A Summer. A Smile. A Memory

"HELP!" I shouted. I was being wash off further from the shore. I panic. I can see the boys jump in the water and swimming as fast as they could. It was still raining heavily and the storm is getting worst.

"Don't move." a hard voice sings and a pair of strong arms grab me. I look up. Zayn. I don't get it. He hates me. He would probably love it if i drown to death. I did as he said and he swim us back to shore.

"Zayn, you don't swim." Harry said surprised.

"I don't doesn't mean I can't." He focus back on me. "You okay?" He lean down and surprise me with a hug.


6. River Flows On You


Ever POV

The next day was windy again so we stay in. The boys plan to go for some diving tomorrow so Liam and Danielle went out early to make arrangements. Louis and Eleanor went for movies and Charley and Niall tag along so it became a double date. Everyone seems to be busy leaving me, Harry and Zayn alone. Since Harry was being a potato couch and Zayn was still in his room taking his nap, I explore the house.  Everything was well organized and seems neat. No wait I take that back. I saw the boy’s room. It was a total mess. These boys are pigs! I continue to scroll down the hall and found a very peaceful room with bright wall papers and wooden tiles. In the centre there’s a grand piano and a drum set lies at the corner of the room. Three guitars were standing at the side and there was a couch too near the window. I sat in front of the piano and let my fingers feel the keyboard. It was a long time since I have played piano. I start letting my fingers dance around it. I then realize I was play River Flows On You. I stop playing when I hear sudden gaps.

“I’m sorry. Uhm.. you can continue.” Zayn said and head for the door.

“No no.” I said and he froze at his spot. “I’m sorry I didn’t ask and use the piano.”

“No problem.” He said and turns to face me again.

“You play?”

“Yeah.” He said and walks over sitting beside me, continuing the rest of the songs. I watch as his fingers glide around the keyboard and as his close his eyes every once in a while to feel the music. My eyes was lock at him, his cheek bones shows and shape his face perfectly. His lips was pinkish and was soft. His eye lashes were long and his nose was sharp. I’ve never observe Zayn this close and today, I realize he could be the scientific of perfect face.

                After his had finished he kept his hands to himself and just stares at the keyboard. It was hard to read him. He wasn’t as easy to read as the rest. When the boys stare in the thin air, I could assume what’s going on in their mind. Niall will be food or where would he bring Charley on a lunch date. Liam will be singing to himself in his head and thinking of Danielle. Louis will be thinking of Eleanor and will start planning events for the following day in his mind. Harry, well Harry just stares in the thin air and think about nothing. With Zayn it’s different.

“Can you stop staring?” his voice was confused and a little angry.

“Oh I’m sorry.” I look away. “That was beautiful.”

He didn’t respond instead he got up. I grab his hand and I swear I didn’t know what I was doing either. He looks over his shoulders and his eyes caught mine.

“Could you play another song?” I said quickly, not wanting it to be awkward.

He hesitated. “Sure.” He sat back down and I got up to the couch. I watch as he concentrates at the notes and every now and then he would look over at me. When he saw I was looking he would turn back immediately. I hide my smile and it gives me a tickle to see that he was actually watching me. After he finish, I thought he was getting up and walking away but he didn’t. He looks over and smiles. I felt butterflies. Wait what am I doing? He was the mean guy they didn’t want me here.

“Would you like to sing while I play a song?” he asked. He smiles again.

“Uhm. I’m not quite a singer.”

“Eleanor said you are.” He smiles.


“Come on. It’ll be fun.” He reaches for my hand and pull me close.

“Okay. You asked for it.” I tease. “Last chance. You can say no now or you can regret later.”

“Come on.” He rolls his eyes and chuckled.

I choose my song and took a deep breath. I’ve chose something simple and easy. Catch Me by Demi Lovato. He seems to like the song too. After I finish singing, I kept my head down. God what have a done. So embarrassing. Then when I was about to just run out the room and bury myself under my pillows, Zayn claps.

“That was very good.”

“You must be kidding.” I let out a fake laugh.

“No I’m not.” He smiles. There was a shirt silent.

“Well, now it’s your turn.” I smile and sat next to him.

“To do what?”

“Sing silly.” I smile and ask him to choose a song.

“I think I better get going.” Zayn got up and head for the door. What was wrong with this boy? Why is he acting like this ? Usually I would be angry, furious but now I just felt depress and pity. I wanted to know what was going on between us but I never have the courage to ask. I let his shadows disappear from my sight and sat in the room along, thinking over and over again on what just happen.

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