A Summer. A Smile. A Memory

"HELP!" I shouted. I was being wash off further from the shore. I panic. I can see the boys jump in the water and swimming as fast as they could. It was still raining heavily and the storm is getting worst.

"Don't move." a hard voice sings and a pair of strong arms grab me. I look up. Zayn. I don't get it. He hates me. He would probably love it if i drown to death. I did as he said and he swim us back to shore.

"Zayn, you don't swim." Harry said surprised.

"I don't doesn't mean I can't." He focus back on me. "You okay?" He lean down and surprise me with a hug.


4. The Broken Past


Ever POV

“Come on! The sun is out!” Eleanor and Charley pull me to the beach. After what Zayn had said I was even more confused but force it out of my mind when I’m around the rest. I wore my red bikini and didn’t bother to wear my sandals .

“There’s  no waves today.” Liam frowns.

“It’s okay babe. Lets just go swim.” Danielle pulls him to the sea. I sat under the big umbrella Harry set up. Zayn was lying under it too. He wasn’t wearing any shirt but just a Hawaii pants. I cough my breath and seat at the corner.

“Would you like to go for a swim?” Harry asks

“I’ll join you guys later.” I smile. Charley already gone off with Niall and Louis and Eleanor was collecting seashells. What a cute couple. I lie back down to get tan. The sun shine on my skin and I can feel the warm under my breath. It feels good. I look over the corner of my eyes and saw Zayn staring at me. I took my sunglasses off and sat up. We stare in each other’s eyes and either of us bother to break apart.

“I-“ he got cut off.

“Ever?” I hear a familiar voice. It was Mike. Mike is my ex-boyfriend. He was like all Nicholas Sparks novel except the part he is just like the other jerks. He was all freshman girls’ dream. Captain of the football team. Good grades. Funny. Charming. And not to mention unconditionally hot but he was also a devil. I turn and saw him look down and smile. He was taller, darker and still that breathe taking. “I didn’t know you come here.”  I look away. I didn’t want to remember what he had done to me. Zayn look straight at me and I can see some worries and confusion in his eyes.

“Back off.” I hear Charley yells.

“You jerk!” Eleanor yells and ran to me. Before I know it Charley and Eleanor was standing in front of me and blocking Mike’s view.

“Wow, Charley look at you. I know you were hot but not this hot. You should wear bikini to school back then.” he look over her and then to Eleanor. “You are pretty hot yourself.” He pretends to be charming.

“Oh bullshit.” Charley snaps.

“Don’t you dare touch my girl.” Niall grab Charley’s arms and pulls her close.

“What’s wrong?” Danielle and Liam came over.

“This jerk decided to come around.” Eleanor snaps.

“I’m sorry what I have done. I guess I was a little drunk.” Mike replies after seeing Liam’s six packs.

“Little drunk? You were perfectly fine. Lucky for Ever she manages to escape.” If Niall hadn’t grab on to Charley I swear she could eat him alive. I kept my eyes lock at Zayn’s. He was more confused and saw my glance. He roll his eyes and lie back down. What was wrong with him?

“I’ll be going. No trouble.” I hear Mike ran back to his gang.

“You alright dear?” Harry said.

“Yeah thanks. Sorry about that.”

“Nah it’s okay.” Niall smiles.

“Excuse me.” I smile and dust back to the house. I sat at the couch thinking of the night Mike, not only broke my trust but also my heart.

“Ever?” I hear Danielle comes in. I wipe my teas away. “Are you okay?”


“Just checking on you. Come here.” She led over for a hug.

“I’m fine.” I lied. It took me almost a month to recover what Mike had done and I can still break every time I think of it.

“You know Ever, I know we have not known each other a very long time but I really like you.”

“I like you too.” I try to smile.

“And I really treat you as my best friend or more as a little sister. And when my little sister cry I break inside too.”

“Aww. Danielle.” I lock my arms around her neck and cry.

“Would you tell me what’s wrong?” I nod.

“Mike was my first love, well as I thought he was. He was the type of guy who would bring you soda instead of beer if you didn’t want it. He was the kin d that would walk you home and would have life for feet up, carrying to your room after that long walk. But everyone now, wears a mask. Behind all these sweet talks and charming look, he was like all the jerks. He brought me to a ball one winter.  After that ball, I felt dizzy and wanted to go home. He took me up to a hotel room and pushes me down on the bed. I fight back. I didn’t want my first to be like this. I was helpless over him. He tears my clothes off and got on top of me. He was too heavy and I couldn’t move. Lucky for me his roommate came in and I dust off to the hall. I cried and cried in the washroom.”

“That jerk. What did you do? You poor girl.” She grabs my hand tight.

“I called Eleanor and she came as fast as she could.”

“I’m glad she is there. Look, I won’t let anyone hurt you. We won’t.” she pointed out.

“Thanks.” I smile and feeling more relief after talking to Danielle.

“We got to go back before they notice we are gone.”

“I think they already have.” I smile when Eleanor and Charley push open the door.

“You okay Ever?” Eleanor asks.

“Yepp.” I pop the P and lead the girls back to the beach. I join Harry in swimming and he tough me some of his skills. I look over at Zayn who just sat there and watch us play.

“Would he like to join?” I ask Harry when he swims over to me.

“Nah, he doesn’t really like swimming.”

“Really?” I can hardly believe anyone would hate swimming.

“Yeah, when he was young he almost drowns so I guess he is quite scared now.”

“Oh.” I felt sad for him.

“Come on, the boys want a race.”  Harry smiles.

“With me?”


“Four boys?”

“And Charley. Why? Are you scared?” he teases.

“You’re going down.” I laugh and we all got ready. Liam was super fast. I got third and Harry was second.

“I’m hungry.” Niall complains and Charley nods her head in agreement. I was starving myself.

“Let’s order pizza.” Danielle offers.

We got back to the house and Danielle order the pizza. I was surprise that when she told the guy we needed 7 box of large pizza. Could we even finish? Who care, we have Niall and Charley to finish it up. I got back to my room and got cleaned.

“Who was that guy?” Zayn asks when I was about to head downstairs. He stood by the corridor. Was he waiting for me?

“Uhm.” I try to find my voice. “it’s Mike. He’s my ex-boyfriend.”

“Oh.” He said and head downstairs. Weird. I follow and the door rang.

“I’ll get it.” I said and found the pizza guy enable to balance over the tall stack of pizza box.

“Here you go.” He said and hand me the pizza.

“I’ll take it.” Zayn suddenly appear behind me. His warm hand touches mine. I look up and he noticed too. We share glances and broke apart from it when the pizza man let out a soft fake cough. 


“I’ll pay.” Liam smiles and hand him the money. I shut the door and sat at the couch next to Harry.

“Hey there beautiful.” He smiles.

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