A Summer. A Smile. A Memory

"HELP!" I shouted. I was being wash off further from the shore. I panic. I can see the boys jump in the water and swimming as fast as they could. It was still raining heavily and the storm is getting worst.

"Don't move." a hard voice sings and a pair of strong arms grab me. I look up. Zayn. I don't get it. He hates me. He would probably love it if i drown to death. I did as he said and he swim us back to shore.

"Zayn, you don't swim." Harry said surprised.

"I don't doesn't mean I can't." He focus back on me. "You okay?" He lean down and surprise me with a hug.


9. The unknown story


“Who?” Harry asks.

“Her ex.” Zayn hesitated before he replies.

“That jerk. What does he wants?” Danielle got furious. I hand her the phone and she laughs.

“Good. Let him come. I would want to punch her in the face.” Now everyone get a chance to read the message.

“No babe you will hurt your hand.” Liam smiles.

“Yeah you will. And I want to do it.” Zayn still hasn’t look at me or smile yet.

“We all want our turn. He messes with Ever he messes with us.” Niall said.

“Guys. I really don’t want to see him.” I got up and head up stairs.

                I sat at the balcony and cuddle my knees. Everything was silent and memories of Mike flashes through. The door flew open and I feel the cold air on my skin.

“Babe. You okay?” Zayn came in and sat next to me. “I’m sorry.” He hugs me by my waist and pulls me nearer. “I’ll ask him to not come. Come.” He reaches for my phone.

“No Zayn.” I stop him. “I think it’s time I stand up for myself.” I look him in the eyes. “Thank you.”

“I’ll always be here for you babe.” He smiles.

“I know.” And I wrap my arms around his neck.



“Do you really need to dress up?” Eleanor asks.

“Yeah. It’ll make it more exciting.” I laugh. I wore a black dress and with little make up.

“Hi darling.” Danielle came in and makes my hair.

“He’s outside!” Niall shouted and we all ran down stairs.

“Okay guys so here’s the plan. Ever will call him in and we will then punch his ass off.”

“Let me do it first.” Charley insists.

“I have another plan.” Zayn said and grab my hand.

“What is it?” Harry asks, curious.

“Just follow me.” He smiles cheekily and they all hide at the side.

The door knocks and I open it for him.

“Hi!” he smiles. “You look beautiful.”

“Thank you.” I got the words out without snapping at him. “Want to come in first. I got something to handle before I go.” I smile and let him in. Then Zayn close the door behind him and Mike looks confused. The rest then surround him.


“Don’t call her name.” Charley snaps. “You have no right to call her name, look at her and far from going out with her. Who you think you are?”

“Charley. Hey babe. What’s going on here?’

“Don’t call her name too.” Niall step up to him and show him his fist.

“You ever touch her or even talk to her I’m gonna rip you skin off.” Danielle said.

“And I’ll feed the sharks your eyeballs.” Eleanor follows.

“What is this all about?” Mike starts to sound like he is screaming.

“I wanna thank you.” Zayn start and everyone is stunned.

Silence in the room.

“Cause now I have a beautiful girlfriend and you don’t.” he continues and everyone grinned. I blushed.

“Aw, that’s so sweet,” Charley said, grinning at us.

“What?” I said, stunned. I didn’t understand where this was headed.

Mike stuttered before glaring at Zayn. “Ever is my girlfriend. Right babe?” he said, sneering at me. What the. Fuck.

“Nobody likes you, Mike. Just stay away from her and I won’t kill you,” Charley said angrily.

“You heard her,” Liam demand.

“You’re mine, Ever. This isn’t over,” he said angrily and left in a hurry. I shivered, scared to know what he meant.

“Well, now that it’s over with, I’m hungry.” Niall said, making us laugh.

“Okay, let’s go get some food.” Charley said. She let go of his hand and went to hug me. “I love you babe, don’t let him get to you. We’ll kick his ass for you, yeah?” she said and I had to smile. 

Zayn drag my hand and we went out for a walk.

“So I’m your girlfriend huh?” I tease.

“If you want to be,” he says, grinning.

“And if I don’t?” I tease again.

His face falls. He thought I was serious. Silly boy.

Slowly, I wrap my hands around him.

“I’ll be your girlfriend IF you ask nicely,” I said, laughing.

He took my hand in both his hands and held it to his face. “Will you be my favorite lil bunny?” he didn’t wait for an answer but carry me up by my waist and lean over for a kiss. His lips were soft and shaped perfectly on mine.

“I’ll take that as a yes.” He smiles and we took a small stroll at the garden.

We have fun and chat, getting to know each other and making jokes. We stayed out until the sun went down and then Louis and Eleanor came to get us.

“Hey you two. You’re not going to eat?” Eleanor says, winking at us. I was going to say something but then my stomach growls. Oops. I blush as they laugh.

“Okay, come let’s eat,” Zayn laughs, slipping his hand around my waist before I could leave.



As days go by, Mike was nowhere to be seen or heard. I am very worried about what he said but I try my hardest not to let the others worry. I remember that dark night clearly. I block him out of my life completely and hide from him. But eventually he found me. I haven’t told anyone the other part of the story. 

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