A Summer. A Smile. A Memory

"HELP!" I shouted. I was being wash off further from the shore. I panic. I can see the boys jump in the water and swimming as fast as they could. It was still raining heavily and the storm is getting worst.

"Don't move." a hard voice sings and a pair of strong arms grab me. I look up. Zayn. I don't get it. He hates me. He would probably love it if i drown to death. I did as he said and he swim us back to shore.

"Zayn, you don't swim." Harry said surprised.

"I don't doesn't mean I can't." He focus back on me. "You okay?" He lean down and surprise me with a hug.


3. "I'm Sorry."


The next day was the same, wet and grey day. I decided to stay home while the rest went for the cinema. It was raining a little heavier.  I jump out of the couch and wore my shirts with an over sized T-shirt. I dust off the door and took a run near the beach. It was fun running under the rain. I got to think more. Mostly I would think what we would do tomorrow and the rest for the summer but Zayn was all I could think of. Why is he so mad at me?  I suddenly notice I was far from where I was going. I was lost. I look around and didn’t notice anyone was in front of me till I bump into a big sized guy. He stood up and looks down at me. Suddenly two more guys were behind him.

“Look what we got here. A hot chick.” The one I bang into said.

“Well, well, what should we do?” the one on the right said cheekily. I back off and as clumsy as Charley had said, I feel over a stone. The one on the left grab my arms tight and life me up.

“Why don’t we go play?” he said and sniff my hair. “Since we are grumpy over our lost surf boards, this will cheer us up.”

“Please. Let me go.” Was I could say.

“Come with us. We won’t hurt you.” The right one speaks again.

“Back off.” Zayn stood behind me and grab me by my waist too fast for them to notice.

“Come on, we saw her first.”

“I said back off.” He stood in front of me. He grabs my hand and led me back to our house.

“Next time, don’t play under the rain.” His voice sounds worried and angry. “Grow up.” He ran up stairs to his room. I got myself clean and decided to ask him what was going on. We haven’t even talked much and he is treating me like shit lately. I know I was wrong going in to his room but I was just caring. I knock the door and hear him sigh.

“What you want?”

“I wanna talk.”

“Go find someone else.”

“Please?” I hear his foots steps getting to the door.


“Zayn. I’m very sorry for not knocking that day. I really thought something happen.”

“Nah it was nothing.” He said silently.

“So…” I waited for another respond.

“So you can leave now.” He was about to shut the door.

“No!”  I stick my hand out and hold the door. “I wanna know why are you being like this. What have I done to you ? Why do you hate me so much?”

Zayn POV

“I don’t hate her. I just don’t know why I’m acting this why around her.” I said.

“Whatever it is. You have to be nice.” Liam furrows.

“I know I know.”

“Please. Just try to not ruin her summer. She is Eleanor’s friend.” Niall said

“So? She’s not mine.”

“Come on Zayn. She is very sweet and friendly.”Harry said. “You will like her if you try and be nice.”

“Why don’t you flirt with her then?” I snap.

“She’s too kind for me to just flirt with. She is better.” I can see something shine in Harry’s eyes. I got a slight feeling of jealousy and anger. I have to admit she was breath taking. Even with just sweaters and shorts she looks amazing. God. Why am I feeling that way?



She stood there quietly for me to answer. “I..” I started.

“Zayn.” She said. “I’m sorry if I’ve done anything to you but you could at least tell me what I am apologizing for.”

“I don’t hate you.” She waits. “I’m sorry.” I said and close the door. As soon as the door was closed, I hit my forehead on the wall. That was probably one of the most embarrassing things I’ve ever done… And as I made my way to room, I wondered why I had gotten so choked up. Could I be falling for her? I contemplated the idea for a few moments before my face screwed up into a scowl NO! What was I thinking? She was an annoying addition to the trip and the sooner she was gone, the better.

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