during AP Enviormental Science class, I noticed a student summon person walk into the room. I hope thats for me cause I absolutley ha-

" Anabell, its for you. Grab your bag, your leaving for the rest of the day." Mr. Struze said dully.

I giddly got up with my bag, grabbed the summon and ran down the hall. As I looked at the slip I was immediatley confused. I don't have a brother Harry OR a cousin Niall! But once I walked into the office to leave I couldn't help but smile at the two boys sitting in the chairs against the walls waiting. They are SOOO cute!! I quickly walked/ran over to them, and they immediatley hopped up and walked out with me.

" I cannot believe you guys just pulled me out! It's only the first period, but I still have a soccer game to go to!!" I laughed.

" We know, were gonna drive you back for your game. We just thought to pull you out so that you could hang out with us back at our flat." Harry said while wrapping his arm round my waist.

I looked down blushing. This cannot seriously be happening to me! I looked up and smiled at him for what seemed like forever. I just wanted to kiss him so bad! But I couldn't. While breaking up the moment I looked over at Niall at could tell he was a little sad. So I let go of Harry and gave Niall sort of an awkward side-hug. Once we got in their car I started freaking out! Liam, Zayn, Louis, AND Paul were here too! 

" Hi guys" I said while smiling/blushing.

" Everyone this is Anabell. Anabell this is everyone!" Niall said in his adorable Irish accent.

" Hi Anabell!!" They all said.

 I loved how they were all so welcoming. And it didn't hurt either that they were all stunning. We kept on talking until I noticed that we pulled up to the amazing house, it kinda looked like the one in Twilight. Modern, with big glass windows and all.

" Is this your guys place??" I said in awe.

" Yep!" They all anwsered while we all walked in the door.

As I was exploring the house I jumped a little as I felt someones hand intertwine with mine. I looked up to see Harry smiling down at me. Ugh! Why does he HAVE to be sooo good looking! Seriously, he probably makes girls faint by the dozen.

I didn't notice where we were going until we walked back into the TV lounge room.

" MOVIE TIME HAZZA!!!!" Louis yelled and ran over to him to pick him up bridal style back over to the couch.

" Anabell, HE'S MINE!!!" Louis yelled looking back.

Oh goodness.


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