George, Dragons and Mystical Dancing.......

This may seem weird at first but trust me it just gets weirder and weirder from then on. This story is all about a girl called 'Steve' (sorry about the name, her parents had always wanted a boy) and her quest to find a pet dragon and to stop the evil Jen from bewitching all her unusual pets.

-May a please add that this tale is complete fiction and should not be taken literally.


2. Random bouncy castles and drowned fish.


I’m rolling. I’m rolling down the hill. I didn’t want to die this way it just happened, I guess life isn’t easy. It all started when mum promised to take me into town so i was the car ready to go. Mum got into the car to “Oh no honey I’ve left my purse in the house I’ll go get it wait for me here,” She said trying to sound as nice as possible “MUM THATS NOT FAIR I’VE BEEN WAITING FOR AGES!”I shouted.

“Patience!” She said slamming the door in my face.

“Typical” I muttered under my breath. I bent over the front seat to get my phone which was on charge. In doing so I managed to do something with the car break and the car was rolling, rolling down the steep hill we live on. I‘ve never thought about dying, and I’m sorry for everything I’ve ever done wrong. I’m sorry for dropping hammy down the toilet, I just didn’t know he couldn’t swim I’m sorry for the time I threw Dave’s laptop at the wall. I’m sorry for the time that snake in the zoo got food poisoning, I just thought he would like the rest of my double cheese burger. I’m sorry about having that house party where mums favorite vase got broke along with other things. I’m sorry, ok? I. Am. Sorry.

This dying thing is taking a long time. I moved my hands from my face to find the car had ended up crashing into a kids bouncy castle at the end of the road. I’m saved! This must be a message from god! Who else would place a random bouncy castle right in the path of this random rolling car I happened to be sat in thinking randomly about everything wrong I’ve done. He must have forgiven me. I heard a faint tap on the car door. OMG I totally forgot about mum! I hope the cars alright.

”Stev how on earth did my car which I parked next to our house end up at the bottom of the hill in a bouncy castle at a kids party with you sat inside crying your head off.” she shouted.

“Would you believe me if i said i was invited?”

”No!! get out!!!”

The next day I found myself grounded Well mums proper words were ”Stev if you think your allowed into town you aren't. Ok you aren't even allowed off the premises.”and she made me sit through a fish funeral where my brother is being all soppy.

“Life isn’t the same without you. You were like my flour, but a cake made without flour will never be the same.” George said standing above the grave holding a crucifix.

 “For gods sake he’s a fish and if I remember right, you were the one who killed him.”I said. He was making it sound like the fish was a real person.

 “SHUT UP STEV”mum shouted at me while comforting George.

 “He’s a fish for heavens sake and he’s a murderer!” I shouted pointing at George.

”Stev he didn’t mean to kill him!” Mum said

 “He drown him!” Which wasn’t strictly true.

”How can you drown a fish?” mum asked 

“Well he did something to him.” It’s true I live with a murderer! One minute George was taking him for a walk (don’t ask me how you take a fish for a walk) the next iIfind him with his hand in the fish tank asking why his fish is lying on the bottom on the tank dead

”Stev shut up this is a funeral!”mum shouted sounding really mad 

“Well if you ask me something fishy going on!”i muttered under my breath “STEV GO TO YOUR ROOM!”mum shouted.

 “WITH PLEASURE!” I shouted back.I stormed up to my room.  

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