It Can't Be...

Annabell is an 18 year old girl, who lives in California, but is also the star athlete of her high schools soccer team. But aside from athletics, she also loves to model for fun, read, and may i not forget that she is a major One Direction fan! As the boys concert is coming up at the Gibson Amphitheater down in Los Angeles, Annabell is up for a big surprise at her Foothill League championship game when she comes eye-to-eye with the person she least expects...


1. Getting Ready


          Annabells P.O.V.~

Ughhhh- school.

Being a senior in high school, I was so ready to just finally leave this prison cell, but i still had a while to go. Good thing i had soccer to keep it off my mind, and of course....them;)

" Annabell, hurry up, your breakfast is getting cold!" my mom yelled.

Ya she was the one who really helped me stay on task in the morning. Getting out of bed i stretched and flexed every possible part of my body till i was finally able to walk over to my closet. As i opened up the french doors at the variety of clothes I had(that was a major plus to modeling), i settled on a comfy/lazy look, going for my distressed light washed skinnies, chocolate uggs, and my vintage navy blue air force pull over that i purposely got one size to big. Now to the i walked inside i couldn't help but jump at the sight of my face! Smeared make up, knotted crazy hair, droopy eyes- i had it all. First of all I decided to brush out my dark brown wavy hair that ended right above my butt. Using a couple bobby pins i grabbed hair from the front on both sides of my side part and pulled them back to the back of my head and secured them there. 

Next on the list was my face. Taking a make up remover wipe i quickly took off every bit of make up on my face. Leaving just my olive/medium tan looking skin, and my gray eyes popping out. I only applied mascara to my already freakishly long eyelashes, and a little lipgloss to add some shine. Just to keep it natural, cause I'm not a big fan of girls caking on make up. In my opinion I think that every girl is beautiful and that she shouldn't need to hide it under all that make up. 

After that I did the necessaries like brushing your teeth, deodorant, sprayed my perfume( my FAVORITE scent called Secret Craving by Victorias Secret), grabbed my vintage backpack from Brandy Melville, and headed down stairs to greet my ever to wonderful mom:)

" Gosh! Any longer and that oatmeal would've turned into a popsicle!"

" That would mean dessert for breakfast!" I laughed. 

" Ok, I'm starting to think that maybe your not my child with all your craziness! nOw go grab your brothers and tell them that I have their chocolate chip pancakes ready."  My mom said.

"What! I get oatmeal and they got heavenly goodness?!" 

" Yes. You have your championship game today. If you expect to perform well than you need to eat like an athlete would and treat your body like an athlete would" I guess my mom had a point there. 

" Fine" I pouted," I'm heading off to school to get a good parking spot! Love you, by-"

" Now hold on you need to go get your brothers hun." My mom smirked.

ugh. " BOYS, COME GET YOUR PANCAKES!!!!!!" I yelled smiling a bit as i grabbed my backpack and soccer bag and walked out the house into the sharp morning air that is already making my cheeks flush.

Time for school:/



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