It Can't Be...

Annabell is an 18 year old girl, who lives in California, but is also the star athlete of her high schools soccer team. But aside from athletics, she also loves to model for fun, read, and may i not forget that she is a major One Direction fan! As the boys concert is coming up at the Gibson Amphitheater down in Los Angeles, Annabell is up for a big surprise at her Foothill League championship game when she comes eye-to-eye with the person she least expects...


6. Coffee and a Scone

Nialls P.O.V.~

I never wanted this kiss to end. It completed and repaired every broken thing inside of me.  Just the feeling of her smiling against the kiss sent sparks flying. As I wrapped my arms around her petite waist, I was not expecting what was about to happen.

"I'm sorry." she said while breaking off the kiss. My heart broke once again as every teardrop that flowed down her face seemed like a water fall.

I didn't have time to respond before she turned and ran out of the house. I quickly chased after her hoping to stop her, but man....that girl can run! I started yelling out her name hoping she would stop, but it was useless. I turned to see all the boys running up to me.

"What happened?!" they all asked.

I casted a gaze across their faces and to no surprise I saw a fuming Harry.

" I don't know! One second we were laughing and...having fun....then the next thing I know she's running out the door!" I yelled.

" It's alright lad. Let's just give her some time to cool down then we will go looking for her." said Liam. Thank the Lord we have Liam with us, cause he is literally like our dad.

" Yay!! SCAVENGER HUNT FOR ANABELL!!" screamed Louis as he skipped back to the house.

We all started walking back and as I was about to go through the front door I felt someone pull me back.

"I swear if you hurt her Niall..." Harry looked at me with his piercing green eyes.

I flinched back a bit as he took a step forward and got in my face..making the point very clear. He broke eye contact and walked into the house as I followed behind him. I quickly walked up the stairs to room and shut the door. I walked over an threw myself on the bed....what have I done??

Anabells P.O.V.~

I finally stopped running, and hunched over putting my hand s on my knees trying to catch my breath.  What were you thinking Anabell?! I stood back up and realized that i was right in front of my favorite coffee shop. Just what I needed. I went up to Jade( the cashier lady... I come here way to often.) and ordered my usual.

" What's wrong girl? Is everything alright?" Jade looked at me with concerning eyes. I couldn't hold back myself as the familiar feel of tears running down my face returned.

" No, nothings ok..." I broke down right there, not caring who saw.

Jade quickly came by my side and gave me a massive hug. I hugged her back. I couldn't help but wish it was Harry hugging and soothing me.
" Here hun, take a seat at the booth and I'll bring you something to eat and your drink:)" Jade said smiling.

I looked back up to her while I took my seat," Thanks Jade your the be- Crap! I forgot my wallet!" I said while mentally face palming myself.

" No worries love, this ones on the house:)" Jade replied with out hesitation.

" No I can't let you do that! I'll pay you back once I have my wallet back." I said feeling awful. Both physically and mentally.

" No you won't!!" Jade said while walking back behind the counter, not even giving me a chance to respond.

 I started giggling when someone outside caught my eye. My heart skipped a beat  as the stranger pulled on the door to come in. That guy was no stranger to me...

" Anabell?....Anabell! Oh I am so glad I found you! I was worried sick that something would happen to you." I looked up into his emerald eyes and found myself falling for him even more.

I gave him the biggest hug possible as I wrapped my arms around his neck. I dug my face into his chest never wanting to leave him. The familiar smell and feel of him sent an automatic warmth through out my body. I looked up at him as he rested his forehead against mine.

" Please don't ever do that again..." he whispered while leaning in.

" I promise.." I murmured right before his sweet and gentle lips met mine.

I loved this kiss because it wasn't controlling and intense, but it was genuine and gentle. He was so careful that it was almost like he didn't want to break me. We were interupted with the sound of someone clearing their voice. I pulled apart blushing as hoping he wouldn't be able to see me like this.

" You look precious when you blush." His warmth breath tickled my neck as he whispered in my ear.

 I looked over to see Jade holding my drink and scone. I gratefully took them.

" Thank you Jade so much! Your the best!" I said smiling.

All she did was smile and walk off to get back to work. Harry wrapped his arm around my waist as he led me over to the booth and slid into the seat across from me. As much as I wanted him to be next to me, I loved being able to admire him. I looked back over my shoulder and noticed jade winking at me. I laughed as I brought my attention back to Harry. This boy was absolutely amazing...


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