A Summer. A Smile. A Memory

"HELP!" I shouted. I was being wash off further from the shore. I panic. I can see the boys jump in the water and swimming as fast as they could. It was still raining heavily and the storm is getting worst.

"Don't move." a hard voice sings and a pair of strong arms grab me. I look up. Zayn. I don't get it. He hates me. He would probably love it if i drown to death. I did as he said and he swim us back to shore.

"Zayn, you don't swim." Harry said surprised.

"I don't doesn't mean I can't." He focus back on me. "You okay?" He lean down and surprise me with a hug.


8. "Zayn?"


“You okay?” The life guard asks. I ignore the question and saw Liam on board.  I focus on Ever. Her heart beat was getting weak and her lips were pale.

“No. Ever please wake up.” I carry her in my arms and hug her tight. When we got to the shore, I carry her back to the house immediately, pushing away everyone in my way. I sat her down gently on the coach.

“Zayn . Zayn!” Eleanor said and pulling me up. “We need to get her changed.”

“She can’t hardly breathe. What’s the point?” I snap back.

“She is freezing. We need to get her changed!” Danielle took her hands.

“Fine.” I felt her cold hands on my arm as I carry her to her room. “Louis! Call for a doctor or something!”

“On my way!” Louis responds.

I let the girls get her clean as I wait outside. I can’t lose her now. I just can’t. Charley opens the door for me when they were down and I sat myself beside her. I watch as her eyes shut and her pink soft lips turn pale.

“Turn the heater on.” I said.

“It’s already on, Zayn.” Eleanor said.

“Then why is she still freezing?!”

“Zayn, mate, I think you need to get clean too. You’ll fall sick.” Niall worries.

“I won’t leave her.” I said.


Eleanor POV

“Zayn. We have to change her clothes. You should probably get her some privacy.” Danielle said.


“No buts. She will be alright.” Liam smiles and led the boys out.

“Quick Danielle, get more towels. I’ll get her sweater and pants.” I said and we all move fast. Danielle got Ever dried. We help her change her clothes fast and got her near to the heater.

“Will she be okay?” I worry.

“I hope so.” Danielle hugs Ever to give her more warmth. I then did the same.

“What are you girls doing?” Louis then came in.

“Louis!” I said and jump to his arm. “We just wanna more her warmer.”

“I’ll do it.” Zayn then came in and walk to Ever. Danielle let him slip his arms around her and walk to Liam. The rest of the boys came in too. Zayn watches Ever closely and hug her tight.

“Is it working?” Niall asks.

Zayn kept silent.

“Maybe we should all gather around” Harry said and all of us sat in a circle with Ever.

“Come on babe. Wake up.” Zayn said.

“Oh!” Louis jump up.

“What?” I was shocked.

“I forgot I left the doctor downstairs.” He chuckles and ran downstairs.

“Louis Louis.” I follow.


Zayn POV

The doctor came in and check Ever. He nod and hums a lot.

“So doctor will she be alright?” Liam asks.

“Yeah she will be fine.” He nods again. “She probably had a great shock so let her have some rest and get her warmer.”

“Thank you. I’ll lead you out then.” Liam smiles and he and Danielle went out with the doctor.

I tuck her in bed and watcher her sleep restfully.

“Lets leave her to let her rest.” Niall said.

“Okay.” Louis said and head out with Eleanor. Follow by Niall.

Harry looks at me and smile. “Told you.” He winks and walks away.

I lie beside her to get her warmer. Slowly, I feel asleep with her in my arms.


Ever POV

“I’m gonna drown” I thought as the water rush against me. It was too strong and I have lost all my energy. I close my eyes and let things be. Then a strong arm wrap around me. At first I thought it was mermaids but then I saw Zayn’s eyes.


“Zayn!” I woke up in my room and everything was calm. The same warm arms were around me. Zayn sleeps silently.

I have never watch Zayn so close. He eyes furrowed and he was awake. Shit had I woke him up?

“Ever?” he rubs his eyes and sat up. “You okay babe?”

“Yeah.” I nod and gave him a small hug. “Thank you!”

“Oh wow! I’m not dreaming!” his eyes widen and hug me tighter.”

 “Are you okay?”

“You are the one who almost drowned and you ask me?” he chuckles. “Come.” His eyes furrows. He gave me his varsity. “It’ll make you feel warmer.” I smile and wrap my arms around him.

“I just need this.” I hear him smile and wrap his arms around my waist.

We lye there in silent and enjoy the moment.



“Why did you save me?”

There was a pause. “Cause I couldn’t imagine a day without you.”

Another pause.



“Why did you ignore me before?”

“I didn’t. I was just..” he pause again. “I didn’t know what was it that I was feeling for you and I was…” he hesitated. “Scared.”


“I never believe at love at first sight.” He looks down and smile.



“Why were you so mean? You like wanted me to hate you.”

“I did. That’s because I know I couldn’t hate you myself.”

“But you could just tell me.”

“I was afraid of what you feel towards me.” He frowns.

I reach over for his lips. I don’t know what I was doing but when I’m in his arms, I know nothing else matters but him. “This is how I feel towards you.” I smile and he reached over for another kiss.

“I’m sorry for before. Am I forgiven?” he asks charmingly.

“Then you will have a punishment.” I smile.

“What kind of punishment?”

“We will see.”

There was another silent. But this time it’s the silent everyone has been talking about when you met the perfect one.



“Don’t leave.” I burn my face in his chest.

“Never.” He too hugs me tighter.



“I’m hungry.” I laugh a little.

“Come. Let me make you sandwich.” He got up and made the bed for me. “Do you want me to carry you?” he teases.

“No no, you are not getting away with the punishment that easy young man.” I laugh and got on my feet.

“Careful!” he grabs my waist before I fall. Yes I’m that clumsy.

“Let me change?  These are getting hot.” I skip over to my closet and Zayn left the room to let me change. I wore a pair of shorts and sleeveless shirt. I wash my face and fix my hair before going out. Zayn was leaning against the wall waiting.

“Are the rest down stairs?” I ask.

“Yeah.” He smiles and took my hand. When we got to the living room everyone was there chatting and watching FOX movies.

“Hi there lifeless people.” I tease. Everyone was in shock and Eleanor jump to her feet.

“EVER!” she ran to me and gave me a hug.

“So good to see some color in your skin.” Danielle teases and I swear she lift me up in the air when she was hugging me.

“Glad you’re okay.” Niall and Liam said at the same time.

“Okay. Ever is hungry so we will be in the kitchen.” Zayn took my hands again and led me to the kitchen.

“So madam what would you like with your sandwich?”

“Have you ever made sandwich?” I laugh.

“I can learn now.” He walks over to the cardboard and search for anything available. “Let’s see. Niall must have eaten all of them.” He furrows.

“Come.” I walk to him and took a bottle of peanut butter.  “This will do.”

“But you’re hungry.”

“I won’t have mush appetite for a large meal.” I smile and grab some bread. “What some?”

“No thank you.” He said and took the bread from me.


“I’m making the sandwich.” He determines. He then spread peanut butter on the bread and fold them together. “Here.”

“Yumm. It’s heaven.” I tease. He rolls his eyes and made more.

“ Would you care making me some too Zaynie?” Niall came in and teases.

“Go away.” Zayn said playfully.

“But I am hungry too.” Niall laughs.

“Get your own chef.”

Niall stick his tongue out and grab a few packs of chips.

I finish my snack and Zayn insist to do the cleaning.

“This doesn’t mean I’ll ease up the punishment.” I tease and he just nods. I sat on the table as he washes the dishes. After washing he turns and grabs me by my waist.

“I could do this every day.” He smiles.

“I would love to have peanut butter sandwich everyday too.” I laugh and he plants a kiss on my nose.

“get a room!” Louis yells. Harry stood next to him and laughs. We join the rest in the living room and watch Keeping Up With The Kardarshions. Zayn wrap his arms around me as we sit on the bean bags.

“Kendall Jenner is so pretty.” Danielle said.

“You’re much more beautiful babe.” Liam’s being the usual sweetheart.

“And Kloe is always so wise.” Eleanor smiles.

“Yep! I could have say the same.” Niall agrees. He loves Kloe a lot.

I check my tweets and saw Harry tag me and Zayn in a post. “@zaynmalik @evercullen Seems like someone been bitten by the love bug.” With a picture of Zayn kissing my nose. I love that picture a lot and saved it. I show it to Zayn and he gave Harry a glance. Harry busted out into a laugh.

Then I receive a text message. It was from Mike. “Hey babe. Just want to ask if you wanna join me and our gang for a small gathering. Want me to pick you up tomorrow at 7?” I frown and Zayn could tell something was bothering me.

“What is it?” he whispers. I said nothing and hand him my phone. His expression changed. He then type something and sent.

“Zayn.” I took my phone back and check what he sent. “Okay. Come earlier.” I stare back at him and the rest was just watching. “I don’t want to see him Zayn.” I frown. I don’t know if I should be sad or angry.

“I know but I want to.” He didn’t smile.

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